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As part of being a Witch, I frequently interact with the Otherworld. (The medium of Endor, a woman who "hath a familiar spirit", was frequently frequently referred to as a Witch.) My "familiar spirit" (primary spirit guide, personal god) is Lugus (Irish Lugh / ** Lleu), a god frequently interpreted to be the Celtic Mercury. (It is worth noting that Hermes/Mercury was a psychopomp, or conductor of souls, in Graeco-Roman Mythology.) I have known him as my guide since I was 18 (about 24 years ago). I "met" him while doing guided meditations as part of my study of Witchcraft (Wiccan type Witchcraft at that time). At this point I can usually initiate contact with him by just thinking about him (initially I had to meditate to reach him). He frequently initiates contact on his own, and I will hear his voice in my mind giving advice or providing informationHe appears in the form of a young Celtic warrior of about 18 or 19, usually with blonde hair, but I have seen him with dark hair as well. I know there is sometimes a debate over whether a spirit guide is the entity it appears to be, or if the guide is merely taking on a form which best relates to the person with which it seeks to communicate. I remember an episode of The Simpsons where Homer's guardian angel / spirit guide initially took the form of the actor James Mason saying that it had assumed the form of someone Homer would admire and respect, but the guide soon had to change its appearance to Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes to be able to reach Homer. Whether my Lugus is THE Lugus, or Lugus is just an archetype of many similar entities, my own subconscious externalized, my higher self, or just an identity assumed by my guide to best relate to me is something on which I do not dwell. I just take our interactions at face value. I listen to the advice given and make my own decisions. My preferred belief is that there are many Lugus type entities, and he is one particularly assigned to me. My second choice would be that he is indeed THE god Lugus, not because I am super special and deserve a divine guide, but because he is capable of being in multiple places at the same time, like Jesus being able to interact with more than just one Christian. .

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Here, in this arena, everyone is supposed to respect another's beliefs, so I will blunt my tongue (and cross my fingers) and hope that my comments will not offend. That being said...

I have, at one time or another, personally dabbled in, consulted, experimented, and explored several forms of occult expression including: my horoscope; the Nordic Runes; the Tarot deck; the Ouija board; automatic writing; the I Ching; palmistry; etc. While I enjoyed limited success with the Tarot, my excursion into "automatic writing" scared me (I made contact with a less than friendly spirit.) In 1975, my girlfriend and I consulted a "psychic/medium" to obtain a reading. For a $20 donation, this woman assured the two of us that we would share many long and happy years of wedded bliss together. WRONG!!!! (We split on less than friendly terms 3 months later.)

I have true respect for only one psychic- Edgar Cayce, who unlike Arthur Ford, claimed no familiar spirit but professed only to have gained access to the Akashic Records. Since his death, many of his readings of "God's Book of Remembrances" have been compiled, transcribed, and published, and have been accepted by many as authentic renderings of the Record. Finally, I do not doubt that there are "disembodied spirits" willing and able to communicate with us, but personally.... I do not trust (and seriously question) the motivations and integrity of any individual that receives "messages and instructions from beyond the veil", especially if those messengers claim to be "Spirit-Guides" or "Angels".

did you hear about the midget tarot reader that robbed a bank? be on the look out for a small medium at large.
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~ Well yes Songster, humans are creative, not only at explaining the reasons they do what they do but also what they do to others. Not everyone is honest.

Humans are also more powerful than they generally believe they are & so I believe that there is more than a possibility that such is possible.

I've met 3 people that said they were psychic, had 'Spirit Guides', but I made them uncomfortable.

Each said basically that 'my spirit was too old' & couldn't be read. I'm not a sceptic, I'm not rude, but... oh well :dntknw:

{ Didn't cost me anything but the quick "Bye!" ;) }

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Gee, was this question tailor-made for me or what? I am indeed a medium. When I am doing Reiki, I feel the presence of my Reiki guides: the Buddha Amitabha, Quan Yin, and Hotei (the Laughing Buddha). They generally are there watching over the process and providing moral support while I am performing Reiki. Quan Yin is probably the most active of the three. When I received my Reiki attunements I described the mental image of a blue light or flame which my teacher believed was the presence of Quan Yin. BTW, although these guides seem to have my practice of Reiki as a major focus, they also pop up at other times as well. When I am troubled, I am sometimes aware of Quan Yin being with me and providing comfort. When I need cheering up, Hotei sometimes pops in. Amitabha is a calming influence. When functioning as a psychic medium (contacting the spirit world, whether it is the dead, angels, or other entities), my primary guide is Mercurius (Hermes). I keep a little statue of Hermes on the nightstand by my bed. I guess he is what would by called my "control" or "door-keeper" who assists me in bringing in spirits with which I wish to communicate, although frequently I just directly interact with them myself. He also functons as something of a guardian angel, although his wings are on his hat and sandals instead of his back ;) . When I go to a graveyard or exploring a haunted location, I sense him there as a protective force. When engaged in the practice of mediumship, I work in a clairvoyant and clairaudient fashion (I see and hear the spirits) as opposed to trance mediumship or channeling where the spirit assumes some portion of control over the medium's body. Again, as with my Reiki guides, Mercurius sometimes overlaps functions and may show up during a Reiki session. I hope this post suffices as a brief sketch of how I operate :) .

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Are any of you members Mediums?

Could you tell us something, who is your control if you have one and how do you operate.

I have been told I have medium abilities and channel things (it’s likely accurate), but I think they channel me somehow more than I channel them. I have no “control” as far as I know. Spirits tend to talk to me if they want something and if they don’t I just get glimpses of them walking by. I have no particular way of operation, if a spirit wants something the spirit will reach out. If I don’t acknowledge it at the time and it really wants something, it will stay with me until I am ready to go to sleep and as soon as I close my eyes it will be there. I have found it doesn’t pay to get annoyed with the spirit as it won’t let me go to sleep and saying “really, you’re going to do this to me now” really doesn’t help. For me, (and the spirit) it is better to just listen and agree to help it, and then find a way to inconspicuously do what the spirit asked. I find people especially in morning say things like “I wonder what such and such would want me to do” and that little statement gives me the opportunity to say “I think he/she would want you to do such and such”. After that, my obligation is filled so the spirit is happy and I never have to tell the person where the information came from. It is a win win all around.

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Myself, I don't believe to be a medium. I think the closest thing I ever get to anything related to that is with my Tarot cards. However, I never took the time to meditate to reach my higher beings(though that sounds like a good idea now that you guys talk about it) because it's hard for me to focus.

I think mediums are great and all. It's just those who like to milk a lot of money out of giving you misinformation about your life that I don't appreciate.

I think their services should be either free or at a very low cost but that's my opinion. I don't understand the business aspect of it. And that's sad, when it does come a "business" rather than a "service".

The only other experience I had was.. Whenever I hear a Nickelback song on the radio I always shout out, "Hi Mom!", hoping she can hear me from the other side. One time I could hear her yell back my name. So, that was nice. (:

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I have two questions: 1) can anyone tell me what they think the difference is between a "medium" and a "channeler?"


2) What indication (or proof) does anyone have that the entities, spirits, ghosts, demons, angels, ETs or Ascended Masters speaking to you (or visually appearing to you) and/or feeding you information (or disinformation as the case often is) are anything other than your own subconscious bubblings forth? Thanks.

(and do not worry----I do not wish to argue any point just hear your response (or lack of response) to the questions which I deem to be very pertinent.)


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I have two questions: 1) can anyone tell me what they think the difference is between a "medium" and a "channeler?"


2) What indication (or proof) does anyone have that the entities, spirits, ghosts, demons, angels, ETs or Ascended Masters speaking to you (or visually appearing to you) and/or feeding you information (or disinformation as the case often is) are anything other than your own subconscious bubblings forth? Thanks.

(and do not worry----I do not wish to argue any point just hear your response (or lack of response) to the questions which I deem to be very pertinent.)


1) Typically, a medium is some who will use a variety of methods, (tarot, crystal ball, candles etc) to seek entities/info and are the atypical "Madame Sophia" and the "Amazing Doctor Levay" types. A channeler, like Edgar Cayce say, is someone who is used "by the other side" to give focused massages to a particular person. A medium reaches out from this side to "over there", a channeler takes what is sent from "over there" and applies it to here.

2) Proof? Hmm, that's a controversy that has been going on for centuries. The difference is those little twinges of "I know that. I don't know how I know what I know, but I know!" It is an indisputable "truth" to the person's psyche, which differs greatly in feeling to the babbling of the sub/supra conscious. It would be very difficult to explain to someone who has not experienced the difference.

I hope that helped a bit Nesty. As you are very familiar with controversial information, I'm sure you know where I'm coming from in trying to help explain the various aspects.

A great place for more info is Lily Dale.

Blessings of Peace,

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:thumbu: A pretty good explanation, Atwater. (I'd rather be at water than at fire.clown%281%29.gif ) But----does the info traveling both ways really have anything to do with exterior entities? Or----could it be that these so-called "entities" are actually a sub (or supra) fragmentation of ones own being? Maybe they are embedded into ones----HIGHER SELF? Perhaps they are an archetypal infusion of important Universal Spiritual Principles into our mutual "oversoul?" Maybe they are a radiant glimmer of one's higher self which is breaking through the conscious, subconscious or supraconscious mind?

In my view, I think that is most likely to be the case----but, of course, I could be wrong.

Let me interject here that since there is only ONE MIND in the entire Universe----and all beings are a unique but totally interconnected aspect of it----we are all those entities----and they are us.

As I understand it----all things in the Universe, no matter what they may be (even so-called "non-living" inanimate objects) are surrounded by an auric energetic information cloud (field) which is the quantum signature of their gift of service (whether they are conscious beings or not) in their interconnectivity.

And-----this information field (which each of these archetypes bear) can be accessed directly just by properly tuning in ones own bio--receiver to the proper resonating wave-length. We are all----each and every one of us----natural born biotuners. That means----we already access energetic information clouds (fields) all the time. These information packets do not have to be "delivered" by some exterior entity but can be accessed directly just as Edgar Cayce accessed the Akashic Records.

The normal natural process of decoding and deciphering incoming and outgoing information in a way that makes linear "sense" to our individual bio-minds then proceeds forward----and does so according to how our own particular bio-mind assembles the information----and what comes out will always be deeply and vividly colored with our own personality----even if its being done in the name of Quan Yin, Kryon, Semjase, Bashar, St. Germain or whoever.

Names really do not matter that much and should never entice one into personality worship----which immediately shuts down any spiritual benefits that might be derived----however----each name does open the way into a specific information set---and is a stargate which opens up to reveal its specific set of Universal Principles. The personalities of these so-called "entities" are already mingled with ours----but we are just learning how to access those particular aspects of our higher self and experience the benefits..

Somehow, if any channeler or medium admitted that it was actually themselves bringing the teaching---they would loose credibility with their audience who (from long tradition) assumes that it has to be an exterior highly evolved ascended being.

And----yes it is a highly evolved ascended being----but it is not an "exterior" one---- that being is you. It is your own being trying to gain back your full consciousness from the long period of amnesia we have all been under for many lifetimes during this long long "experiment" on this quaranteened prison planet of forgetfulness and tears. Fortunately----there have been many Guardians protecting us----which are also aspects of our HIGHER SELF.

We are all about to return home. WHEW!

But----the long experiment in this frequency is now over----and the time has now come for us to return to full consciousness. These archetypal fragmentations of our own minds are indications of that.

These are much more than disembodied spirit "entities"----simultaneously they are both spiritual and physical (that is 'biological) ARCHETYPES who through many life-times----incarnating again and again until their ascension (graduation)----became the human embodiments of unhindered Universal Principles of Eternal Value that were/are already important endemic (built-in) aspects (or fragments) of our own being----which are coming ever clearer and clearer into the focus of our conscious awareness. And---- those information fields can be accessed by you or I or anyone through the intention of our own conscious mind with purity and fervency of purpose and a humble invitation by invocation----but be sure of the purity of your own heart's intention because----you get whatever you genuinely call upon----not with your lips nor even with your cognitive mind----but out of the deepest intention and purpose of your innermost heart. It is a matter or appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor.

So----its probably wise to know who and what we are so that we do not deceive ourselves with erroneous side issues. :clown:

And----like the Buddha----I do feel that to charge anything whatsoever for spiritual "services" such as healing, preaching, teaching, divination, channeling, etc. is hypocritical----because putting a price on that which is priceless utterly defeats ones entire motivation to be of service to their fellow beings.

It is far better to wash dishes, paint houses, or play the piano in a night club or do skin illustrations or unload trucks than to turn spiritual service into a busness enterprise. Busness involves buying and selling. But----there are some things which are sacred and beyond price----despite the daily thundering propaganda that the worth of anything is only in the price it will bring.

Those who genuinely have a heart to serve their fellow beings automatically enter into a covenant with the Universe to live by synchronicity. That means----you will always have exactly what you need when you genuinely need it----but not before. This requires that you develop patience. That is not a theory----but it is my own personal experience----and I have found it to be true----whether I need an adequate job----a vehicle to get around----a friend to talk to----or a bean burrito.

But----selling oneself as a "lightworker" or a "healer" or a "prophet" is, in my opinion, spiritual prostitution and the quickest way to enter into a long downward plunge into self deception----and all the entanglements thereof. I've seen it happen to others and it almost happened to me one time when I was being paid to be a Tarot Card reader on an internet "psychic" telephone hotline. :crazyeyes:

For the sake of your spiritual and mental health----I do not recommend that. :chococat_h4h:

There is an old saying which applied to me in that particular situation----"when money comes in the door----love flys out the window." :dirol:

Of course----this happens on a regular basis with many of todays ministers, healers, diviners, channelers and sooth sayers----many of whom are very anxious to establish a highly profitable "new age" business, develop a popular following of loyal fans, eventually hold thousand dollar "spiritual" conferences and make a buck to pay the bills while gaining a "pious" reputation to connect with the "hire a soothsayer" circuit----but some do this only because they still harbour some nagging doubts about whether or not the All One will actually sustain them in their personal alignment with what they assume to be the Universal Intention and Divine plan.

But----have no fear. Its all about ones intention and purpose of heart----which is something you and I will each determine for ourselves. Ultimately----there are no victims----and when you let go and let God----all fear and doubt become dead relics of the past.

Now----if I can live up to what I've just said----I will feel good about having said it. :doh:


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All my posts were lost in a database error. I'm not up to posting all I wrote again. I will only say that I'm a natural born Medium, that I've been seeing, hearing, sensing and smelling spirit since I was very young. Spirit is shown around me in a photo of me taken three weeks before my birthday in September 1953. All my readings are evidential. I don't use controls of any kind. I have my personal spirit guides who will help me if I ask. I connect to spirit by calling a person by name, or by asking the name if a spirit comes to a sitting before I have a chance to ask the querent who they hope to connect with. I don't use Tarot cards, pendulums, dowsing rods or anything of the sort in mediumship readings. Those items are tools of divination, not mediumship.

Mediums use meditation to raise their vibration to meet the vibration of the spirit. There are frauds in this profession as there are in all professions whether they be doctors, lawyers, professors, politicians, ministers or any profession/line of work you can name. Please don't base your opinions only on the dishonest in this world. I also caution anyone who is interested in mediumship to do so with an experienced medium until you really know what you're doing. Protection and knowledge of the spirit world is required to avoid situations you'd rather not be involved in. It's a very powerful world, spirits can interact with you physically. I've been lifted up by strong hands that I could not see. My own spirit guides like to have fun with me by pulling off the blankets on my bed if I sleep too long. So please be careful.

I don't use an ouija board either, it's not necessary. Caution must be used with automatic writing as well as both the ouija board and automatic writing can draw the lower spirits to you. I do have a spirit trumpet which I use at seance gatherings. The trumpet will move at times, I've seen it "dance" on a table. Sometimes you can hear a spirit trying to communicate through the trumpet. It's an old-fashioned tool used for demonstration of phenomena. I have, along with two other mediums, given seance demonstrations at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL and at local spiritualist churches as well as private gatherings.

I leave this with blessings to all who read.

Mary :)

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~ Mary, Thank You very much for your patience and willingness to re-post :D It's very appreciated!

I don't know much, but do agree that careful steps should be taken.

I personally shield strongly because otherwise I'm useless. I haven't been able to control anysuch much & so just don't. Safer not to, y'know?

There are times & places I really have to concentrate on shielding...

I use concentration on white light pouring down & mirrored outside. It does work well for me & easy 'up-keep' is a plus ;)

I do apologise if I'm not clear or if I'm annoying!

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  • 2 weeks later... seems that one return post did get "lost" here from a couple weeks ago in answer to Nestingwave's comments and questions.

I read a good analogy just this morning on medium-ships, channeling and our physical presence here on Earth, so I'll post that in place of the one lost.

Much like a bunch of grapes (all the individual and sects of society/humanity) that when they are still on the vine (Universal Consciousness) are vibrant, full of Life given "juice" etc. The "medium" when coming to this earthly plane is like an individual grape, separated from the bunch and eventually turns into a raisin and passes. The moisture from within the grape (spiritual essence and ethereal abilities) evaporates, returning to the ethers and collective conscious while the physical part remains behind and goes through the physical cycles of birth, maturity and death.

Naturally, a pretty loose interpretation, but I could see how a great swami, or teacher, could use such terms to describe the different aspects of wonder those "California Raisin" guys were so popular or was this the encoded message to the masses?! Become enlightened and return to the Source of All Things?!


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I find the Biblical story of the Medium/(Witch) of Endor to be a source of great amusement.

Poor King Saul. He had all the spirit mediums killed. Now, he wants a medium to help him contact Samuel's shade. What can he do? All the mediums are dead. By his edict. The king's aide, the man standing by his side, says -- "Uh, Sire, I know where we can find a medium.

Think of how this story would be told in modern times. The President has waged a war on drugs. All the dealers are dead or in prison. The drugs have all been destroyed. The land is free of all drugs. The drug war is won. One day, the president is really stressed out. "Oh man" the president says. " I sure could use a toke. But what can I do? All the dealers and drugs are gone. And I did it." His aide, the man right next to him, says -- "Mr President., I know where we can score some weed."

The Bible is a great read -- if we can see it clearly.



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