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  1. Which facebook page? Which site? Are there links? And what about homework you're supposed to mail to HQ, can I post it to whatever that site is? If I have to mail my tests and homework from some classes, does that mean I can mail all my work from all my classes to HQ for grading? How will I know if something has been graded when I post it to the site?
  2. Some people wonder, "Why even bother with all the literary/religious themes and trappings when they are Atheists?" Answer: The theme symolizes what the group represents as a whole and the trappings fulfill our human need for ritualized solidarity.
  3. I believe that Pauly Shore(Pauly Shore - Wikipedia) is a "Sacred Clown" and an embodiment of faith, hope, and charity and is a living example(Patron Saint) of Universal Living via Freedom/Chillin, Food/Grindage, and Sexuality/Nugs for both "Heaven" and "Hell". He is an example for us all. Basically, he is a living embodiment of everything the ULC believes and stands for!!!...which is(in case you forgot): Tenet: Do only that which is right.(You must decide what is right for you, and not condemn others if their "right" is different than yours. Every individual is free to practice the
  4. Be careful not to get confused. Taking a Doctor course at the seminary does not make you a Doctor. To achieve a ULC Doctorate you must have completed and passed 15 Seminary courses (as explained by Amy Long on YouTube). Bachelor-5 courses (Chaplin- 8 specific courses) Master-10 courses Doctor-15 courses
  5. Universal Life Church/ULC Seminary Forum Home It still exists but, it like everything else in the ULC, fails like Starscream!!! Is anyone even at the helm of the ship anymore!?! Is my church DEAD!?! What is the point of me doing this stupid effing course if nothing is even going to come of it?
  6. You are correct. And I have every intention of starting a ULC Church in my local area which already exists in some form but is still in its infancy, thusly baby steps... And since, the price is so very negligible, why not? They are but stepping stones to a greater foundation.
  7. I am having the exact same issue. Perhaps, we can get HQ or the Seminary to put out a guidebook in the Store or provide a cheap course so that we actually know what the hell we're doing.
  8. The paperwork/price is is a means to an ends. The important thing is the recognition of Sainthood. Sainthood can be likened to a form of godhood-achieved. Being recognized as a living Saint can be very empowering and act as a driving reason to simply be a better person. There is a lot of wasted flesh out there. You have to sift through all the rough to find the gems. Sainthood is a motivation of spirit. Corruption is a relative perspective. All churches have something to sell.
  9. I agree. Gandhi and Mother Teresa are good examples of Holy people not being quite what we were lead to believe. I personally believe FDR to be a Saint as well as Pauly Shore(actual ULC Saint since June 18,2020; It's ok to laugh. The reason for his Sainthood will be listed in due time). There are many people I plan to have Sainted. Not every person worth emulating is worthy of Sainthood. It is something that must be discerned in the "Spirit".
  10. Much know your Kirby. Fair enough. I see your point. But sometimes self empowerment comes from emulation of that which inspires you. The certificate acts like legal "lube" as it were and is only in place so that our way of life cannot be impeded by redtape bullcrap. It is simply a means to an ends but in no way invalidates the ends. If you know what I mean.
  11. I can't speak for other forms of Paganism, but I think the reason that there aren't really any Satanists or LHPers on here is because most of us are independent loners with little use for a forum of this nature. Most of us have our preferred members only forums just for the LHP and most of them are specialized and specific to a particular path. Not only that, but most LHP groups actively teach and encourage hating and attacking anyone of the Abrahamic Faith. So it is probably a good thing at this juncture that there are so few of us here. At the very least, you got me.
  12. There are 2 different Sainthood packages available for different prices. There used to be more. I take my ministry seriously, thusly I take sainthood seriously. It is a shame that sainthood within our church is so horribly nerfed. I seek to utilize the concept of sainthood in our church to its greatest potential. A Saint is an exemplary individual worthy of celebration that inspires others to be more than they are. If a Saint is to be emulated then the Saint must be known. Hence, the entire point of this thread.
  13. Morality is a human construct with no bearing on the rest of existence. Morality is irrelavent. Every creature of reality is responsible for their own reactions and responces to whatever life throws at them. Being a Minister doesn't mean that you have to be a bleeding heart. It just means you have to be "Strong" enough to help people back up when they "fall".
  14. It could be that we are simply designed that way. According to some forms of Satanism, the Abrahamic God is the Demiurge that imprisoned the souls(in bodies of flesh) created by our Father-Lord SatanLucifer before he could finish us. Because of this, Satan encourages us to evolve spiritually in order to acheive the Magnum Opus so that we may loosen our physical restrictions and shine forth as enlightened beings. Also humans are naturally competative, jealous, greedy, and gluttonous and thusly will always seek to be better than their neigbors so as to have the edge over others.
  15. Jesus was an Apocalyptic Jew and as such was very familiar with the Book of Enoch. So much so that he and his disciples often quoted from it. It is clear to me that in order to have a proper understanding of Jesus and his teaching that one must first understand the Book of Enoch.