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There was a recent comment on the ULC Facebook site where a gal said she had been told her ULC Ordination was nothing more than a "Box Top ordination". I've written a short missive regarding that.....

The ULC is often looked at as being a “cereal box ordination” or “bought credentials” and it is no wonder people, who are threatened by the vision of our founder Rev. Kirby Hensley, would think so. They still buy into the authority of the organized, mainstream religious Church.

In reality, there are only twelve people that ever lived that had the “authority”, directly from the Christ (Jesus/Yeshua) to minister His message. Everyone else that came after Paul, Peter, Steven, Timothy et al followed their message and self imposed authority, dogma and doctrine. When the Christ gave the call to minister he picked fishermen, publicans and even tax collectors, as well as an assortment of regular everyday people, to teach his message of Peace and Love. He then instructed them to go forth and teach after his cruel death.

In less than three years he crash studied his disciples into a Universal Message, not dogma or doctrine of a corporate organization. “Love each other.” The Christ did not issue credentials or make bold claims of his disciples having spent long, labored years in seminary learning the books of scholars. He taught them His message:

Mat 22:37-40 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

In the early days of Christ's gathering up his followers he sought the men who had otherwise little or nothing to do with conforming to the rules and pageantry of the synagogue. Eternal Life had nothing to do with the ritualistic policies of the synagogue nor the long derasha (sermon) meant to instill fear and compliance to the whims of the religious leaders' interpretation of the Torah. As a boy and young man Christ had attempted to get the rabbis to understand that, according to His understanding of the Torah, to no avail.

The Christ wanted the people to know that “salvation” came from their personal walk with God, not through their alliance with doctrine and dogmatic compliance with the edicts of men. Two thousand plus years later, we are still battling this ancient institution of organized and formalized religious practices taking precedent over the true calling of the individual's heart.

And from my personal beliefs, I'll recall from one of my early Works a similar reference from The Faces of Odin (Codex 8th Century AD) that:

...many good souls are drawn to the runes, few learn them aright. Knowest thou the runes and the Mysteries contained within? Then shoudst thy calling be to them.

No hint of having to agonize through years of apprenticeships, though you'd never get Gild support without it, no “must do” one thing or another, just "read them aright" (know what you're teaching). Simply if it is in your heart to master the runes, you should do so.

In short then, as ULC ministers, regardless of our religious teaching or particular Spiritual Path, if we have been called, in our hearts, to minister, it is by the Will of the Universal and Supreme Power we do so, not by the will of men. Whether we follow mainstream religious theology or that of the esoteric Orders, it is our heartfelt commitment to the message that compels us so, not because of the power of organizational leadership to pass judgment on our intentions.

This is where organized religion and esoteric groups do have a common ground. If you have need of joining the club, being a legitimate part of their groups or wish to have an academic reference behind your Works, yes, of course there is a standardized protocol within most disciplines. To do so you also have to bend to the standard protocol of dogma and doctrine that applies itself to your discipline. However, to spread the Good News of Christ's words or that of any philosophy or Spiritual Path, you need simple intent. It's all within the scope of what you personally wish to accomplish.

As far as the ULC being a “Box top” ordination? I don't think so, the Supreme doesn't work like that. The Spiritual Authority of our hearts will always trump the dogmatic authority of man-made institutions. Let them call us what they like and disparage the Omniscient, that in itself is all the non-credible defamation I need to not hear a word they say.

Blessings of Peace,

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Box top? never heard that one.

It's sort of like the catholic ordaining in proxy.

except the church dont really hold a ordination ceremony for it.

man I really have to get my catholic ULC going soon.

I looked at that one is florida and when you ask him about his lines he gets pissed.

ask about my lines and I will email them to you.

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One day people will get it... the ULC does not, has not, and will not ordain by internet. What is done by internet (amongst other means) is to accept a request for a proxy ordination. Just like every other major denomination, the ULC will ordain an eligible candidate without having that person present. Instead, an authorized member of the clergy stands in for the ordinand and the church, barring a reason to the contrary enters the ordinand into the records of the church as a member of its clergy.

Yes it is legal.

Almost every known "recognized" faith does it.

We just get picked on because we make it easier than many denominations.

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I would consider pointing out the irony of the analogy. I assume the reference is to prizes one must earn by buying, collecting and mailing in box tops from products. That is much more like traditional ordination than it is like ULC. The traditional clergy will only grant ordination to people who, essentially, buy their product, over a period of time, proving brand loyalty. ULC ordains because you request it, and they don't see it as their job to stand in your way.

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man I really have to get my catholic ULC going soon.

I looked at that one is florida and when you ask him about his lines he gets pissed.

ask about my lines and I will email them to you.

Are you planning on doing this and if so would you be ordaining as well?

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I tried to PM you but your inbox is full!

If you are planning on doing this and doing ordinations in the near future, I would be interested in seeing what requirements you would have to be ordained.


prolly just be a knowledge test.

then I would ordain via proxy.

I dont know if I want people to all be the same catholic or what.

It will prolly be independent catholic.

i.e. go find a catholic rite you like and learn it.

hmm, will check mail box here. thanks.

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Box top? cheek! It is just that they cannot stand the fact there may be free thinkers out there they cannot control. I am proud of my ULC ordination.

As I believe most of us are honored to be a part of Rev. Hensley's vision of free thinking! You're so correct Pete.

I would far rather have guidance from a personal experienced individual than from something I can read for myself. I've also found this to be the case of most of us here...personal testimonials and experiences, not rehashed recitals of verses from a book. If a person requires the discipline and formula training of organized religions...great, head on, do well! But let's not confuse the doctrine, tenet or creed of one way to be the only way to enlightenment or leadership of Spiritual needs.

I know that 90% of my works are in dealing with people, helping kids understand parents, parents their kids and couples each other. Having a couple rounds of marriage, two kids of my own and 56 years of Life experience and a gentle mannerism of offering them to figure out their own solutions is indeed 180º from pastoral counseling by most churches. If they desire religious counsel, I always refer them to a pastor or priest of their chosen religion. THAT is not my forte. The few "Ásatrú-folk" I've come across, I can help in a spiritual manner....but the main thing is to get the family unit on track first, then let them decide their spiritual needs.

Doing it the other way around seems to deflect from the real issues. Simply being baptized and claiming "salvation" does not heal/repair the family and in many cases causes even more animosity than there needs to be. "God"/Creator/The One/The All et al, is indeed a miraculous and wondrous entity, but claiming to have the "only truth" about Him, well a bit hypocritical in my book .... and yes, of course, ..."heal" the person or "save" the person is another chicken/egg conundrum, but I firmly believe only a healthy spirit can become a "saved soul" in a manner of their choosing.

I have personally witnessed a family break apart because "Mom" 'got saved' and so thoroughly begrudged the father for not doing so, she divorced ("Do not be unequally yoked") and the kids resented it until one ended up in jail and the other in foster care because they were "incorrigible delinquents". The Dad simply went back to the bottle after 17 months sobriety....but hey, she got "saved"!....Reeeeaaallly?

No one on this planet has one scrap of proof regarding "God"...if they did there would be zero debate. That in itself is what gives me firm and confident belief that many paths lead to Him, not one singular road. It has to be in accordance with how a person thinks, not change their thinking to fit doctrine and dogma.

Oh geesh, enough rambling, y'all know what I mean...sorry for the soap box, but it is that dang important to me that we each fill the roles our Creator has opened our eyes to...not just one, man-made, hierarchy of authority driven means....and Rev. Hensley made that all possible for so many wonderful, well meaning spirits!

Blessings of Peace,

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funny cause some people collect box tops

and speaking of such....

My wife and I save the "School Points" offered on many grocery products (see below) and if you do NOT save these for your family or local school, I would like to set up a "bulk save program" for us on the forum.

PM me for more details, as I don't want to violate TOS by advertising here, and lets see if we can really help someone in great need of the ULC's support. Of course I will verify all records of top count and certified mailing of them to those in need.

Blessings of Peace,



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