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.sorry for the soap box, but it is that dang important to me that we each fill the roles our Creator has opened our eyes to...not just one, man-made, hierarchy of authority driven means....and Rev. Hensley made that all possible for so many wonderful, well meaning spirits!

Blessings of Peace,

(IMO) :yes::clap:

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When I think back on the history of religious persecutions -- much of it still going on -- I don't worry about being called an internet minister, mail order, or any other snide variety of insult. The quest for "respectabiliy" and "prestige" is a fool's errand.

Even now, the various mainstream denominations don't really "respect" each other. They work together and pretend, but they don't mean it. Have you heard the Baptists talking about the Jehova's witnesses? Or what they think of the Catholic Church? Have you seen what Chick Publicfations has to say about the RCC? Have you seen what the Evangelicals think of the Unitarian Universalists? If Romney had been Evangelical instead of Mormon, he might be President now. Onlly a few years back, the last Pope said that only the Catholic Church has appostolic succesion and that all the other churches are only "Ecclastic Communities." What these churches think of us is meaningless.


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