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  1. and of course my girlfriend dumped me, for about 8 hours and then she called me back...I don't know...not sure why I really need a girlfriend anyway, she just can't handle the whole thing and she feels like she is losing control over me, and of course, she is... I'm stuck in this odd place in life where the people I care about the most want to see me destroyed, and the people I know so liitle about are making me lucrative offers. And of course signing contracs
  2. just checking, are you doing alright?

  3. .....that gal could really hold a microphone...I bet she's never spent a night alone in her life.
  4. Sorry Dad, but it had to be said...and if anyone has a clue where I can find a "CBB60 70uf =/- 5% 250AC" capacitor I can probably get that compressor running again... ...ahhh..always love the mornings that follow a night of heavy rain
  5. well, way back was the best time to catch the Floyd, they are not quite the same these days, if they are even still doing it. I, of course, went to all my own bands gigs, I was in 'Freak" and "Now & Forever", but I don't know what happenned to all the tapes and footage, I wasn't much of a business man back then... This guy named Ted Tule has all the videos, find him and you'll find me, but I'd rather forget about the old crap. There's a new new album on the way.... Concerts, geeze... Pink Floyd Grateful Dead ( a bajilloin times) Almand Brothers Robert Plant Jimmy Page Santana Kings X Meat Puppets Bachman turner overdrive Guess who Widespread Panic Humble Pie ZZ top Grand Funk Railroad and lots of others , my brain just can't think right now,..
  6. its the tie I think, or maybe the shirt, maybe the sound cats didn't use enough compression ...my advice is that you begin to drink heavily, then wake up on the beach, and let your significant other call you and apologize, then make them feel guilty because its really their fault that you woke up drunk on the beach....there's probably better advice to be had but that's what I have to offer at 2:30 am on a Tuesday morning...
  7. Don't let your mind , like I lot of my friends did...
  8. You are like a mentor to me, perhaps mostly because I trust you, and trust is not something I just give out to anyone. And I know where to find you, if I need you. All the Best
  9. no, you know I can't keep away...(mind if I rant) I'm working on a video for Spoorsack right now for the song "he disappears", and working my day job as a carpenter... hope to have a teaser up here for ya very soon...my dad is talented as all get out but he has no business sense whatsoever, and no idea what is or isn't a single...I picked that song out of the bunch because I heard a single, you can get it for free off the website. This lady who works the Los Vegas circuit as a nightclub singer approached them and wanted to record a song with them. They make an excellent song and then bury it in the back pages of the site in favor of songs that are, in my opinion, mostly drivel. I also managed to blow up a $600 air compressor today. I've got issues. Good to hear from you again, Hex.
  10. now there's a keeper.... thanks to you and Bro. Sky for you honest and heartfelt advice....it feels like a breath of fresh air....hard to find on the internet these days because everyone has to protect themselves an such and as a result there is not alot of honesty on the web. I will continue to carry the ULC with me as I enter into a new community with BMI. BMI presents a much more intense situation with a serious contract that carries with it legal consequenses in the sense that you can only be signed to one royalty company at a time...unlike the ULC, in entertainment you can have only one "ordination", if you will. I hope to take what I can from the advice, from my own experiences, from my own mistakes...and Not make the same mistakes I that made here, over there at BMI. I am forever grateful for what you guys (ulc.net) have allowed me to get away with. You've helped me to grow and mature. I'll never forget you.
  11. you make some very good points
  12. note to self: do not accept any work offers from TV Evangelists....and I bet they sweet talk you right into it...my point was that we need people with money to redistribute the wealth....wealthy people who do not pay the carpenter and the pool guy and end up cut up and floating around in the pool
  13. and whats really cool is that Lady Gaga, Christine Augulara (SP?) and my man, Snoop D-O- double G, are all there...not like they notice or care about me, but they are there...who knows, maybe will meet at one of the conferences...silver linings, always looking for those things.
  14. as well he should be...anyone like that funds a whole bunch of guys like me (the carpenter, the pool guy, etc.) who then in turn fund the people who work for us...its the way this crazy world keeps spinning around.
  15. I want to be honest here, becuase I hope that someone may benifit from my experience, and that would make me feel that it wasn't all in vain. When I started out I was ego tripping, I wanted the title, I wanted to have a congregation, and I did..we had as many as 50 people show up locally and we had over 50 members on our forum. Then all hell broke loose and I was woefully unprepared to deal with it...not to mention I was going through my own economic collapse as southwest Baltimore was simply devastated by the latest depression. I left the music business...very few people ever make money in the music game...I did. but it was a similar situation in a way...I followed the typical course, getting into a band, practice, practice, practice, get a few gigs, get into fights, break up, get back to together...you get the idea.. Now I've re-entered the biz with a whole new strategy, and a few aces up my sleeve. One of the first things I did was to sign a two year contract with BMI. SOoooooo...if I were to try again at running a ULC congregation it would also need to be with a clear plan and a good strategy. I hope that makes sense...I do still have the Tax ID and all, I never cancelled that. Good talking to you again Bro and I hope I haven't ticked you off as well, I got enough enemies as it is. Peace.
  16. Mods, delete at will. the posts I mean, not me. I don't see why I should let you guys off the hook that easy, not after all the torture I've been through. I do feel that everything is finding its own course, as it usually does. And its not all bad, its not all doom and gloom. Just because I suck at being a pastor doesn't mean life's over. Not yet anyway.
  17. I've closed all the websites down and the email addy's...theres nothing left and there's no reason anyone should feel that I'm messing them up or "in their hair", but, well..I ticked some folks off years ago and I've never been able to escape from it..
  18. we are trying to get it together but there are various reasons (the ones that vary) and its multi-faceted (more than one facet)...bear with us, or them really, because i don't what the heck is gonna happen to me...enjoy
  19. wow, that must of cost like..hundreds of dollars to produce.
  20. This is my hero. The guy who changed my life. We were just another garage band until this wild man who went by the name of Bloom (he had a local hit with a song called "paw paw town") sold us a Kustom amp for $75...and nothings ever been sane since. Bud Ross
  21. "someone hand me a handkerchief"....Oh, lord, you crack me up, there Mr. Bishop.
  22. I guess what i meant was that its that standing in the doorway with a suitcase in your hand kind of feeling. There's a place for me somewhere, maybe, or maybe I am just a rolling stone.