Why We Should Not Decide Other People's Labels For Them

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I agree that people label people. Some people like to be labelled too. I guess, no one is 100% a label and nothing else. When one can only see one aspect of a person and nothing else then I think one has judged them because they are not prepared to see anything else about the person.

Sometimes it's a bit like asking how many differing types of Christianity exist. The answer I give is well it depends upon how many Christians there are as each one is different in some way.

Other times its a question of survival. I may realise that there are many differing natzies around but I think it wise to stay clear of all of them.

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I find it more egregious for one to impose control on what others say about you than it is for others to say something disagreeable about you, even if it is meant to hurt. Ignore them. Refute them. But You have no right to gag them. In the end history decides who is correct.

You are such a tolerant, non-liberal!

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