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Big Country- Lost Patrol

We lay the night in anguish, snakes drawn out by the tide

The compass of decision falls always on one side

But many went before us and still the cries are clear

There is no beauty here, just the stench of wine and beer

We save no souls

We break no promises

We can do nothing more than move headlong through the gloom

The thorn between our lips is the missionaries tune

Our men with open arms turn their faces half away

Observe as we approach that we have not come to save

We stand as thick as vines though the fruit is torn away

There is no beauty here, friends, just death and dark decay

We save no souls

We break no promises

We save no souls

We break no promises

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And each night begins a new day

And if you don't understand him and he don't die young

He'll probably just ride away...

And them that don't know him won't like him

and them that do Sometimes won't know how to take him

He ain't wrong, he's just different but his pride won't let him

Do things to make you think he's right...

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys

They'll never stay home and they're always alone

Even with someone they love...

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This is the winter solstice... The longest night of the year... We have a full moon tonight... And it will be fully eclipsed.

This has not happened for almost 500 years now.... I suppose it holds some special significance for Earth based religions.. But for me, this song simply tells the story of my life in the keys of the piano.. Either way, it seemed appropriate, and it is certainly my current mood...

Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata (Mvt. 1)

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