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  1. well, I guess if you don't want to make any money and you don't want to get laid, then play that stuff...
  2. so ya, thought ya, might like to, go to show? To feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow/ I've got some bad news for you Sunshine....

  3. What did any of us do to deserve that?
  4. upload as in upload from my puter to the forum, without the need for a middle man, such as photobucket. hidden, as in one must be signed in as a member of the forum to view this forum... now, I have tried to set up a photobucket account, lets see if this works..1968 thomas transistor sitting in my girlfriends basement (she wants it out asap). ok, one at a time it seems, well I'll keep this short....here are some of my guitars...from the left 60's stylr strat replica, "Cortez", the japanese made jumbo western, the Ovation Celebrity (heavy slab rock guitar), and the old guild Madeira - that guitar has been in every state in the country with me, excepting Arizona and Alaska... ye old late '68 Bud Ross era Kustom amp (obviously has been reupholstered) with a Radio Shack PA Cabinet and finally for tonight, a glimpse of "world headquarters", this is my mixing studio room, thats a yamaha keyboard with an old Dell computer that I revamped for the sole purpose of recording, ( to the bottom right is my 'Doctor of Universal Life" degree) missing is the Dulcimer, the harmonica, the old "Roadstar" and whatever else is missing,but this has kept me occupied long enough for tonight, well at least I figured out photobucket, so I guess it was worth the time..Peace.
  5. I took pics but it appears I can no longer simply upload them from my computer, ah well, lets just say I have lots of instruments, as in multiple, plural, you get the idea.... and why is this forum hidden from the general public now?
  6. My time's coming, but it's not tonight....
  7. Casablanca just ain't putting out ** these days, come...come to BMI, or even ASCAP, and join the dark side...
  8. very nice.... you have got me beat on the price tag end...but I can hold my own on the unique end...a picture show will have to wait until I get back from work ( yes I work on sundays, ohhh, I'm such a sinner)... I would like to borrow that SG for a weekend
  9. well, take er easy , up on stage, in front of all those people, all lit up...its so easy to slip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuxlbjNmuAQ
  10. They are such lovely people... aren't they? And I'm so easily enchanted when I am in the forest. But I never dabble in magic, although one can never help what others are doing or may be casting on you, I think it best not to fool with things one does not understand... perhaps not enjoying all the benefits but also minimizing the negative effects, as I have been well advised to do so. ...I seek only safe passage through the forest, the only rune I carry is the one of "Gratitude". Other then brief stops for rest and amenities, its best to keep on moving. There is more out there than anyone could ever know, although some try too... but you will never see the beauty of the forest inside a book, only glimpses... Peace
  11. unchain the Beasts.... let it be done, 'tis a gift....
  12. a peaceful day, I hope

  13. Ever get that feeling that you just missed out on something good?

  14. I've been up, down, rich, and poor, but I ain't never, felt like this before

  15. well, well, I think I've got a new song on the way...but until then my burned out brain suddenly did recall this lil ditty, and lo and behold, its there on youtube,
  16. not complaining, not bragging, although I can see how it might come across that way...that wasn't my intent...just letting it out, what was in my head, there is very limited room inside there these days....
  17. this has been a unique year...40 is not so bad, its kinda like reaching a rest area on a long trip... you stop and look around and think "wow, I really made it this far, when I was a teenager I thought I'd be dead by now"... and that wasn't so far from becoming the truth, and sadly, some of people I really could trust and could really talk to, didn't make it this far... its left me surrounded by strangers, alone in the crowd, most of the folks I would turn to and say 'do you remember when..." are dead now, or moved off, or locked up... the new people ...meh... not like it used to be.. .everyone is so dang high up now that they are just plain worthless to me, other than signing the checks... make any sense? Probably not... Jimmy Buffet can explain it better
  18. of course I mean "demo" grade studio... just writing songs, doing the sheet music and a demo, registering it all through the proper channels and then moving on... kinda like the stock market... you don't know when if ever you will see any return , but you will never see any royalties if you never put a product out there...I wish I had been more aware of the process years ago, I might actually be seeing some results by now... but , as it is, this is where the journey begins
  19. well theres good news and theres bad news.... the good news is that after many hours of long distance conversation we have all agreed on building my own studio... the bad news is that means I'm not going away, although I will withdraw somewhat, to focus on what I'm doing, but the forum will always be close by...muwahahahahaa
  20. Meh, not impressed...If I opened up a stand and called it "Raven's Hamburger Stand" and then sat around and laughed my butt off at all the fools who showed up trying to buy a hamburger, when anybody who was anybody should know that I really sell used spark plugs, i would say that my life had reached an all time low... but thats just me... whatever floats your boat... how do you explain the video?