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  1. Psychology 101 shows that man's mind comes with a self fill bias. If we open a book to look for lies, we'll find it in the words even if it is because of our misuse of context. The Urantia book is the book of truth, and you should not open it unless that is what you are looking for. I have seen people walk away believing the UB speaks of racisims and such, but that is only taken out of context and through a lack of understanding.
  2. Hello back to you. Welcome to the ULC club.

  3. is listening to Urantia again.

  4. On guitar, I guess it would be called standard guitar tune, I don't play out and can't be bothered to change pitches of strings. Really I don't play but a couple times every month or more. Very bad I know. Shame on me. But, there is always tomorrow.
  5. I'd think that most people would be aware of this list of celeberty ULC members, but I thought I'd add a link here. According to this list all 4 of the Beatles musicians were/are ministers of the ULC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ministers_of_the_Universal_Life_Church
  6. My hope for this thread is to get a working body of media, television, movie, music, and any other media refrences to the ULC. Chris Stevens (John Corbett) was the reformed criminal turned local D.J. for the radio station in the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska on the show Northern Exposure. He was their local religious leader performing various religious ceremonals by means of an Ordination he recieved "Out of the back of a rolling stone mag". It isn't to the Fifth Season, Episode 20, that the Universal Life Chruch recieved mention. But there it is for all to see. Northern Exposure Season 5 Episodes 20: A Wing and a Prayer John Corbett as Chris Stevens "In the back of a rolling stone." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Northern_Exposure_characters http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Stevens_(Northern_Exposure)
  7. I'd like to address myself to you as a musician. I'm not. I'm a perfectionist. I play guitar and know how to sing, among many other learned musician trates, but I believe that these things are required to be a musician along with that feeling inspired by a musing. Be that whatever you may call it. Truly, what can be called a musician? I know dumb kids without talent or knowledge whom have dubbed themselves this labble as if they could. Music sooths the savage beast it is said. Should this be considered as a requirement to being a musician? So I started this thread in hopes that some other musicians or musically inclined people might have a place to discuss Music Theory and/or all else that pertains.
  8. Hello to all of you visiting my page, peace be upon you. While we're at it leave your message here?

  9. "God", creator of all of everything, is very real. I've known this since before I spoke my first words. A strange disillusionment happened the older became. Men, here on this planet, seem to be very far from that which I knew as a child. I have always been a "minister". I've only been "Ordained" for a week or two depending upon how you count it. I'm trying to project the meaning of being papered upon my lifestyle. I'm using the officiallity of the ordination to try to find more patients when dealing with others. Also I guess I'm at a phase where I'm trying to learn the legalities of the thing.
  10. This is very real. You can do anything God leads you to do.

  11. Good fortune on your journey. The Urantia book is a banquet, and in this world were we are taught there is no such thing as a "free meal", to be careful of every step foward in only logical. As I've said I knew (researched) very old documents before ever opening the Urantia book. I looked into many topics and ancient relgions so much so that I had an impressive mental "model" of what happened and was happening. The fact that the urantia papers not only matched my mental model of what was, is, and is to come, but then filled in questions I had not even asked yet, was the real way I knew that it is real. I wouldn't have trusted it otherwise. And sometimes I still have to ask myself "how can this be?", but then I have to realize our creator is a loving one that will do all that he can to suport the children of the universe from falling into confusion and darkness.