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  1. well you know...thats one of the best Jackson Browne songs you'll never hear on the radio...but I have to admit I was drawn to the artist because of his heartfelt lyrics and mastery of the piano...as exampled in this clip/video ..
  2. Kind of a sad day for me, after all these years
  3. teachin them how walk after they've already started to run is a bit late you know? If they keep running fast enough they might learn to fly...but most don't, around these parts anyway, shame really. Just ask my
  4. Rev. Al and Bishop Corey explained quite well...its about maintaining environments. Rev. Al kind of extended my line of thought, and I suppose it could be further extended to human environments...but I was at the time picturing a bird cage and thinking that while the birds live in a created environment that provides them with safety and security, jumping around chirping and doing the things that birds do, they are also deprived of their natural defense of flying away. This is why we must be careful with cages. We like to keep cute things contained, lest they fly off. Of course its all for their own good.
  5. Manhattan and then Berlin?, I'm gonna need a couple more clips and the mossberg needs to go in for service....there's easier cities we could take and then we could like work our way backwards from them, or something like that
  6. Well first off your statement is illogical because if God were tom, why would he come here as a woman? secondly, I always thought Grace was a great singer but I didn't see it as being so hands down...I mean..what about Linda Rondstat, Bonnie Raitte, Patsy Cline, and a bunch of other ladies who's names I can't spell right...huh? Answer me dang it.
  7. I guess we will never always see things the same way, but if you do happen to be looking around, someday for some reason, you might catcha glimpse of
  8. You may be right, but this chorus gal puts in one heck of a performance, and I'm not just talking about Mick Jagger....Chorus Girls, further proof that God really does love us and wants us to be happy.....oh yeah the song has a name, its called
  9. careful with those cages...its a very delicate balance...
  10. needless to say, my harem is full...now that I have medical and dental insurance, I can begin to fix things up... beyond that, I didn't know that we had a disagreement, other than the fact that you're on a spiritual quest and at this time I am not. I am taking a break.
  11. Protect her? I would, if she wanted me too but I hadn't really thought about it like that, ...Oh no, now my mind went straight into the gutter...
  12. Well I guess that about wraps 'er all up..at least for now. I'm not making any promises about quitting 'cause I've already done that two or three times already and found that I just can't keep away. I'll be back. But for now, there something else that's calling me...Peace be with you, my friends.
  13. for a while I thought I had the smallest apartment in the world, but then I discovered that they can get much smaller...Recently i read an article about some lady in Manhattan who pays $700 a month for a 90 square foot apartment...she sleeps on a loft, but considering average rent in Manhattan is around $3,200, I guess its a bargain. I read similar articles about other such folks and I became inspired to make better use of my space, most of which is still boxes unpacked from when I moved in a year ago. I have a room that is about 90 square feet, that I use for storage and drying clothes, never could figure out what to do with it...now i'm looking at it and thinking "in Manhattan, that room would go for $700 a month".... time to rethink things
  14. I've got me a little 336 square foot apartment, tucked in the shade of the freeway, I pack my lunch in the mornin', and I go work each day, and when the even' comes rolling 'round, I go on home and lay my body down, and when morning light comes streaming in ( I try) to get up and do it again, Amen. are you there for who started out so young and strong, only to surrender...
  15. It was sure a close call for that lil' wabbit...... no cretin here hon, no elephant either, we do see a few squirrels, a porcupine, and an 'ol bird with a seven inch wingspan..not sure how often he flies, from my observation he's often found around obscure ponds and rather hard to find places, but he's easy enough to spot as he makes his daily rounds and does the things that birds normally would do.
  16. Like most men I'm scared of a woman being in control during the sex act.....I think that was the problem with Adam and his first wife, if I'm not mistaken. Then he got Eave who was really just some floozy and got them both kicked out of the garden, but at least he didn't have to worry about hiding the duct tape...and so..what have we learned? Mainly that men are idiots and women want suck out our souls?
  17. she is sexy...and creepy...I would hide the duct tape
  18. Years ago, when I first signed up, I had no idea how ironic this would all become...but I just keep on keeping on, its the only thing I Know how to do
  19. Oh you guys...I mean...I mean..I don't know what i mean...rahh. up early, have to go to work today, rahh!.
  20. no server tonight in my coffee no server tonight in my tea sorry, just being silly, but I had started to wonder if it was just me...
  21. flys back to the forest for some well deserved rest.:)

  22. hmmm...can't answer your question, dang it. I could use five points right about now. far as one hit wonders, there were