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  1. There is an online book called Bare-Faced Messiah which claims to be the true story of L. Ron Hubbard. It goes into great detail about the beginnings and the growth of Scientology. You can find it HERE.
  2. I think he's talking about the excremental in Dogma.
  3. I think you're the spitting image of Jake and Elwood Blues!
  4. that there are kids present and the little buggers are eyeing him suspiciously with slingshots drawn, so instead
  5. Oh, and Harvey Keitel deserves an honorable mention for his portrayal of Satan in Little Nicky.
  6. While I thought that the movie "Ghost Rider" was a bit disappointing, Peter Fonda as Mephistopheles was one of its high points.
  7. It will. He sounds just like Jodie Foster.
  8. Robert De Nero was pretty good in Angel Heart.
  9. I completely understand why you do not expect to be understood.
  10. I agree, JimBob, and I watched them all, too. Funny stuff, and at the same time very thought provoking.
  11. Sorry, but I beg to differ. "An atheist pov" is quite correct -- it allows that there are other atheist views. "The atheist pov" would be incorrect.
  12. Um, think what isn't what? Think reality isn't illusion? Every time I stub my toe, I'm pretty convinced that reality isn't illusion. There are plenty of head games that could lead me to believe otherwise, but all the mental posturing notwithstanding, reality always manages to remind me that it's still there. I guess that's the pesistence thingy that Einstein was talking about.
  13. Reality really is dreadfully persistent, so much so, you have to wonder why anyone would ever consider it an illusion. The strongest argument for the non-reality of reality of which I can think, arises when existence is observed in the context of time. The past is gone -- it once existed, but it no longer does. The future has yet to arrive, so it doesn't exist, either. All that exists, is what exists now. And what is now? Now is a fleeting, one dimensional point, moving along a line. Theoretically, any segment of time can be divided in half an infinite number of times. The non-existent future springs into existence and then moves into the non-existence of the past, a million times, and more, in the blink of an eye. I'm not bold enough to site this as proof that everything is illusion, but it sure does make me think that there's something fundamentally flawed in our perception of reality.
  14. Sounds good, except that it doesn't fit the analogy, which is admittedly obscure. It's said that the way of the Tao is a watercourse way -- that one should go with the flow. Gold nuggets do this in a moving stream. But, when the stream hits a bend, on the far outside edge, the flow is interrupted. There, gold nuggets collect, and can be gathered. I guess what I'm trying to say is that some of life's best lessons are to be found, by those who are willing to look for them, in the troubled spots. I'll go with this: Placer Come along my friend to a place just past the bend. Where flow hits a wall there the golden nuggets fall gladly waiting to be found.
  15. Oops, I thought the last line was supposed to be five syllables.
  16. I think it's not your computer, it's the website. The two other time this happened, the database crashed.
  17. I'll bite. Placer Come along my friend to a place just past the bend. Where flow hits a wall there the golden nuggets fall waiting to be found. Sorry, I like to rhyme. Oh, it's about panning for placer gold in mountain streams. 'Course it's an analogy, too.
  18. That's sweet! And then what happened to dear, kind Charlie? Did he live happily ever after in Heaven with his family, to whom he was a gift, and of whom he took such loving care?
  19. Lovely work, Fred! I especially like the second - very haunting imagery.
  20. Very well done, Sifu! Um, do you have a lot of time on your hands?
  21. It would HAVE to be a maid - wives don't churn. Q: How do you get an ethnic girl to give up sex? A: Marry her. A v2.01: Offer her donuts instead.
  22. Careful about making promises that you might not be able to keep. Perhaps you should instead say that if the topic makes it to three pages, you'll double your consumption of donuts. And not just for a month, but indefinitely. You can always add some bogus replies if necessary. I think it's the Canadian equivilent of a soul, or a human essence.