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  1. you surprised me, I didn't see you see as one who listens to much music, but that piece was very nice (as long as I don't think about Frankie, that just ruins it). Stand Down just won't get out of my head...I would so not fit in with those guys, then again I'd like to see them walk the streets of Baltimore dressed like that...Indie and Btown are two different worlds for sure.
  2. if it expresses how you feel or how you'd like to look, then that's cool....the woman on your profile ain't bad looking, if that's you or not I don't know. I'm comfortable with how I look without being virtualized, but then I don't do world of warfare or any other site anymore these days. I check email (sometimes), check yahoo for news and weather, go to youtube, and come here. That's the extent of my web presence.
  3. lovely poem, If I were to answer your questions, Once I was young and good looking, now I'm a little worse for the wear and tear.. I don't care much about looks, its that inner spark that I'm seeking, Well, I'm not really seeking, I do well with the ladies even in my current state. of course no one wants to find out that what they thought was a woman is actually some dude..uggg, The picture on my profile is really me..I don't usually wear my hair down though.
  4. BpCorey sure can find stuff.... If this a thread about about that song only, I don't where to go with that... If it about what song is stuck in your head, not the same as current mood mind you, the it would be ,..... don't know why.
  5. well now I'm on a browser that can do youtube..I had to choose between Roy Orbison and Linda Rondstad , both are great.. let me think.. old guy vs hot chic..hmmm old guy vs hot chic... I'll go with hot chic... but that just me.....
  6. Thank you my friend and thanks also for signing the guestbook over at Spoorsack, my dad says he will be emailing soon. Why aren't you on my friends list? I have added you, should you choose to accept it. You've addressed more points than I can comment on, so I touch on the important ones for now... Br. Devon gets my nomination for Sainthood in the ULC. I don't know how many votes it takes, but we all know he has earned it, the old fashioned way, he's worked really hard, so lets do it and make him an official Saint. In the old days, of course, you had to die and wait a couple hundred years but the ULC has streamlined this process greatly...should take no more than two weeks tops. the hairs on my arm went up as I read this...I thought...yes, yes, yes, yes...
  7. thanks, I can't wait to start recording... there's tons of inspiration for sure. I'm sorry about the spinning ride, but I'm afraid only some of that feeling will go away. If you really are feeling my energy, then you will find that "butterflies in your stomach" , "Alice in Wonderland", kind of feeling just never goes away. If it ever does then I'll leave the biz again. Thats what folks who really want to be close me have to try to understand. You have to try to understand. There is always "another woman" and theres always a nervous feeling that permeates through everything. I can't help it. Been that way as long as I can remember. Accept it or just walk away, is all can say.
  8. yes, yes I make no claims to have any sort of "revelation", in fact I'm suspicious of all that even more now... you know, having some sort of revelation that leads to writing another religious text. I don't think we need all that. What I experienced was a sort of "vibration" , a low, warming, healing vibration... no words nescessary . I can't just repeat it at will, but I can always reflect back and it inspires me. If someone had never seen the Ocean before, once they see it, they can go back home, they may never see the ocean again, but they will always have that memory when they need to warm their heart. Hope that makes sense.
  9. I could send a lifetime trying to explain my posts here...most of the time even I don't know what thinking... but here in this posts, which I wouldn't expect anyone to make sense out of, unless of course, they have signed a biz contract. It really is like that (no cigar of course, no smoking in office buildings these days). Even if you're just a widdle nobody like me...you get a Number and that number is you. I had my number before I even opened my mail. No check though, unless your signed through a talent agency or something the checks only come after you produce something that gets royalties or is sold. I have yet to see a check, hence my little joke. Years ago, I didn't have any contract and didn't think about it, was interested in playing live because, like most young guys I knew, I really enjoyed playing live, getting the girls attention, and then of curse the party afterwards, had no clue about contracts. But now I know...I have learned, and my advice to anyone who may be in a similar situation, I to get signed....you can't get any royalties and no one will play your music on the "airwaves" until your get you numbers...furthermore, you work can be stolen (copied without permission) even while its still in the recording phase, so you don't need to wait until you've got a finished product to sign. Matter of fact the royalty company will help to sell your music. So there you have it, all I know about the biz thus far...all I need know. I'll feel so much more calm and relaxed when we do start recording, I could live in a studio, I love the atmosphere, I love the sound cats, I love it all...it takes me million miles away from the crappy atmosphere I face in my regular life. Oh, a song, hmmm "Feel like a Number" would be tempting but thats not my mood...how about "Blue bayou" (sorry, no link today)
  10. I wish you the best too, I really do...I'm also, well SCARED. Theres some tough sledding that lay ahead for me...lots of scary people and scary places to go, as if living in Baltimore isn't scary enough. I think its possible that folks can have a mutual respect for each other and also realize that at this point in the trail....well (not knowing all the proper terminology) I would say our energies are criss crossing, probably why you cant get a grip on my frequency.
  11. Ok, Ok, I slightly overstated that...we're cool, it just, like a said..a touchy subject.
  12. I know you were just joking, Bro. Sky ..I wasn't, but I don't draw any water in the biz, you could learn more about it by talking to Micheal Jackson.....I think your statement, as well as a general assesment of your posts...umm, ummmm,....shines a light directly into a mentality which is incompatible with mine. I'm not here to judge you, but I will try with all my might to protect myself from people who think like you. All of this stealing, grabbing, raping for their own good....not my cup of tea, and having been groped and fondled a few times myself, lets just say its a touchy subject for me...pardon the pun.
  13. twasn't her though...not conciously at least. It makes me wonder if nesty might , in fact, be on to something. My sense, my gut feeling, is that I received something from a source that's "bigger than the both of us"...not out of merit, I don't think, but more becuase the Universe required I be restored so that I might of use to it...or something like that, I really know nothing about these things. Perhaps it was Grace? Perhaps it was the Universe? Both? Either way I'll take it and be happy.
  14. "Welcome to the family... we are so glad you're here.... we look forward to a long relationship together..... oh, by the way....your new name is #XXXXXXXXXX" (you've been tagged) Have a cigar.... oh, and they dipped it in cognac...I just have one question, I've turned the envelope inside out and I didn't see a check...I thought a.... well, a must of been a mishap at the office, thats cool
  15. actually, if I did run the world, all armies would have to fight with squirt bottles and feather dusters.
  16. and then "casablanca" would come for her...if even poor widdle 'ol me is "tagged" then you know she's got a tracking device on her....I'd rather take on the navy seals, army, airforce, and marines all at once armed with nothing more than a squirt bottle and a feather duster before I would even consider messing with casablanca
  17. the best thing about the '70's,( besides all the talent that was just floating around), is that most folks can't remember much of it, particularly the ones who where there.
  18. yep, it was. ...not the most photographic bunch.... Lionel Richie looks like he's been running around on the carpet with just his socks on an picked up a bit of static electricity
  19. maybe, cause she's back...ohh, sweet love, sweet love (think that was Commodores who did that song))
  20. someone is sending me healing energy...and it sure as heck ain't my girl... I can feel the heal....not sure, but I suspect its not too late for the Sky....I'll get it together, someway, somehow.
  21. This is rerun, but I felt it got lost in the shuffle and it has a really nice message to it. I can relate alot to Tommy... he had his demons, he had his enemies... but he was also the most productive artist of 1975... he wasn't just a star, he was a galaxy
  22. I posted that huh? Well its all true. I've been in talks all day with everyone from the lawyer to the landlord...my mind is melting. I don't know if I still have a girlfriend or not and I'm not sure if I even care. I just wish she would try...try,try,try to understand...sighs