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  1. The same is true of the person who pushes the other from the bridge to his or her death.
  2. I would love to communicate those reasons, however, I am not articulate and I am way to old to care if I am fully understood on this subject. Even a good layman's understanding of physics (including quantum physics) should, at the very least, open the possibility to anyone. I am presenting my opinion based on my understanding of how the universe (defined as all that exists and all that has existed and all that will exist) works. That, of course, is a work in progress.
  3. The happiest people at a funeral are the living. You can break it down from there.
  4. Objective knowing about G/god may or may not be possible now. That does not mean it will never be. I believe that ultimately science will prove that G/god cannot exist. I believe that physics has already proven that, though I think I am in a minority. At the same time, I have no idea what another person has learned about the existence or non existence of G/god. All I know about it one way or the other is what I have been told, either verbally or by written words of scholars religious or otherwise.
  5. Call it what you want but sometimes that foot print is firmly planted on someone's butt.
  6. I can only know what I know. I cannot know what another may or may not know. No one can speak for me and I can speak for no other.
  7. It all lives on. It is not all remembered.
  8. All acts, good, bad and indifferent, set off chain reactions that effect everyone around them. Kinda like the butterfly effect. What is remembered is moot.
  9. I will keep both your sister and you close in my thoughts and meditations.
  10. I will keep Rev. Bucher and his family close in my thoughts and meditations.
  11. Everyone has a system of belief. Not everyone has a religion or belief in the supernatural.
  12. Peter would seem to be just like the rest of us. We are all quick to flap our jaws as to what we would do under a certain set of circumstances until we actually face said circumstance.
  13. How does one know the tribal oral traditions have remained unchanged? Does one take the word of the storyteller that he is repeating verbatim as was told to him and hasn't added or subtracted from the story? End the end we all have to just "believe" something we are told is true unless we can reproduce the results for ourselves.
  14. I have no memory of following the steps outlined above to come to where I am now but I do know that every action and decision I have made thru out my life has led me where I am now and there have been many consequences along the way as a result of those actions and decisions. Many of my decisions have led to actions that I may not necessarily be proud of but I am happy to be where I am in life and have no regrets.
  15. I do not choose to feel guilty. That is one emotional response I have managed to completely control.
  16. I am sorry, I don't understand your question. Are you asking if I get emotional (guilty) when I have difficulty keeping other emotions balanced?
  17. I have no key to controlling an emotional response beyond working to discipline one's self. Like all disciplines, it is not easy from what I have observed by my behavior and that of others.
  18. Don't get too hopeful. Just because one can intellectualize a concept does not necessarily mean one can live it. When I was in the second grade, my brother and I were walking home from school. As we approached a church, I picked up a rock and threw it, striking the church wall. My brother told me I would burn in hell for striking G/god's house. I already ,knew that G/god did not sleep or take his meals there. It still took me most of my adult life to realize the Christian (and later other religion's) G/god's could not exist as described by their holy books. Sorry if that last part does not fit the topic. I used it only as an illustration.
  19. No one can make us feel guilty and no one can make us love them. We are the authors of our emotions.