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  1. , loaded up and truckin,' we're gonna do what they say can't be done...
  2. well, since we're on the topic of orination I recall a child hood memory...after I had my head trauma I lost some memory but in a weird way I've regained some old memories....anyway, me and my cousin are hiking through the woods behind his parents house and we come upon a newly constructed electric fence...crying out something like " who are you to put up fence to keep us out and keep mother nature in" or words to that effect. He then orinated upon the electric fence...the results were shocking....he's ok, but I don't think he'll ever do that again, nor will I. That was over 25 years ago but if we must talk about orination, that my story. I've never orinated on a flower garden.
  3. thank you, I would rather not go into much more detail publicly.
  4. of course we all know you can't peel wheels on gravel, but its worth it just for anothers look at daisy duke, back in the day..rrrrrr
  5. aw, come on, someone fix the thing for the guy..where is Ed???
  6. While I agree with you Stormy...I should be clear that we never set out to start an armory, it came to us by way of the death of one of our members. Now, of course red flags will go up everywhere because we have all those guns...my job, as captain of this ship, is to guide us through these waters without anyone getting hurt...of course it already too late for that, one person is dead( Bobby) and another person has been seriously injured and scared for life (me)...so I don't know, I just want to handle this situation as best I can.
  7. I'm sorry, I not cool enough on the computer to have clue what your talking about. But I know your a nice guy, so I assume your not making too much fun of me? You may be on something here, I just need someone to crack the codes for me, so I know what your talking about. Thanks my friend.
  8. let me clear a few things up. the guns came, or most of the guns anyway, came as a result of an inheritance...but its not the kind of inheritance we really wanted. The brother of one of the board members killed himself using one of those guns. Not pleasant I know, but lets just get this out in the open. There a two properties associated with (but not owned by) the church, that being the Baltimore Universal Church. One property, the one I reside in, operates as a boarding house as well as the official office. The other property is a multi-use facility which has two apartments, a number of rented garages (the B.U.C rents two), a basement which me and Dale, the owner, fixed up to have a pool table, kitchen et, and powder room, and it is also a licensed Day Care facility, although that is separate from the Church. The "armory" of over 40 guns included antiques and guns that are not in firing condition. on the other hand, it also includes some serious guns. Our beloved Bobby was an avid gun collector; its such a shame he got hooked on prescription pills and just got depressed. He had shot a hole through his roof a year before, and Dale, his brother and board member with the B.U.C. had to help patch the hole.
  9. He's a good guy, our friend Robin, sending positive energy.
  10. Our situation is entirely different than Waco, or Ruby Ridge, or MOVE or whatever; and it has nothing to do with “religious guns”. I did some research into those groups and what I call “religious disasters”. The main part of my question in the original post was “Aside from being under lock and key, what are the restrictions for a organization keeping an armory?” Theres a reason why the Wells Fargo trucks are armor plated and the guys who carry the money are armed. They are just there to do a job, not to police or judge or enforce, and the money they carry isn't theirs; but if they weren't armed, people would rob them everyday...so I guess its about having something people want and wanting to protect it. Edited to add: that the B.U.C. is, and has always been in full cooperation with all Federal, State, and Local authorities.
  11. If theres no other objections, then I guess I can go ahead with this.
  12. Somewhere over the Rainbow....from the Crash Landing album by Hendrix Glad we're safe and well after a long, long day
  13. Sound the Alarm Selassie I soldiers beat Babylon back
  14. I've been drinking the stuff all day and its not working..maybe put some more of that clear stuff in it? or just give me a gin&tonic, tall glass with lots of ice please...?
  15. of course I answered the topic question before I read through the original post...now that I have; and I'm as confused as ever , but I'm sticking to my answer..I had many questions when I first became ordained, and I still do.
  16. to learn how to spell the word correctly and to figure out was what was the difference between an epistle and an apostle?
  17. its worth it because its a rather larger chunk of turf.
  18. I forgot what i was going to say
  19. Ugh...now take that! five stair steps..ooh child..
  20. Thank you for your answers, taken seriously. It seems clear enough that a felon cannot handle a gun. I don't own a gun myself so I don't know all this. In Maryland a child over twelve can hunt with their parents. There is a wonderful pond to go fishing in( excepting the snapper turtles) and plenty of trial;s to hike, so no worry.: ) plenty to do...
  21. yeah, I thought of that, but the vice squad with hookers idea was already taken...
  22. Church Armories I've got more questions than I could possibly list now but for starters the idea came to me when I began planning a day trip out to my brother in laws property so that me and my city slicker friends could fire off guns (legally registered) on private property without the hassles of expensive ranges. Not to mention, I'm trying (secretly) to convince him to join us and allow us to make future field trips to the mountains. Then others wanted to come along, including those who would not be old enough or otherwise able to own a gun... Now I suppose that on private property a child can shoot a gun under adult supervision? What about a prior felon? Again, I'm talking about many acres of privately owned mountain property? Aside from being under lock and key, what are the restrictions for a organization keeping an armory? Can a church own guns in its name or do they have to be registered to individuals? I'm having a hard time getting straight answers. l appreciate any guidance...