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  1. It really isn't that interesting. Five tours to the middle east, a total of about 4.5 years of my life, spent in the region, exploring a great deal of it, and having to endure countless briefings and debriefings, heck, I even had to write country studies and contingency plans, etc... About 10 years ago here I discussed some of it, I didn't think it worthy to discuss here again....precious few even read these posts. I doubt I leave you wanting, but if so, I apologize. As to your second point.....if that were true, why do the (and this is a rhetorical quetion, of course) VAST MAJORITY of residents of the middle east support the goal of wiping Israel off the map? Again, I ask, where are the voices of Islam calling for peace with Israel and the west? Certainly not in Paris. Not here in the U.S. Not in the middle east. If you got juice on the subject, provide it. Otherwise, WISHING they were peaceful isn't going to render anything positive.
  2. Nobody here or elsewhere relevant has advocated the elimination of a certain level of social safety net. That said, I should not have to pay for the misfortunes of others. Family should, friends should, local charity should, local religious organizations should (gasp!), and communities should. But I should NOT. I do NOT want you subsidizing my family, and nor should I subsidize your/yours. But that isn't even the issue. The Federal Government, or most specifically the Progressive/Liberal movement, cares not AT ALL about you; they/it cares only about growing their power, the size of government. Aside from the oppressive nature of dependency, THAT is the issue about welfare......all you others who distract and pretend that it's about people are missing the entire issue and have fallen instead for the emotional propaganda. Federal functionaries far removed from your best interests care naught for your plight. If I've not been clear, or if you disagree, let's discuss.....
  3. Good post. But the dude/chick below missed the point. Your post isn't logical. Being confronted with need has no relation, at all, with what I think or feel of such solicitations. I find your posts (the few I've read) to be rife with emotion. And that has never been interesting to me. On the contrary, I find it droll. The topic and issue is welfare and it's efficacy. When you wish to discuss it, I'll be there.....
  4. Not clear on how they would "register" disapproval? What are they, a video game character??? Dumb. The Muslim community could/would, if it were their interest, denounce their faith, denounce the radicals that have taken control of their faith, and would STOP their neighbors from committing atrocities, IF they wanted to. But they don't. If your argument was that they could not "register" their disapproval because of oppression, then you would be advocating humanitarian insertion and liberation.....but you didn' the fact that they do not "register" disapproval must come from agreement with the terrorism. So says the Quran. Oh gosh yes, asking a people to comport themselves with modern social norms is beyond the pale. Having served multiple times in the middle east, and having met and heard countless Muslims here and abroad, I find your post to be sadly wanting of gravitas. Please post citations of the muslim community denouncing the actions of the muslim community. I am reluctant to provide a history lesson, as too few here give a rats behind, but the PLO voted for Hamas, the Egyptians voted for the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Iraqis, our friends and mostly out of fear, are falling to ISSA. Iran has sworn to wipe Israel off the map. But go ahead, focus on me and miss the entire subject. As to your debate style, I discount anything and everything a person says who has already proven themselves to be utterly intolerant.
  5. Okay, lets say you are correct. Muslims cannot poltik their way out of self destruction and global chaos. So, are you saying their religious bedrock is preventing "diasapproval" of the actions of the same? Hint, they would show their disapproval by showing disapproval. We see virtually none. Thus, no disapproval. For the sake of argument, the muslim community here and elsewhere have shown NO DISAPPROVAL OR DISSENT. Of course not...... Is it clearer now? You mean like Saipan? Naw, I doubt it.... So, since the subjects of Sharia Law are incapacitated to respond, then
  6. You speak as easily about the intentions and motives of others as you do when you promote the accolades of the Progressive Movement. Since you cannot do the former with any accuracy, should we assume you cannot affect proper judgment on the latter? Seems to me.... My terminology was well-chosen, and I have no problem with how I spelled it out. Interpretation being what it is.... I am "confronted" with charitable solicitations daily, mostly in both my daily personal and professional mail and email, but also from those who walk through our doors requesting "community partnership" etc., and meetings with individuals seeking support (from desperate vendor to alcoholic pretending to be homeless as he begs for change on your local off-ramp), and in both mainstream and the truthful media.
  7. Oh, get over yourself!!! There is no lack of understanding. The community is speaking louder and louder. Sure, many westernized Muslims have seen the light, but as a percentage, that's miniscule. The point is that most Muslims are not, in fact, distancing themselves from the jihad. Tacit approval is what it is. Same as the raping of the U.S. taxpayer....tacit approval is what it is. Evolution? Nope.....operations totally outside nature.
  8. There you have it folks, a root of the progressive movement's early justification for socialism. The erosion began in earnest with Woodrow, kicked into high gear with Franklin, went into overdrive with Lyndon, and turbo-charged under Barrack! And now echoed by you. Trust not the people, but instead in a central government. You admit, right here, that people cannot decide what is best, and that their aggregate decisions are not best, and that "we tried" the more natural way and it simply "didn't work." Didn't work?? How arbitrary!! How un-definitive! How untrue! What a bunch of dangerous malarkey. Look, what ended up happening is that the administrative branch and career politicians (self-serving, all) created a multi-level monolith, a leviathan, paid for by making promises to take care of some, while requiring others (those on the wrong side of envy or intolerance) to pay the bill with confiscatory tax mandates. This leviathan, ruling over us with increasing boldness, and also those who benefit from it (recipients of favoritism and freebies), require increasing amounts of funds to support it. The Leviathan borrows to continue to buy votes, and prints more money to continue buying votes, and also finds more myriad ways to confiscate private property to buy votes (and fund a larger and more powerful Leviathan, hehehehe). Fools. So many mock the conservatives for trying to stem the tide, and so many champion the liberal cause that make matters worse, and utterly unsustainable. History proves this. In some respects, we live in an upside-down world. One of the things that makes me sad is when I turn down the many charitable opportunities that confront me throughout my week. I give to one, but to no others, and to all those others I say "hey, vote to reduce my tax burden and I'll return to being a volunteer charitable guy!" Note the pattern in our recent the burdens of government increase (meaning, more and more people on the dole), the less people give to charity. It is the natural reaction.
  9. Your assertion that Muslims distance themselves from their religious and cultural heritage is absurd on the face, and even more so with greater analysis. In case that was not clear, virtually none in the Muslim community has denounced any of their global terrorism. Tacit approval is the same as approval. Shame on you...
  10. Then stop believing. I don't have the time to waste deliberately misunderstanding. But you've already proved my point by admitting you are intolerant, so it seems I understood perfectly well. Go ahead, report me. I have no idea what you are talking about. It seems there are now two of you sharing accounts here....or something.....I don't know, and don't care. All I remember is someone named timothy bland didn't like being called Mr. a while I'm caught in this weird marital thing, and I think it distracts from the forum. But yes, report me for not knowing you from Adam. That was self-evident. Since you did not make the direct point at all, much less on purpose, then yes, the point was inadvertent. You were attempting to make another point altogether. It is a common trait amongst the intolerant to be so incredibly arrogant as this!! 1. I don't want to be a part of your group. 2. Exempting someone from something is not a successful marketing strategy, unless you are blinded by the incredible arrogance it must take to assume that not being part of your sphere would make people green with envy. Sorry, um, no. 3. Forced to be a part of the discussion? I believe I just blanketed you with my presence...and nobody forced me! And nobody stopped me! 4. Two options....continue to make yourself look bad, or do what most dogs do....kick some grass over that pile and move on! 5. Psst, reminder....this topic isn't about you. And it's not about me. Again with the insults and intolerance....this time toward the people of the south-eastern United States of America! "The only people I know...." what a bunch of mule fritters!!! Like my grand pappy used to say down home back in Green Bow, Alabama (thank you very much!), it takes all kinds to make a world (or was it a box of chocolates?), it's just too bad the world has to be made up of such uptight bung holes! Edited, of course.... By the way, do a Bing search for the word 'raucous' and see what pronunciation it gives you. Well then, to whom shall I insult him? Who is he, again? Look, dude, sister, whatever, provide value here, by advancing the TOPIC, or obsess over yourself in the more appropriate section of this forum. The TOPIC is WELFARE, and in case your forgot, I'm tired of providing the increasing amounts of it. Moreover, morally and ethically, the chains that dependency creates are abhorrent, and are an antithesis to natural freedom. But hey, you'd rather talk about you and your spouse (as if anyone has any idea what you are talking about), or you'd rather project upon me your intolerant notions of those who disagree with you in order to create a foil. This all reminds me of menstruation and contrived foils, but I'm not going there....
  11. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! My goodness...thanks for sharing the story of your great fortune! Second of all, miss ya around here, Von!! Your posts have historically been among the most thought-provoking... Best thing about being married? Hard to pick from a list of a dozen or so equal benefits from a harmonious and natural mate....mine, of course! In sum, I would have to say it is the comfort and security that exists from knowing that my/our family unit is a very solid, tight, familial team whose bond is blood and love and whose mission is to preserve the same. Not to distract, but I find it tedious and unnecessary to end your great post with that politically correct caveat the way you did..."not an attack on the single life.." really? As a society we've reduced ourselves to that?
  12. Well, now I know why you didn't like being called Mr. Tim Bland......there is still some confusion there, it seems..... I don't know, doesn't matter... Great rant! Loved the part about me! Well, it really wasn't about me...... No keg, no yelling, and a lot more than $25/hr. Shoot higher next time. No, it is pronounced rawkiss. Upon reflection of your post, the one quoted above, do you smell the critical flaw? You proclaim from on high why "we're here" yet you differentiate me from "we're" as if I belong to a different category of people. Predictable nonsense, that! But let's shoot higher. Let me set ya straight there dude/girl/person, the day I stop fighting the good fight against the erosion of my freedoms and property is the day I have none left to transfer to you. Confiscation is like a too, shall die. But you did inadvertently make a valid point......let's repeal the 16th Amendment!!! I chewed tasted like intolerance. Tootles,
  13. The wonder and glory of the free Obama phone? You mean the blatant attempt to buy votes with such a frivolous thing as extreme deficit spending? Sorry I didn't buy you a better phone. The term "obama" has penetrated the lexicon now to include/invade/rewrite culture from 20 years ago?? Obama phone in the '90s, really? Busker, it seems an unsustainably poor choice of profession and years of enabled dependency leaves you either unwilling or unable to change the situation. Either way we seem to be inextricably connected in a manner found not at all in nature.....and the fact that you get the better end of the deal doesn't seem to bother your growing ranks near as much as my dwindling one. But to quote Mrs. Thatcher, "socialism works great until you run out of other people's money." So, enjoy it while you can.
  14. Yes. Yes. They do not know Intelligent Design. It wouldn't make sense if they did. Intelligent Design isn't in the bible.
  15. This is going to have to be a hit and run, only a few minutes...... One point to make here is that the military is written into the Constitution, and welfare is not. Welfare is a relatively new thing in America, and its been a waste of trillions since the 60's, as the poverty rate has not changed a wink since Welfare's inception and has created generations of people (most notable in many minority communities) with dependency as their only experience. The Federal Government should stick to it's defining charter, and equally follow the same charter and allowing/forcing states to solve most of their own "problems".....I put that word in quotes because really, with rare exceptions as noted in our social contract, most problems should reside on the shoulders of the individual and not at any level of inevitably self-serving government.
  16. The only Phelps' I've ever known were Jim Phelps (Mission Impossible) and Michael Phelps, that aquatic phenom. I had only ever read a rare reference to a Fred, and don't recall ever knowing who or what he was until reading this thread. But I assume he was roughly the age of one, and old enough to be the father of the other. Forgive my attempt at sub-reference humor...... May he RIP!
  17. That is very much how I view religious text. Doing so, allows me to learn wisdom and enjoy a well-turned verse. Not doing so only leads me to reject it all. I prefer doing so.
  18. Well...... that is one of the many reasons why NYC schools fail....forcing teachers to teach that of which they know naught. If we get the social engineers out of our public indoctrination systems, and instead taught only reading, writing, math and the hard sciences, social studies, history, technology, mechanics, problem solving and physical fitness, then we'd all be better off AND, our tax dollars would be less prone to political manipulation. On the other hand, if a private school wants to expand it's curriculum (Religious Studies, Christianity, intelligent design, whatever), that is their business.
  19. The difference is, you think everyone should pay, but Everyone does not agree. Joe Q. Everyone. I will represent Everyone in this argument, and you will represent you. Since you can't make Everyone pay, you support legislation, or nowadays Presidential Fiats, that mandates a certain activity/behavior (the first time ever in American History, mind you) the your neighbors/Everyone WILL comply by threat of force or confiscation (Robert's Unconstitutional Tax, and a host of other Sec'y of HHS fines and penalties). Everyone believes in everyone, and you believe in a small group of functionaries with loyalties to only their elites, who are so far removed from your best interests, and fully unmoored from the Constitution, that your health needs are not a concern and even more sad, they have long ago taken your vote for granted because1) they know you are a drone, and 2) they don't care about could they/it possibly!!! In terms of Federal Income Tax? You are flat wrong.
  20. Unlike the original quote that understood that two sides can come together, the various teachers unions (the secular and intolerant Left* * I'm being nice) and the religious right (the evangelicals about whom the secular Left is intolerant), shall never understand that two sides can come together. Why must science teachers be afraid for a religious studies course over in Social Studies Department. It isn't "wanting religious studies in," instead it is demanding to be "put back in" as the libs have been running religion out or society just as fast as they replaced it with revisionist history. Rather than accept, which would be the mature, balanced approach, they impugn and smear and monger fear. And it seems it worked on've been led to believe that there is religious pressure on science isn't true. Science teachers (so few are actually scientists) ought not be teaching religious studies any more than pastors would be teaching the evaporation temp of a given gas under a given pressure. Nope, one part of these opposing two will not grasp or tolerate the balance of the other.
  21. lordie, First of all, you did not expound. Second of all, why on earth should people NOT judge? Are we not born with discernment? It is NOT WRONG to judge. MOST PEOPLE have enough skills to NOT be dependent on MY tax dollars. If you want jobs, and can't find any, MOVE, and/or blame the current administration that has done NOTHING to promote more jobs!! In fact, all the current administration has done is solidify the dependent nature of the entitlement society...i.e., vote buying techniques to advance horrendous political ideologies that only harm my individual freedom and family. And you speak of not judging....wake up and smell the ** coffee.....
  22. Reducing the quote to the issue of teaching religion is school, or introducing science to religion, is to miss the point entirely. Take the "opposition" of school and church out of it. Now re-read the quote.
  23. Please expound. Good. There are often NO means testing for the vote buying schemes cloaked as safety nets. For us to have a reference to this story of lament of not getting portions of my income, please state WHY you cannot get a job? Why don't you get a job? If you are unable, please state that upfront so we don't think you a mooch. Thank you.