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  1. Rev. Calli

    value of religion

    One of the best episodes ever.
  2. Wait, what did I miss? In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  3. Greetings to you all my sisters and brothers, Well now, I've been away for about 7 months. After being out of the full-time ministry for some years, I had been asked by my church if I would serve as interim Pastor for the month of July while the search was on for a new pastor. Since my church is relatively small (only about 60 members) and since I had been preaching there once a month, I said sure.... I had forgotten over the years how time-consuming being the pastor of even a small church can be. I had neglected to take into account that even though we only have 60 members on the books, our free meal program (where we serve about 100 people each Saturday night) and our day center for the homeless which serves 15 - 20 people three times a week, would be a large drain on my time. And since I have a full-time job, I have been absolutely stretched to the breaking point. Which explains why I have been inactive here since June. But now we have a new Pastor. I have my pew back. And I look forward to being an active member of the forum again. In Solidarity Reverend Calli
  4. Greetings to you my sister, This is probably a question you are going to want to ask an attorney licensed in Texas to answer. Either that, or contact the Main Office in Modesto and see if they have any insight about this rule. Since each state has different rules, it's hard for someone like me for example in Wisconsin to know how a rule is interpreted and applied in Texas. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  5. Rev. Calli


    Greetings to you my brother, Welcome to the forum. There are multiple sources getting information on doing weddings. I myself have a humble site here with info that you may find useful. As to chaplaincy, the courses offered here, while they may be useful, will probably not qualify you to do chaplaincy work at local hospitals. Most of those are going to require to take what is known as Clinical Pastoral Education. You can find out more about those programs here: In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  6. Rev. Calli


    Greetings to you my brother, Welcome to the forum. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  7. Rev. Calli

    Sufficiency of Scripture

    Greetings to you all my brothers and sisters, First I must apologize for not being more active here on the board lately. With this being my busy season at work and my other interests, I haven't had as much time as I would like to monitor things that take place here. That being said, I think it needs to be said, somewhat forcefully, that everyone here is at very different places in their faith journeys, and in their ability to express themselves in a way that is respectful of other peoples beliefs. People here should be able to share their faith and/or their viewpoints with others, without feeling the need to beat each other up over these very personal and subjective issues. If you don't like what someone is saying here, you don't have to take it as a personal challenge or attempt to get others to come over to your way of thinking. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  8. Greetings to you my brother, Welcome back! In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  9. Rev. Calli

    Pew report.....wonder why....

    Greetings to you my brother, A very good point. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  10. Greetings to you my brother, Be like Woody Allen, who once quipped "I don't believe in an afterlife, but I am taking a change of underware." In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  11. Rev. Calli

    Pew report.....wonder why....

    Greetings to you my brother, Actually, in my denomination, the leadership is pretty much 50/50. However, I think historically it was because even though women tended to be more religious than men, men as in most of society in general held the leadership posts in everything, not just in the churches. Sad, but it's a historical fact. It's really only been in our lifetimes that women in America at least have been able to insist on their God given rights to be equal in all things, including leadership positions in the church. In Solidarity, Rev. Calli
  12. Rev. Calli

    Pew report.....wonder why....

    Greetings to you my brother, Without question. There is no hard and fast rule. And your point is well taken regarding the women being more responsible. But in my experience, I do feel that women do crave relationship more then men do, and so that is why women typically find Christianity especially appealing because of the emphasis on relationship. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  13. Rev. Calli

    history and faith

    Greetings to you my brother, I don't know. For most of the Christians I know, it is a mainstream viewpoint. We just don't shout as loud as some of my more fundamentalist brothers and sisters. In Solidarity, Rev. Calli
  14. Greetings to you my brother, Thou art indeed wise my dear friend. While I, of course, have no doubt that there is an afterlife, I have no clear idea of what it will actually be like, other than good. In solidarity, Rev. Calli