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  1. There are Many ULC's. If you are looking for the original started by Hensley than you want the one headquartered in Modesto. Of which this site and seminary are officially affiliated, unlike some others. Any 3 ULC ministers can become an official congregation too. Then there are just Posers. Welcome aboard
  3. Says who? That is a rather presumptuous statement imo. As is this other one. What exactly is that? I hope you had a good easter peter. Not a holiday I hold sacred or celebrate myself but I wish those who do the best.
  5. That was awesome to hear in person or if you prefer....
  6. Think thats a crazy cross over. Here's the original. Your upset you didn't think of tonic huh
  8. Happy Birthday Kevin. Thank you for the opportunities you give us
  10. For all my fellow and honorary Irish today
  11. QFT! Along the lines of what i was trying to express but put more simply and eloquently than I could manage. Excellent post Oh Great Murph .)
  12. Just playing devil's advocate here. I can appreciate the sentiment but you are singling out a specific group of people based on their beliefs and behavior and condemning them. You are asking god to punish them for who they are. How is this spreading god's love? Isn't what you're doing with this the exact same thing as they are with homosexuals? I hate them myself but in my belief system that is ok. I really was hesitant to post this because I don't really disagree I just thought it needed to be said?
  13. A different look at what causes weight gain and the "Obesity Epidemic" in America.
  14. Your presence was missed. welcome Back
  15. I enjoy concerts a lot. I was wondering how many of you fine folks like them as well and if you'd list or give us a sample of some of what you have seen. Concerts I've seen. Black sabbath ( all the original members) Iron Maiden (Dickinson maiden but there really isn't another one) Slayer (x3) Rob Zombie (x2) Black Label Society (x2) In This Moment (x2) Marylin Manson Rolling Stones Rammstein Slipknot American Head Charge Mudvayne Five Finger Death Punch Killswitch Engage (x3) In Flames As I Lay Dying Mastodon A Dozen Furies The Haunted Arch Enemy The Black Dahlia Murder(x3) Bury Your Dead It Dies Today Soilwork Gizmachi Trivium (x2) Cannibal Corpse Judas Priest Metallica Godsmack Adema Alanis Morrisette Social Distortion Korn Dry Cell Mushroomhead Radiators Bullet For My Valentine All that remains God forbid Behemoth Job for a Cowboy Whitechapel Atreyu 3 inches of blood Norma jean lamb of God (x3) hatebreed Chaimara Shadows Fall (x3) Winds of plague Powerman 5000 Sevendust System of a Down Filter Halestorm Shinedown Silvertide Taking dawn Staind (x3) 3 doors down Breaking Benjamin Flyleaf POD Taproot Wallflowers Children of Bodom Bruise Brothers Dave Matthews Bruce Springsteen Brand New Sin That enough for now, I've seen a lot more believe it or not. A ton of local bands I don't bother adding. I've attended many times what used to be a local bluegrass festival, that was world famous, where I used to live. I had the honor of seeing a lot of bluegrass legends and very popular groups play. I've also went to a lot of blues and jamband festivals and had the honor of seeing a lot of the greats there as well. Anybody else got any cool shows or stories?