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  1. She certainly looked like she was getting into it to me. That's one of my all time favorite tunes, and I've watched that clip a few times now. At about 1:50 they cut to a closeup of her face, it's during a pretty intense passage, and you can see the concentration going on there. But then, the hard stuff is all behind her, and she's headed back into that beautiful, melodic chorus, and her little face just lights up. She's either as good an actress as she is a guitar player, or she's loving what she's doing.
  2. That's an interesting arrangement. Did you do the mods yourself? My first guess would be that you prefer the "round" sound of humbuckers, (along with the noise reduction), but wanted the increased sustain that you get from a solid body. Is that anywhere close to correct? If so, how well did it work? I've been playing guitar for 34 years. I started playing classical after about 3 years, and played one exclusively for about 10. I still prefer my classical guitars to all my others., but I finally got over being a snob.
  3. I play mostly classical guitar and fingerstyle acoustic. When I do play electric, I prefer the raw, edgy sound of a strat, or anything with single coils pickups. I gotta say though, this girl is getting a beautifully raunchy sound out of her Gibson.
  4. Check out this amazingly talented little girl playing Joe Satriani's song Always With Me, Always With You.
  5. Perhaps you could get away with a couple tattoos that say DCLXVI.
  6. It happened to me when I was a kid. The Horror of Party Beach is the movie that did me in. I got better.
  7. The way I see it, a questioning mind should not be denied. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've flip-flopped, alway convinced that the new way was the right way. It's all kind of blended together for me now, and there are really only two things that I hold "sacred" (for lack of a better term); 1) this is a world of wonder in which nothing is more extraordinary than the ordinary, 2) everyone matters, so I should always try to approach life from a perspective of compassion. (I'll be the first to admit that I still need a lot of work, especially on #2) You seem to have both of these bases covered already. Good luck in your search, wherever it leads ... even if it's back to the fold of Christianity.
  8. Humility is a wonderful quality. That said, I think that before you were right, and now you are wrong. You ARE such a thing. Same difference, huh?
  9. In addition to 10 other guitars, I have an Epiphone Sheraton II electric archtop. It's an excellent guitar.
  10. I considered the tithing bit, but always felt that if they could afford to eat at full service, or even fine dining, restaurants, then they should be able to afford a decent tip. Smokers and drinkers tend to spend a lot of money on alcohol and cigarettes, in many cases, I'm sure they spend at least 10% of their income on these things. The people who prayed when they got their food very seldom smoked or drank alcohol with their meals. It seems to me that smokers and drinkers should be as broke as the people who tithe, yet smokers and drinkers are usually the best tippers.
  11. If people want to thank whatever God(s) they believe in for their food, that's their business, not mine. I've got no problem with it whatsoever, in public or in private. However, I worked as a waiter for many years, and my take on it then was considerably different. Nine times out of ten, if people prayed over their food when I delivered it to them, it was the kiss of death - it was a clear indication that if I was going to get a tip from them at all, it would be a very poor tip. I always wondered why the similar mindset between those who pray over their food, and those who are cheap tippers. I have to confess, I never did come up with any sort of an answer.
  12. I rather liked the first one: the declining morality of society being a sign of the end in 2800 BC. That rational still gets touted quite a lot. Yes, the Mayan calender thingy. It is finite, it had to end somewhere. If they were really able to predict the future, it seems to me that they would have ended it around the time that the use of that calender itself ended. Why waste so much time and material making a calender with all those extra days that no one would be marking off or writing important memos on? Do us all a favor and burn the thing on December 30th.
  13. I think it's a bunch of baloney, just like all of these turned out to be.
  14. Abuse? Not really, my doctor prefers that I look like Britney Spears, too I guess I'm a little slow, what are the obvious reasons?
  15. After a good nights sleep, I look a lot like Britney Spears! The old Britney Spears, that is. Actually, not really the "old" Britney Spears but the younger Britney Spears. I never look like the new, chunky, pimply Britney Spears. I guess that would be the "old" Britney Spears. If I've been on a three day binge, or for any other reason I haven't had a good nights sleep, then if you look at me from the right angle, I'm identical to Steve Buscemi. Here, this is the angle you have to look at me from: In all honesty, I prefer looking like the old, young Britney Spears. That's why I take so many sleeping pills.
  16. There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.
  17. Wow! That's some tasty blues! I've been a Robben Ford fan for many years. Here are a few of my favorites: Pepe Habichuela - Solea
  18. Next time you post Vogon poetry, could you be so kind as to soften us up with some cudgels beforehand?
  19. Edward G. Robinson had the right idea, I think. However, my choices would be a bit more dramatic: Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries and Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla Although, rev.daniel's suggestion, Don't Fear the Reaper, would be nice as a prelude.
  20. Sandalwood, tagara, lotus, jasmine - the fragrance of virtue is unrivalled by such perfumes.
  21. You people really do need to quit smoking that stuff.