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  1. Yes. And when the perception of both unfolds to a greater and greater extent -- they will be seen as one thing -- totally indispensable to each other for the complete picture -- appreciation -- and understanding of the how and why of the Multiverse. namaste
  2. hehehe -- all of the above -- and more! Simple recognition of that fact -- and the reasons behind it -- are a great step forward. Because -- for now we know only in part. Conserted efforts can sometimes be counterproductive. Just -- letting go -- and taking it as it comes seems to work better. I think we will know whatever we need to know. It does take a lot of patience -- and faith. namaste
  3. Hello brother At-The-Water. David Icke has a particular point-of-view which is due to his individual unique life experiences -- just as we all do. A part of it, of course, is how he has put together that which he has heard from other researchers and read in their books. He is a scholar in that respect. Are his interpretation without bias? Of course not. Yes --the mission he has chosen is to shed light on many things. Thousands of others are doing the same thing in these days -- each in their own individual way -- as this world emerges from its long night of darkness. In my view -- none of the "messengers" are dependent upon either your or my "support." Of course -- whatever we do -- no "gurus" or "ET priests." heheheh. Of course -- if out of appreciation someone wishes (or is able) to send him a check, I'm sure that is a blessing to him -- but no one should feel obligated to send such messengers anything since the important message is NOT coming from them -- but is being conveyed (transmitted) through him and has to pass through the media of his own limited concepts. This is true of course, of all such people with an "eye opening" message concerning the New Paradigm. Supporting the basic ET message does not mean supporting every word that Icke or Greer or Richard Dolan or anyone else says. After all -- whatever they say is from their own narrow viewpoint. The ETs want each of us to find out things directly -- not by heresay nor by someone else's interpretation. That is certainly not to diminish such a variety of experiences from so many different people. Plus -- David Icke is angry and outraged at having been deceived and ripped off by theives -- murderers -- and criminals posing as the world's PTB. This is something all of us who make these discoveries experience, eh? This is one of the main items which we must reconcile because 1) it does not help our understanding of the situation, 2) it raises our bloodpressure 3) it causes us to immediately play an "us" and "them" game which does not even exist and 4) we fail to understand what is really going on. The evil PTBs are a necessary part of the catalyst to drive us into a much better way and -- we fully allowed them through our complacency and moral ambiguity. The message of ET contact is far too big for any one person to understand anything but a very small aspect -- and that's why the ETs themselves are spreading information far and wide through many different people who have had direct contact with them and recall it The people's of the world "get" the revelation as they are ready and prepared to "get" it -- according to how ready they are to receive what -- and folks like David Icke help. But -- each of these messengers only have a very small and limited portion of the overall picture which is absolutely huge beyond comprehension. namaste
  4. And thank you Suzanne for your very kind words. No -- however -- as we all awaken from our long slumber of fortgetfulness -- and return to our once full consciousness -- we will all learn whatever we individually need to know for our chosen individual paths. We will finally become fully aware of 1) who we really are 2) what we are 3) why we came here and 4) where our real home is. It is where our heart is. And it draws us like a magnet. The multi-sensory apparatus (far more than five) -- existing in our human bioforms -- allows us to perceive -- translate -- decode -- decipher -- interpret - and grok the energy patterns with which we individually interface through our vectored intention. In other words -- whatever we fervently and excitedly focus upon. We earthlings are now going to step into our new (5D) reality. 4D is a short and compressed transition stage which many of us are already experiencing to some small extent. This is what the so-called "shift" is all about. Something entirely new (and hitherto completely unknown on this planet) is about to emerge in spite of the fact that the turmoil is increasing. It has to as the entire old paradigm disintegrates. All who have been born upon earth during this time have made a decision to directly participate in this unique mission and have embarked upon a grand adventure of adventures by choosing to physically incarnate into this very difficult 3D earth-plane. We have been engaged in a long and very important investigation -- a Divine Mission really -- an inquiry for which each and every one of us willingly and enthusiastically volunteered. Our entire holographic plane of existence -- i.e. this virtual reality bubble which we refer to as "3D" -- is a very carefully designed and entirely unique (one-of-a-kind) cosmic investigation into the very nature of consciousness itself. And this has been undertaken by us on behalf of all beings -- not just earth humans. That's why every eye in the Universe is upon planet earth right now. Planet earth is not an insignificant tiny speck of dust out on the edge of a minor swirling Milky Way spiral in the vast ocean we call "space" -- as some continue to insist. The purpose of this inquiry aligns fully with the Prime Universal Divine Purpose which is to uplift and further the perfection of every being in the entire Multiverse -- every dimension -- every density -- every world of time and space -- and even those etheric worlds of very high oscillation which are totally beyond time and space. All is fully interconnected. When one suffers -- all suffer. When one rejoices -- all rejoice. Our mission is also a co-ordinated conference -- and is the inter- communication of many individual talents and perspectives in order to further uplift and perfect all Life and its many expressions. This aligns with the Ultimate Thought. And too -- it has been of the most extreme importance -- and is driven -- empowered -- and very very carefully overseen by physical angels which (we refer to as ETs) in order to celebrate -- appreciate -- praise -- and clarify to all beings -- the very Universal Thought and Intention which I have been discussing. Although -- at times -- it is very difficult for us to believe -- there are actually no "victims" here whatsoever. The "evil" presence upon our world -- which the ancient gnostics called the " Hypostasis of the Archons" -- has also ultimately served the Prime Divine Purpose by acting as a strong catalyst to propel us even further towards a clearer and deeper understanding of the aforementioned Divine Purpose. The selfish minons who serve the Archontic Control Structure (and continually inflict untold suffering upon other beings) haven't the slightest idea that their selfishness -- greed -- and violence is unexpectedly acting as a strong motivating catalyst to those who love peace -- justice -- and the Divine Intention. Their selfishness totally blinds them -- no matter how "intelligent" they may appear to be. Although their only outward motive is to wield force in order to acquire resources and gain power over other beings -- their actions are ultimately only working against them -- and for our overall mission. We all (each and every one of us) originally volunteered for this long excursion into the artificially induced forgetfulness about who and what we are -- where we came from -- and why we are here. We have been told that this is the way evolution works. No -- this is the way de-evolution works. We have been lied to. We originally volunteered to take the plunge into dark forgetfulness and experience a carefully observed process of re-awakening (with angelic oversight) which is forever recorded and documented in earth's Akashic record. There -- it can be accessed by any being who wants to better understand this dawning of consciousness from our long dark night of almost total amnesia -- with a little help from our ET friends of course -- but -- with a bare minimum of direct intervention. This is in order to not interfere with the process of our own discovery. But -- as this Divine Mission now shuts down -- having achieved an amount of success never expected -- the direct intervention will continually increase. This is because it is essential for our re-orientation into the New Earth. (5D) The ones who elected not to incarnate here are our space-family -- who chose not to participate personally in the "field work" of this inquiry which uses 3D as the "setting" -- as we did -- but instead -- they chose to watch over this investigation and protect us with their utmost care -- as we carry out the "field work." All of us will soon become aware of this. You see -- in reality -- we are just like "them" -- in fact -- we ARE them in the Universal oneness -- but -- we are all specialists in our individual "departments." Mine is "communications." The results of this inquiry -- which has gone on now for thousands of years and is now finally drawing to a close -- are now beginning to manifest. The "Divine Mission" we undertook long ago is now reaching its final conclusion. The ancients called that final conclusion "the end of days" because all the time-lines collapse into one singularity -- one time-line -- earth's "golden age." That is now totally inevitable because a sufficient number of us are all yearning -- reaching -- and vectoring our intentions upon it with a strong vision of the better way. Our innermost being fully knows that it is the only right place for us to be -- and the only right thing for us to do. And once we fully self-interface with our already existing core intention -- all the things we have waited for and longed for -- will fully manifest for the highest possible good of all concerned. namaste
  5. Yes! Thank you dear brother. Eternal = forever. Omnipresent = every place and every time simultaneously -- including way out beyond space and time. And -- LIFE did manifest. That is -- it did become consciously known and appreciated -- not only upon our Mother Earth -- but upon a wide variety of multifaceted worlds all across the far-flung Multiverse.with which we are now about to grok and energetically interface. As this Eternal and Omnipresent LIFE manifested and became consciously known across the cosmos -- its innermost propelling dynamic which is driving it incessantly into its constant frequency shifts -- energy transductions -- and transformations of density -- brought along with it the highest and most important revelation -- and when we simply discover what it is and assent to it -- literally ALL THINGS BECOME POSSIBLE. We are now beginning to discover precisely what that innermost propelling dynamic of LIFE ITSELF is. The ETs confirm the veracity of it It is the Ultimate Thought of the Supreme Creator -- the Divine Intention -- which resides at the very center of the First Source of all-that-is -- and is the propelling dynamic of LIFE ITSELF. What is it? Every particle -- every frequency -- every magnetic field -- and all else --clear down to the quantum and sub-quantum levels -- conspires together constantly to uplift -- perfect -- and release the full potential of LIFE ITSELF through all its manifestations. To put it another way -- THE ENTIRE MULTIVERSE -- AND EVERY ELEMENT WITHIN IT -- IS ONE GIGANTIC "CONSPIRACY" ON BEHALF OF LIFE ITSELF -- ALL LIFE -- IN ALL ITS MULTIFARIOUS MANIFESTATIONS ACROSS THE MULTIVERSE. THIS IS THE ETERNAL PURPOSE. THIS IS THE DIVINE PLAN AND INTENTION. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE ALIGNMENT! AND -- iT IS QUITE SIMPLE. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS RECOGNIZE THIS UNIVERSAL TRUTH AND THEN ALIGN OURSELVES WITH IT BY SIMPLY ASSENTING TO IT. THIS SETS OUR INDIVIDUAL LIFE INTO ALIGNMENT WITH THE DIVINE PLAN AND WITH THAT -- LITERALLY ALL THINGS BECOME POSSIBLE BECAUSE ALL THAT WE DO THEN HAS THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF THE ENTIRE MULTIVERSE BEHIND IT BACKING UP AND SUPPORTING OUR ACTIONS. THEN -- OUR "ACTIONS" HAVE REALLY BECOME ALIGNED WITH THE UNIVERSAL THOUGHT AND THAT INNERMOST COSMIC INTENSION. NAMASTE
  6. Hi Suzanne -- methinks I heard someone call?. Here is some of my highly limited perspective in seven or eight paragraphs. It is true that I am pretty obsessed with this entire subject -- so use your best discernment and intuition and only consider what I have to say as one possible interpretation. I think most folks will be highly skeptical -- as they should be -- about anything which they have not directly experienced for themselves -- regardless of who says it. To tell you the truth there ARE no "experts" about anything to do with this subject no matter who claims what. This entire experience is highly subjective and is dependent upon ones individual interpretation of what they experienced since we are venturing into a totally different realm. My long obsession with this subject comes from two things. 1) having been beamed aboard a triangular shaped hovering space-craft during an encounter which lasted at least six or seven hours and 2) spending the next 45 years trying to research every bit of information I could find in order to unravel and elucidate my experience of that one night -- which was very very strange indeed. If I had been totally alone -- I would certainly doubt my sanity -- however -- a friend was there beside me -- and -- as it turned out -- it was him -- not me -- that "they" originally intended to deal with because -- as he suddenly remembered that night -- he had already been involved with their program concerning earth humans for some time. I was a complete novice -- an innocent and ignorant bystander -- and at that time (1967) I had heard little and thought little about UFOs -- much less ETIs. That "program" which the ET's used that night is far more than genetic engineering and involves teaching certain candidates an entirely new (to us) and different way of thinking designed to prepare us to eventually become a normal Galactic Civilization and be able to interact with various cosmic frequencies. Although you may have not heard of this before -- it is (and has been) going on all across our world for a long time with many others in many different lands -- but especially for the last century. ET's are interdimensional -- transdimensional -- and multidimensional and they have nearly instantaneous time-travel and horizontal energetic teleportation as well -- which is like time-travel only on the same time-line. Now -- here is something very difficult for 3D humans to understand. Their use of craft is for OUR sake rather than for them as a means of conveyance. They do not need such "conveyance" across space since they travel non-locally and transdimensionally. They come to us as living metaphors which we call "space-craft" and in order to communicate with us without totally freaking us out they must "downstep" the presence of themselves into a form and metaphor we are capable of not only seeing -- but a form we can relate to without undue fear and hysteria. Out of our minds -- They pick out our concept of the need for a "physical conveyance" across space and then materialize a "craft" which -- although often incredible looking -- conincides and matches the concepts and expectations of our 3D human imagination. That is why there are so many many different kinds of ships -- so many sizes and shapes of "craft." They can materialize into any shape -- color -- size and form. It can be much smaller on the outside than it is on the inside -- completely contrary to our 3D "reality." You have to understand that when we finally learn how to consciously materialize thought-forms by changing the energy density -- which is where all of us are headed -- we too will naturally do the very same thing. We already have the endemic built-in hardware in our human bioforms (bodies.) This hidden and folded up ability is what some of our more foolish 'scientists" have called "junk DNA" because it is a complete mystery to them and so -- they dismiss it as "junk." But -- there is no "junk" in Nature. Also -- our experience that night of being beamed up into the space-craft was only the very last part of our conscious encounter which -- prior to that -- had been many hours of probing by many frequencies of light energy which were sometimes arranged (like spelled-out) geometric light patterns in the sky -- communicating a visual written message in a language which we understood sub-consciously -- which was what I can only call a massive "download" of information. It was to become gradually unfolded into our conscious minds over a long time..That was 45 years ago. And -- what was this "download" of information about? That is certainly not easy to describe. On one level -- it was very personalized information about our own individual unique perspectives -- which we had already learned through our native cultural and social consensus realities (up until that moment) and the emphasis was upon the interconnectedness -- the relatedness -- and the energetic synthesis of various compartments of our minds -- including our emotions -- and how they all related and resonated together and functioned according to our personal reality matrix -- and why. It was about learning how to energetically shift dimensions and the reality perspectives that accompany each of them. This was the very beginning of a mental process which has been going on within me ever since. This is very practical information to obtain concerning interspecies cosmic communication between Galactic neighbors -- since every "world" out there exists on a slightly or greatly different frequency of vibration. There are many layers of vibrational occilation beyond our earth 3D view. When we look at another planet and say -- "well, that planet is dead and could not have any life" -- .we are not realizing that we are only witnessing three dimensions of the five, six, seven or nine frequencies which are actually there but outside our 3D range of perception. So -- from the perspective of three dimensions our view of the entire rest of the universe is very limited. There is a whole lot more going on out there than we perceive in our present state of conscious awareness. Later -- I discovered that the purpose of the "light language" we were experiencing was in order for us to begin to learn how to think holonomically rather than linearly -- and such communication was already taking place massively all over planet earth -- mainly with the civilian populations -- since the military was only interested in gaining technology for their power hungry masters and, of course --advanced weaponry. The huge scale of this is not known because the various contactees experience memory loss during their "missing time." However -- some do indeed retain their memory of it in order that knowledge about this ongoing ET communication will be spread by those telling the stories of what happened to them. Actually -- militaries from various countries in the world -- including the U.S. -- have aggressively fired upon these visitors with particle beam weapons and done so without reason nor provocation and have occasionally been able to bring one down -- or so the reported legends go. That is according to military "leaked" information which may be a total fabrication. The military wants to appear to have some semblance of control over this phenomena -- in order to better maintain their dignity and respect as "National Defenders." It is really quite frightening to them to be confronted with a force upon whom no one can enforce a "no fly zone." In reality -- the military does not have the slightest control over the UFO/ETI phenomena. GEAR SHIFT OR -- both Eddie and myself have completely misinterpreted this experience. Yes -- that is -- and will always remain a possibility which I cannot deny. That uncertainty is a pre-planned part of ET contact -- or else -- unknowingly --Eddie and I were part of a highly classified and highly deceptive MILAB. namaste
  7. This is a great post Rev Rattlesnake. I too find these type of synchronicities happening in my own life. This, I think, can only be called the Grace of Almighty God. It is a direct connection with The Source that supplies -- feeds -- nourishes -- ones inner need -- and it seems to happen spontaneously -- especially when one is experiencing a great and profound happening and has an intense inner seeking for satisfying answers.. namaste
  8. Blessed is he who does not expect anything -- for he shall never be disappointed. However -- my innermost life intention is for peace on earth and goodwill toward men -- the end of war and poverty -- and the creation of a thriving Galactic Civilization where two seemingly contrary things exist at the same moment: 1) the understanding of Universal Oneness. 2) the understanding of total Individual personal sovereignty. These two seemingly contrary things are resolved through the recognition that each human being is a totally uinique (one-of-a-kind) expression -- snowflake -- aspect -- personality -- point of view and yet exists in the One Universal Source Field where each and everything and each and every person is totally entertwined and fully interconnected -- and yet totally distinct and unique. This understanding of the Universe brings a richness and respect for individual human rights -- liberty -- freedom -- and great appreciation for our undeniable interconnectivity. Such an understanding and acknowledgement makes it common behavior to do unto others as you would have them do unto you because of the recognition that I AM you and you ARE me. We are differing aspects of each other emerging from the very SAME SOURCE. If I kill you --- I am killing part of myself --- murder is really suicide -- if I bless you -- I am blessing the further extension of myself because the reality is that ALL IS ONE MIND ONE THOUGHT ONE PURPOSE and yet there is an infinite variety of expressions pointing toward that infinite ONE. This is a totally New Paradigm -- a very different view of the nature of reality -- and an entirely new way of thinking which many of us see emerging in the immediate future. December 21st 2012? This is not a unique "date" but a significant "marker" indicating a process which has already long begun -- and it accelerates until fulfilled. This is physically due to our solar system having entered an entirely new and highly energetic region of space which is converging into direct alignment with the black holes at our Galactic core. These intense (and never before experienced) radiations are changing our physical matter (carbon 12 into carbon 7) including our DNA/consciousness which results in a punctuated equilibrium of rapid consciousness expansion. And -- somewhere along the line we meet up with our Galactic neighbors. Things really take off and accelerate from there. Many of us feel that landmark disclosure -- and the long hidden information which goes along with it -- to be very near. This is only the very beginning of our larger functioning in the Multiverse -- and our acceptance (and taking on) of our true responsibility -- and our intended reason for manifesting corporal 3D existence here in the first place. No -- this is NOT political "collectivism" -- but just the opposite -- it is the full acknowledgement of the value of the individual creative expression and the full appreciation of it -- coupled with a genuine understanding. of the prime nature of reality -- which is complete ONENESS and FULL ENERGETIC INTERCONNECTIVITY. Some of you already have no problem talking to animals. Think about that. We are moving into telepathic communication. It is the way advanced Galactic Civilizations throughout the Multiverse already function and interact. This is where we too are headed. namaste.
  9. "Blessed is he who does not expect anything----for he shall never be disappointed." ~ Alexander Pope namaste
  10. Hello Constantine and a warm welcome to you. What does it mean to me to be a "minister?" Well----the very first thing is for me to remove the veils from my own eyes. This is a necessary ongoing process----otherwise my words and life example remain stale and unfulfilled. The second thing is to carry out the mission for which I incarnated. That is----to offer any unconditional love----life----light which I become capable of shinning into this world----no matter how small. This is all for the sake of coordinating with my extended family (both on and off world) to facilitate the imminent and completely unprecedented global consciousness transformation into a completely new paradigm----Newtime. The third thing is for me to listen carefully to my inner guides and learn to stay open in order to brighten the daily path for myself----but also for any other being----great----small----good----bad which synchronistically comes into my energy field. I have found that there is no such thing as "coincidence." Interconnectivity is the undeniable fact of the Universal Life. We are one. namaste
  11. You are making your choice

  12. Peace on earth and goodwill toward men

  13. A pretty good explanation, Atwater. (I'd rather be at water than at fire. ) But----does the info traveling both ways really have anything to do with exterior entities? Or----could it be that these so-called "entities" are actually a sub (or supra) fragmentation of ones own being? Maybe they are embedded into ones----HIGHER SELF? Perhaps they are an archetypal infusion of important Universal Spiritual Principles into our mutual "oversoul?" Maybe they are a radiant glimmer of one's higher self which is breaking through the conscious, subconscious or supraconscious mind? In my view, I think that is most likely to be the case----but, of course, I could be wrong. Let me interject here that since there is only ONE MIND in the entire Universe----and all beings are a unique but totally interconnected aspect of it----we are all those entities----and they are us. As I understand it----all things in the Universe, no matter what they may be (even so-called "non-living" inanimate objects) are surrounded by an auric energetic information cloud (field) which is the quantum signature of their gift of service (whether they are conscious beings or not) in their interconnectivity. And-----this information field (which each of these archetypes bear) can be accessed directly just by properly tuning in ones own bio--receiver to the proper resonating wave-length. We are all----each and every one of us----natural born biotuners. That means----we already access energetic information clouds (fields) all the time. These information packets do not have to be "delivered" by some exterior entity but can be accessed directly just as Edgar Cayce accessed the Akashic Records. The normal natural process of decoding and deciphering incoming and outgoing information in a way that makes linear "sense" to our individual bio-minds then proceeds forward----and does so according to how our own particular bio-mind assembles the information----and what comes out will always be deeply and vividly colored with our own personality----even if its being done in the name of Quan Yin, Kryon, Semjase, Bashar, St. Germain or whoever. Names really do not matter that much and should never entice one into personality worship----which immediately shuts down any spiritual benefits that might be derived----however----each name does open the way into a specific information set---and is a stargate which opens up to reveal its specific set of Universal Principles. The personalities of these so-called "entities" are already mingled with ours----but we are just learning how to access those particular aspects of our higher self and experience the benefits.. Somehow, if any channeler or medium admitted that it was actually themselves bringing the teaching---they would loose credibility with their audience who (from long tradition) assumes that it has to be an exterior highly evolved ascended being. And----yes it is a highly evolved ascended being----but it is not an "exterior" one---- that being is you. It is your own being trying to gain back your full consciousness from the long period of amnesia we have all been under for many lifetimes during this long long "experiment" on this quaranteened prison planet of forgetfulness and tears. Fortunately----there have been many Guardians protecting us----which are also aspects of our HIGHER SELF. We are all about to return home. WHEW! But----the long experiment in this frequency is now over----and the time has now come for us to return to full consciousness. These archetypal fragmentations of our own minds are indications of that. These are much more than disembodied spirit "entities"----simultaneously they are both spiritual and physical (that is 'biological) ARCHETYPES who through many life-times----incarnating again and again until their ascension (graduation)----became the human embodiments of unhindered Universal Principles of Eternal Value that were/are already important endemic (built-in) aspects (or fragments) of our own being----which are coming ever clearer and clearer into the focus of our conscious awareness. And---- those information fields can be accessed by you or I or anyone through the intention of our own conscious mind with purity and fervency of purpose and a humble invitation by invocation----but be sure of the purity of your own heart's intention because----you get whatever you genuinely call upon----not with your lips nor even with your cognitive mind----but out of the deepest intention and purpose of your innermost heart. It is a matter or appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor. So----its probably wise to know who and what we are so that we do not deceive ourselves with erroneous side issues. And----like the Buddha----I do feel that to charge anything whatsoever for spiritual "services" such as healing, preaching, teaching, divination, channeling, etc. is hypocritical----because putting a price on that which is priceless utterly defeats ones entire motivation to be of service to their fellow beings. It is far better to wash dishes, paint houses, or play the piano in a night club or do skin illustrations or unload trucks than to turn spiritual service into a busness enterprise. Busness involves buying and selling. But----there are some things which are sacred and beyond price----despite the daily thundering propaganda that the worth of anything is only in the price it will bring. Those who genuinely have a heart to serve their fellow beings automatically enter into a covenant with the Universe to live by synchronicity. That means----you will always have exactly what you need when you genuinely need it----but not before. This requires that you develop patience. That is not a theory----but it is my own personal experience----and I have found it to be true----whether I need an adequate job----a vehicle to get around----a friend to talk to----or a bean burrito. But----selling oneself as a "lightworker" or a "healer" or a "prophet" is, in my opinion, spiritual prostitution and the quickest way to enter into a long downward plunge into self deception----and all the entanglements thereof. I've seen it happen to others and it almost happened to me one time when I was being paid to be a Tarot Card reader on an internet "psychic" telephone hotline. For the sake of your spiritual and mental health----I do not recommend that. There is an old saying which applied to me in that particular situation----"when money comes in the door----love flys out the window." Of course----this happens on a regular basis with many of todays ministers, healers, diviners, channelers and sooth sayers----many of whom are very anxious to establish a highly profitable "new age" business, develop a popular following of loyal fans, eventually hold thousand dollar "spiritual" conferences and make a buck to pay the bills while gaining a "pious" reputation to connect with the "hire a soothsayer" circuit----but some do this only because they still harbour some nagging doubts about whether or not the All One will actually sustain them in their personal alignment with what they assume to be the Universal Intention and Divine plan. But----have no fear. Its all about ones intention and purpose of heart----which is something you and I will each determine for ourselves. Ultimately----there are no victims----and when you let go and let God----all fear and doubt become dead relics of the past. Now----if I can live up to what I've just said----I will feel good about having said it. namaste
  14. I have two questions: 1) can anyone tell me what they think the difference is between a "medium" and a "channeler?" and 2) What indication (or proof) does anyone have that the entities, spirits, ghosts, demons, angels, ETs or Ascended Masters speaking to you (or visually appearing to you) and/or feeding you information (or disinformation as the case often is) are anything other than your own subconscious bubblings forth? Thanks. (and do not worry----I do not wish to argue any point just hear your response (or lack of response) to the questions which I deem to be very pertinent.) namaste
  15. The things you do when no one can see you are the things which define you.

  16. Our sick and dying civilization is desperately looking for brave human hearts who will stand up on behalf of endemic God--given human rights----and do so in spite of of any negative personal consequences----could that be you?

  17. Wrong. But-----of course-----you already know that. heheheh. I think you vikings came here to America before anyone else and struck up a conversation (or two) with the natives? Sign language? Didn't your captain Eric the Red come here even before the Irish monk Brenden the Navigator? Of course none of that is politically correct. We are only allowed to accept "consumer progress" like Columbus and his well financed murdersome "christian" colonialism. I'll bet you could make all the bows and arrows and VERY sturdy boats out of Yew trees that might be required. But-----if I was a bloody Englishman I would be saying, "Lord save us from the wrath of the Northmen!" Why can't you vikings be peaceable like them Eskimos? I tell you what. Let's build a sturdy boat out of Yew wood and sail north to the pole and find the entrance to Agartha! Or Valhalla? My my those viking boats (actually ships) are masterpieces of craftsmanship. I have a vague memory of having been aboard one of those incredible ships long long ago----or maybe it was an amusement park. They do lend themselves to....... adventure. And----militaristically speaking they do tend to make one feel....uh... invincible? There you are as the one--eyed viking beserker (Kirk Douglas) swinging a huge blade and screaming "OOOODIN!!!" No---not really---you're a tiny bit more.... uh..... "civilized".... than that? Then again----I'd be steamin mad too if Tony Curtis' falcon had eaten out my left eye! Sorry for the uncalled for stream of consciousness. namaste
  18. This is excellent, brother. With this simple recognition----comes abundantly thriving life. This is what awakening to our full consciousness is all about. Until then, we are at odds with ourselves and we are the adversaries of the entire Universe (including ourselves) because the unfolding, upliftment and expression of Life's infinite potential is the prime omnipresent intention which is endemic at the very First Source of the entire Great Creation. All of it. This is the Universal Purpose and it exists from the quantum and even sub--quantum levels. The conscious recognition and practical application of this "Continuum" (your co-creation) represents a complete transformation by the renewing of our minds. It is a shift from linear to holonomic thinking----it is the unfoldment of our DNA----and it opens up all transdimensional possibilities. It is our Cosmic Destiny and it is unstoppable by any force of violent ignorance no matter how virulent or powerful. It is the emergence of the long predicted "golden age" of peace on earth and goodwill toward men----and a large part of it is our initiation into a marvelously thriving galactic society----which has already been our experience in the very distant past before we allowed ourselves to become consciously disconnected and took the plunge into amnesia in order to dwell on a planet of forgetfulness----and gradully experientially discover what it might take to recover our lost memories about who and what we really are and what is our relationship with the Great Creation and our First Source. That long enterprize is now at its final end. namaste
  19. Yes. And if he had showed some reverence and just said "thank you," the trees would have fully agreed and felt good about it----having been rendered up into a higher service of the Creator to serve the human being whose eternal destiny is to become the caregiver and steward and protector of our Mother Earth and every one of her children. We will get there yet----it is inevitable---but----why wait? Why bring anymore useless suffering into our world? All it takes is restoring the sense of the sacred and some heart consideration and thoughtfulness. This is nothing more than having respect for the web of life including ourselves. namaste
  20. Maybe----"Useless, useless, blind stupidity to do such poisonous mindless violence to oneself! My heart breaks! That murdersome and ignorant fool has NO IDEA about what a tree is!" When the city came to uncememoniously plow down the row of beautiful Locust trees next to our house while joking and cursing----in order to widen the road----my dear wife SingingWolf wept. She could hear those beautiful trees shrieking and screaming. "They could have at least apologized," she sobbed. It is the whole rapacious anti-life attitude of this totally demented culture of error which refuses to recognize sacredness and only lives to focuses on consume consume consume. We can be thankful for one thing. This Pakman mentality will soon eat itself because it is totally mindless and suicidal. namaste
  21. Thank you To'na. Some things about this wonderful story stand out to me. Being unable to see the forest for the trees is the manifold ignorance of our present dysfunctional society. I like "watch"---"within them" and "learn." The quest is not just for a one time "vision" but for developing an entire visionary life style of interfacing with the essence of the elements in the immediate environment. That's what becoming a "man" (or woman) with vision is all about. He had a concept which blinded him through distraction and so, he failed to watch----failed to discover the essence----and did not learn anything because he was focused on a complete fantasy instead of what was right there in front of him. hmmmm..... this is getting mighty close to home. It was in his way so he just got rid of it. Sounds like a certain (throwaway) culture with which I am very familiar. In fact----we learn to declare war on whatever we think stands in our way. Grandfather sounds a lot like Yeshua here but the last line he adds is really the capper. "Judge no tree unworthy because it too is just a part of the forest." Being a "man" is nothing like the so-called "superhero" of today's throwaway culture who boldly slashes and burns and kills whatever he deems to be hindering him----but-----a real "man" is one who pays attention to the interconnectivity of the inner essence and strives to learn from it. It is the difference between the ignorant and the wise. And-----all of us have been on both sides of this. So-----may we pay attention and learn from whatever comes to us. namaste
  22. Remembering in such a way that brings a smile proves that you are starting the process of healing. My heart goes out to you, child of the storm. Such tragedies in our lives are the times when we especially need the comfort of others. No one really knows what to say. All I can say is that I can relate to your sorrow and the reckoning and soul searching that such difficult events engender. You are loved, brother. Ever one of us here knows very well that we too could be confronted with such a gut wrenching tragedy and so we reach out just to... hold you...and appreciate your profound tears. Any and all differences between us are totally suspended and we mourn along with you and ask ourselves the same important questions that arise in you. In other words, as painful as this is to you---we all want to share in your burden and take just a small piece of it, just to show you that we care and to confirm to you that you are not alone. So----after the flood of tears, may peace and joy and humor become your healing! namaste
  23. we are being escorted into full consciousness

  24. To'na---I find your contributions to be... inspiring truth. Thank you!