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  1. Yeah I understood that. I just pointed out that however inadvertently it was, 'prey' is appropriate for much of organized religion, especially some of the x tian versions. No insult was intended or implied to the OP
  2. Unintentional as it may have been, 'prey' is something I would very closely connect with some very popular religious denominations and with even more members of those denomination. Happy Yule Happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti Happy Saturnalia Praise be the great and almighty FSM RaMen Happy New Year, be well and healthy
  3. It takes no energy to be an atheist whereas it takes a LOT of energy to not be an atheist. One has to decide if there's a god, which god to worship and appease, how much worship is necessary to keep the angry god satisfied. An insecure, needy, prone to violent rage and killing god takes a lot of energy to soothe and keep soothed. Yet people choose to devote so much of their time and life basically paying attention to something that is nonexistent and a subject of delusional episodes and can only, really only be approached through a rock solid state of cognitive dissonance. Yeah, way less work...no work in fact, to be an atheist. An apatheist is for someone who still feels like they want to leave the door open and are just to....well, apathetic to just slam the door shut and move on with their life.
  4. It sounds like you're just spamming the site
  5. More babble from the bibble. Anyone who quotes from the bibble as if to prove a point clearly suffers from some form of mental illness. It would be like quoting from Harry Potter and referencing all the other Harry Potter books as additional proof. Why do we suffer the weak-minded?
  6. Historically it was more of a 'jesus for jews' kind of a thing. It is a bit confusing, if a jew is for jesus doesn't that, by default, make him an x tian?
  7. I've been popping in for a while, but it's often quiet...
  8. I kid, a few good friends are all that's needed. Quality over quantity all day long
  9. Some of the friends I have...might as well be my enemies instead
  10. "So if someone wears a cross they should put it inside their shirt? How about a star of david? " Did not say or suggest that...at all "I thought it was appropriate to wear necklaces outside of the shirt and not hidden away?" It's neither appropriate nor inappropriate, wearing a cross, any religious symbol, was not my point. "Or is this just your special rule for religious pendants?" Intentional or not this is what came across as 'attitude'. In any case perhaps go back an read the conversations leading up to my comments, it's about context. "Is it only the cross? It is indeed, in this particular case. It's a bout a person who is shilling his product (which, while another discussion altogether, is perfectly acceptable), but wearing his cross as he does on his tv ads is done for one reason only, to signify HIS religious position. Note any recent pictures of him in Washington or elsewhere, not a sign of the cross (pun intended). His use of the cross was a signal, it was indeed a prop, a way to let people know where he stands on major issues in the hopes that they will 'support' him by buying his product. If you have read anything about him you'll know that his business practices defy his supposed x tian principles. As this is the first time 'we' have chatted I'll chalk up both our comments as simple not being able to read the other's intent clearly due to unfamiliarity and chat-room sound deadening. And Jonathan's take was dead accurate of my intent and probably much more clearly stated than I could/would have. But then he's more practiced in the art of both philosophy and nuance. I tend to be more direct, think sledge hammer whether necessary or not.
  11. Come at the question without the attitude and I'll be glad to clairify
  12. Yes but...I'm not talking about someone who wears a cross on a chain that maybe visible depending upon what the wearer is wearing, nor am I talking about nuns or priests or the like who wear a cross outside of their clothing as part of their uniform. Not even talking about a person who, as a result of some physical maneuvering has flipped their cross onto the outside of their shirt,etc. What I am talking about is someone who buttons his shirt up to to the top button with the cross intentionally 'isolated' from accidentally NOT being seen. I get the yarmulke, it's part of a person's daily dress and will be visible, not to show off but because of their religious requirements. Wearing that cross outside of the shirt intentionally is no less than praying on the street, matthew 6:5