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  1. Excellent piece, Avoice! Personally, when it comes to writing haiku, I'm generally too lazy to keep a thought going for longer than a single verse. I'm a bit in awe of those who can. Regards, Verisoph BTW: I hope you don't mind that I've taken the liberty of editing the quote in order to insert the corrected line.
  2. don't be fooled by the emoticon, my teeth aren't really that shiny Verisoph
  3. simply go to work have your cake and eat it, too don't do work while there
  4. Do this, don't do that. Always follow all the rules. Live another's life. V
  5. Oh sorry! powder people play donkeys do a bray display flowers faraway
  6. doomsday prophets shout serious scientists doubt pensive people pout
  7. Holy Mackerel Macaroni Spumoni Sputtered Holly Hocks Let's Eat! V
  8. if they don't make sense perhaps they are just nonsense... to the writer, too
  9. A scathing critique you've yet to get the number of syllables right Warm Regards, Verisoph
  10. "Thou thee is thy thine," spoke the grape upon the vine. Is this not sublime?
  11. Better you should ask what happened to the alien. And now, a musical, rhyming haiku: , , ! Verisoph
  12. glass riddled with cracks which mend as quick as they form lightning fills the sky
  13. a spot on my hands typing now to get it off I've a spot of time
  14. I'm reading the sunday funnies ... and it's wednesday. Perhaps I would find it funnier if it weren't old humor.
  15. New horizon see a chance to be only me. Exquisite! I'm free.
  16. the first part comes first everything has a reason nothing has a point
  17. Thank you, Connie. However, I tend to think that the reason Haiku is so appealing to me is because I'm incredibly lazy, not incredibly talented. you scoop up water and the moon is in your hands no water, no moon
  18. dreamer dreams a dream that's a dream within a dream dream on, dreamer, dream!
  19. the die has been cast I would not know what to do were it not for this
  20. no loud dogs or cats not even a silent fish living with my thoughts