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  1. Was already woke. But the levels of absurdity continues to surprise me. And I wouldn't be sure of the sheep taking their chances with wolves. as the wolves are merciless. But at least they'd give a good chase.
  2. Quite disturbing, yet true. Now I'm depressed for our country.
  3. Sadly, I think because of so many politicians being beholden to big pharma and other corporate lobbyist. The worst side of capitalism.
  4. Welcome Alexander. Wish you well on your endeavor. Should be interesting to see another take on the ULC being brought to page. Enjoyed the links, btw.
  5. He didn't indicate he meant solely pleasure on the self, I'm sure. Mindful of others pleasures can allow boundaries that present a more cooperative society. As conflicts of interest may inevitably arise, ability to compromise to a favorable and pleasurable solution is far more desirable ideal than making war.
  6. In one meaning, sadly true. But the world goes on over many lifetimes.
  7. I understand and share much of your view. I, however, feel too humble to even seek a title to sainthood. But that is just me. It is good that it does do you some comfort in some way, though. Cheers.
  8. Humans are social animals. Interaction is a basic need that is met in some form or another. But actual physical contact, or person to person interaction, plays a big psychological part of how we see ourselves and others. I really don't see the "new office space" staying empty for very long. Pandemics come and go over the centuries, so nothing is permanent.
  9. Ah, well, that "pursuit" can be an actual distraction to living life well lived, too. Pursuit can not be universally defined, either. What one may seek, may intrude upon another's pursuit of happiness. How to reconcile? Moderation, I think. I lean more to what Jonathan said. Living in moderation as outlined in his bullet points.
  10. You're very welcome. Thank you for sharing your delight in your journey!
  11. I don't necessarily agree to the word "strong", as much as "open minded" or "understanding" to replace it in that statement. Sometimes the bonding of two weak souls can make each other stronger just through support of each other by mutual understanding.
  12. Yes. And think of the people who were killed for 'acts of heresy" while following the original culture's intent and holiday.
  13. Yes, but using correct math for a flaw in reality is really a joke, too. Flaws can't accept it...because it is flawed.