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  1. "I want you back" by the Jackson Five http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSCsxfK6piM&NR=1
  2. Excellent beer...coming right up. We have non-alcoholic drinks too, and don't forget the tip jar there to your left.
  3. this is a giant step back, for all mankind...or something less grand.

  4. Indeed...I'm most concerned about a "reverse discrimination' effect, as we see in the past "liberating" certain groups did not lead to peace and understanding.
  5. I did a wedding in Wicomico county, right next door. My ministry is based in Baltimore, but I was asked to do the wedding so I obliged. The couple gets the papers from the clerk. Where it asks for "name of domination or religious organization" put down "Universal Life Church". For the church location, put down your address. You will be given a paper by the county clerk validating the marriage which you must keep on file at your location. At least thats how it worked for me, but then I do have an established ministry in Baltimore. If you don't already have one, get a file cabinet. fax machine is a good idea too.
  6. I'm in the mood to watch some pictures of some unknown Russian dudes failed marrige,cause i'm just
  7. we're not good band out of Canada
  8. there was an advertisement embedded in the video, when you first posted the song "Capricho Arabe", that claimed to teach me to "rule the neck" instantly, with three simple secrets. Obviously this is not your site - http://www.guitarcontrol.com/. three simple things I have learned...hmm...one would be arpeggios, also drop tuning, and big speakers..also callouses, you'll need those..
  9. can I really rule the neck with just three silmple secrets?
  10. Ive tried my hand at catering..not very good at it..but I can make a gin&tonic..a triple for Qryos, one for me, a hieny for murph..what else?
  11. Samantha looks as radiant as ever, Down on Mainstreet.
  12. I believe in this song, dude, I know you stop by Bills, perhaps one day we'll bump into each other...that moonrider guy, heh, what a fruitcake.,..lol
  13. heh, good ol' Skully McBones, lol.
  14. its just that it hasn't all been a good movie...with a little editing, we might have something..
  15. I'm sure the word "armory" predates the modern firearm.
  16. they were supposed to be on their way to the promised land; a land flowing with milk and honey, so why not just dodge those cities? God never has made sense to me, he gets talented people to build the tower of babble and then confounds them all, he brings his own son into the world and then kills him, he promises to be right back, and then disappears..and the band played on.....
  17. ya know, the original post was up there for over a week with the topic "orination". and why the heck did it take Moses 40 years to make that trip? he aint no trucker.
  18. It was always a hypothitical question; since we are not incorporated at this time. I was thinking more along the lines of day trips or weekend camping trips. But I just don't see how to do it without gettting Janet Reno on my ass. I do think is is kind of wrong for the feds to bully a group into not using their constitutional rights. oh yeah, and the idea of selling some guns to raise money - I thought so too, but alas, Dale will not part with any due to the sentimental value, and he is the legal owner. So I'm putting the lid back on this can of worms, even if a few did get away. I'm thinking I might want to distance ourselves from that property.
  19. everything is in private ownership, no guns are in the church's name..nor will they be....I've gathered enough to see that we don't want to go down that road... doesn't make them go away, just makes them none of our business. I brought the thread up, honestly, because this is about the only place I could think of to discuss ministers with guns..lol...its not your everyday question. I still don't have all the answers as to setting up a real armory, and I'd still love to discuss the subject, but as far as the BUC and ULC are concerened, there are no guns.