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We're not judged on how we feel, we're judged by what we do.

Sorry, that's just the cabin fever talking.

Midsummer weather is beautiful in upstate NY, so courtesy offers a

. Heyah!


I've seen them out at Soco

They're pounding sixteen penny nails

The truckers on the interstate

Have been known to ride the rails

The sweat is beading on the brow

Can't keep these fellas down

'Cause these damned blue-collared tweekers

They are runnin' this here town!

I knew a man who hung drywall

He hung it mighty quick

A trip or two to the blue room

Would help him do the trick

His foreman would pat him on the back

Whenever he would come around

'Cause these dammed blue-collar tweekers

They're beloved in this town!

Now the union boys are there

To protect us from all the corporate type

While curious George's drug patrol

Is out here hunting snipe

Now they try to tell me different

But you know I ain't no clown

'Cause those damned blue-collar tweekers

They're the backbone of this town!

Now the flame that burns twice as bright

Burns only half as long

My eyes are growing weary

As we rocket through this song

So sit back and have a cup o' joe

And watch the wheels go round

'Cause those damned blue-collar tweekers

They have always run this town!

I guess half a million people CAN gather and be festive, each to their own, without killing each other. Greedstock was an apt tag that year, perhaps, but the Spirit was there under all the mud. Get a little peace on your soul, neighbors. It gets messy when folks are repressed for too long. Just ask

. Ahem, anyway... Eight and a half years to gold, I can hardly wait to see how the grasshoppers have grown! :yahoo:

{In case of Primus overdose, take two

and call me in the morning. (Yes, you can has
, si vous préférez.)}
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Here is not a Nena but a Nina:

The lyricist of this great song became blacklisted for what he believed in. The song is for desperate people trying to see some light. Hagen has a beautiful voice and great interpretation although her interpretation is not in the spirit of the song.

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And from Nina I go to Nana:

A great piece, music by Vladimir Cosma, words by Norman Gimbel

Only love can make a memory.

Only love can make a moment last.

You were there and all the world was young

and all it's songs unsung.

and I remember you then, when love was all,

all you were living for,

and how you gave that love to me.

Only then I felt my heart was free.

I was part of you and you were all of me.

Warm were the days and the nights

of those years.

Painted in colors to outshine the sun.

All of the words and the dreams

and the tears live in my remembrance.Only love can make a memory.

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