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  1. I ain't buying it. You can try and sell it all you want, but I don't buy it .... just not my cup of tea...
  2. These feelings won't go away, they've been knocking me lots of people talking, few of them know
  3. ~ Santana, woodstock performance..groovy x infinity
  4. music is much like ministry in that anyone who claims to be so, can be so, as long as they can do the job then they have the "right" to call themselves such. Oh, sure, there is always going to be the debate about whether or not they are a "real" musician, or minister, or both, but the truth is, if they can make music that people will listen to, then they can call themselves a musician. If they can do the job of a minister of the Universal life Church, then they are in fact a "real" minister..../end rant/ now..as to the serious discussion..what tuning(s) do you use?
  5. "Impracticable"?? is that even a word? Oh spell checker you are not my friend...Rah! Rah!
  6. Behold the Kustom in all its glory! Mine would be the one to the far left. The towers weighed a ton and were rather impracticable; wouldn't fit in a car, you needed a one ton truck to haul them around, but they sure looked cool!
  7. Is that you playing? It is very good. Perfect. Almost too perfect though, in that its a little "mechanical", needs a little more soul. I never play anything perfect, but I am very selective about my equipment, because its gots to have "tone" and "soul". I'll get some stuff up here soon, when I get my recording equipment setup again. I still use the same 1969 Kustom 200 that I've been using since I was 20 (I'll turn 40 this October). I sold the towers years ago, but kept the head, which I now run through a 20" woofer and a 12" Leslie speaker, courtesy of my 1968 Thomas transistor double keyboard organ, as well as a few P.A. cabinets from radio shack and a homemade monitor cabinet.
  8. While we're all anxious to find out what the outcome is, I know it will take some time for you to gather the necessary pieces of paper needed before a trip to Manhattan would be worthwhile. Although any excuse to make a day trip to Manhattan is always worthwhile and fun. I'm going to try to register myself, as I noted as I read and reread the marriage bureau's and city clerks information again and again, that an out of state minister can apply with the same info. It just has to be notarized a few more times. To apply out of state the application itself must be notarized, for example. Anyway, I plan to apply under the domination of Universal life, which is listed as an recognized dominations, right under Unitarian Universalism. However, I plan to use my church info. I believe my church meets all requirements. Its not going to be cheap, with the filing fees, notary fees, mailing casts, and a trip to the local printer to get some proper stationary made up. It will be interesting though, because if I can register as pastor of my church, then I could endorse others as well. Good luck to us both!
  9. another thought if I may, I think where we, or at least I, have been going wrong with this New York thing is I've been telling people to check with your local clerk. In most places that is the case, but this is New York we're talking about, they do things their own way... You Do Not want to talk to your local clerk, if you do, you may get whatever opinion he/she has of the ULC. You need to go to Manhattan and get registered there, the local clerk is of no consequence. As it says on the Marriage Bureau's website _ .
  10. I have dibs on the interview, if you get registered
  11. I'd like you to meet some of my new friends..hey I fit right in, they are snappy dressers just like me..lol...Paper Zoo
  12. Merry meet....obviously you haven't read any of my posts..LOL edited to add that I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing at me.
  13. Thanks Pete, I was worried. well. it wasn't pretty but it worked. You can't hit a home run everytime.
  14. Pete, if you don't want to talk to me anymore I can understand..it hurts, but I can understand. As you should know, I'm working on building a Real congregation in Baltimore, and hopefully a sister branch in Brooklyn. Ok enough about me, carry o0n...
  15. ..."tell me people, what good is that"...
  16. ahh, but read again, the ULC meets those requirements, and can furnish you with whatever pieces paper the clerk may require. If you haven't already done so, please read mdtaylor's excellent article "confused about New York". The real kicker is the fact that the Universal Life Church is specifically pointed out in the legalese. After that article was written, New York later informed us that ULC ministers were in fact accepted, but it still seems to be a matter of the clerk's discretion. This is a matter that is near and dear to my heart, because I had been for some time working to establish a congregation in Brooklyn. Unfortunately that project is on hold for now.
  17. They are a real church with a long established history. As to why Rev. Freeman and Rev. Zimmerman are doing what they are doing, I can offer no explanation, all I can say is that its making things harder for everyone in the ULC. No one seems know what the magic formula is...some have registered, but presenting a ULC credential may not be enough.
  18. is that last post meant to be some kind of threat? Hey, have a nice day in this life, bro. and Pete, I'll always appreciate what you've done and how you've helped us here in Baltimore...things don't always work out, but then again, things aren't always what they seem, and it ain't over yet.
  19. this one is (as the old Cajun chef would say) "Guaranteed". I've been playing too much old stuff, this Creed really gets the ladies going. I've gotta rethink things.