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  1. my latest ex-girlfriend, most of my other ex's loved them, even went to some of their shows with me. They were a popular opening act for headlining groups like the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Phish and The Allmand Brother's (sorry 'bout spelling)
  2. I'm disappointed that this song doesn't have more views, I watched them perform this in a tent on the "lawn" during Clinton's innaguration...my girlfriend at that time was the daughter of the senior vice president of the New York stock exchange and had a very vested interest in the Democratic party, he never cared much for me, but I kinda miss her....
  3. it is a very good cigar I must say

  4. seems to be a web browser thing, She's the wrong kind of girl, ...see? works with firefox but not with safari for some reason, might be my settings, I dunno?
  5. I'm completely cleared out of the Wilken's place...paid the hauler in cash...yes, I did see Samantha, didn't talk to her, just waved goodbye, come on dude, she's the wrong kind of girl..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApAdKVh_Oec&NR=1.... nice how I can't add media anymore, I love you guys, if there's anything more you can do to not help, I'll be sure to let you know...until then...
  6. doh, when I copied and pasted I missed a line or two, couple of spelling errors....but what's more important is that I was referring to the previous post I made.... in other words, what I think I hear out of the BOA song, They are not my lyrics... mine are even worse... how interpretations go when know one really knows the lyrics anyway
  7. my interpretation... a little bit of night, can be a dangerous thing a little bit of truth, might set you free, but so many lies tear you apart now the main thing, is keep the main thing, the main thing, and you aren't... you have to die to live again, so if your ready for a start (chorus) If the truth be known, the more you know, the more you know, how little you know, and less could be more, if the truth be known if you are still curious, take you life serious or take it, with a very light heart this trip to knowin', must keep on growin' with good intentions, yes and being, very true of heart
  8. if the truth be known, rebel flag bikinis just get me everytime
  9. mama always said it was because I was born at midnight

  10. well you know... drummers are kind of a different breed... didn't hear where he messed up or anything
  11. I've gotta get out of this rut... it is a nice day today, what should I play? How 'bout to the rescue
  12. I wish it really was a bar room fight, that would have been cool, considering he's 3x my size, but in reality he took himself out, natural causes and accidents will happen you know?
  13. I'm back home for one night, all has been resolved, not peacefully though

  14. its a dang shame about it, every chance in the world to just be pardoned, but you, you, you, just can't help yourself

  15. circling overhead and zeroing in... if there's something anybody should tell me, now would be a good time....

  16. another song called "fireflies" has been posted on this thread, but you know, theres always two sides to every coin... fireflies
  17. sloshing thru my flooded apartment

  18. and so it was, that all the king's horses, and all the king's men, just couldn't put 'ol humpty back together again,...but it didnt really matter 'cause he had a new album coming out next spring

  19. I've never wrote a love song before, this is my first one

  20. I may not have noticed the quake but I still used it as excuse to take the afternoon off.

    1. MorningLight


      I like your thinking

  21. and just a final thought before I leave you guys alone for a few days, as I have to go out on the road... I find it kinda silly that I own a guitar, that was found in a dumpster by a homeless couple as they were rumaging for scrap metal, and they thought enough of me to bring me this guitar, it was like 'hey, we found this in the trash and thought of you" and I was like "gee thanks"... and it took about six months to get the smell out...some new strings and a little TLC and now its my main "axe"....Cortez, the Japanese made Western American guitar with a Spanish Name? Go figure...ain't life grand?
  22. you can see its all been beat to hell, but that just proves that its been used ... in this biz, always be weary of the one who has shiny new gear