Who Controls The Weather?


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  1. 1. Who or what controls the weather?

    • God
    • Satan
    • Nature
    • The Earths Rotation
    • None of the Above

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Well, no. You take it for granted that the Biblical account is accurate. I don't. And without that faith-based lens to look through, I see no compelling evidence that King David was anything more than a myth. So "we" know no such thing. It is, of course, possible that you simply know something that I do not. It is also completely possible, however, that you believe things that are not true and mistake that for knowledge. It would be nice if there was a way to prove conclusively which was the case, but life never seems to be that easy. :umnik:

I believe the bible, so I discuss it with the presumption of it being true. When I state things like "we know that Israel and David did sin", I am referencing what's known from what's written. Of course, from the perspective of a nonbeliever such as yourself, nothing can be known because there's no evidence to substantiate it. But just to clarify, I was speaking in the context of what we know 2 Samuel 24 says, and not contending that any belief is factually known.

By the way, you wrote; "I see no compelling evidence that King David was anything more than a myth. So "we" know no such thing". What compelling evidence do you have that King David was a myth?

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:doh: Actually, King's David and Solomon, Daniel, Ezekiel, Hababkuk and of course Moses and Abraham, as well as several other names in the Bible have indeed been proven to be historical characters. (History Channel) Codex, scrolls, pottery (where Goliath was named) have all been used to substantiate that most, perhaps even all, of the Biblical Characters were in fact living, breathing people. :dntknw:

I don't find the validation of characters to be much of an issue really.

Some interesting info in the above link that may be surprising to both believer and non-believer alike.

Blessings of Peace,

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