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  1. Thank you for the update and all your hard work. Maybe it was a demon that infested your servers.
  2. It's called being bi-vocational and isn't exclusive to the ULC. A lot of religions work this way. I'm fortunate in that I'm retired and can devote more time to ministry. Those who serve their religions and sitll work have my respect. BrDavidOH, have you talked with your boss about your situation? I had one boss that as long as I gave him my 40 a week he didn't care how I worked my schedule. Due to the variety of responsibiilties in different jobs I realize that not evey job can give you the same benefit but it's worth trying to work it out in advance.
  3. Reminds me of an old saying,"I may disagree with what you say, But I agree with your right to say it".
  4. I originally became ordained by Modesto in 2009, following an emotionally charged and botched up funeral for my Mother. Her family had built our local Orthodox church from the ground up, literally brick by brick. My mother served the church and faithfully too, she was there to help clean, cook for events and bake for the bake sales. In the last couple years of her life she had Alzheimer's and we didn't know that she hadn't paid her dues for 2 years. (that church charges $300.00 a year to belong, Sunday donations extra). So the local priest wanted $600.00 cash and for my brother and I to get do
  5. I don't know Pastor Dave, it wouldn't let me have spaces.
  6. murphzlaw1, do you think that hard space _ could be allowed?
  7. RevJohnG well said. While I was not ordained in the Eastern Orthodox, I was raised in it. I always questioned why we had to bow to the priests and up and kiss the Bishop's rings. When we are taught that all men are supposed to be humble. When my family needed the Easter Orthodox church the most, they refused to help us. The local priest wanted $600 in cash and for my brother and I to crawl before him begging forgiveness for our mother who had died from alzheimers. My family, going back to my grandparents, literally built that church. And we supported that church very much. I think that the loc
  8. He made us laugh, what greater legacy can you ask for? Robin you will be missed. May you find the peace you were seeking.
  9. I view it more as an advertising thing. Pretty paper on the wall to impress potential clients and make your congregation feel good. Also seems to me that somewhere I read that having a D.D. was required for ministers in some states, not sure of this.
  10. This is the conundrum of free speech. Why should what I say be more important that what you say? Or why should whay you say be more important than my speech? There are limits on free speech and our government has mostly limited that to the concept of "harm". While we enjoy free speech we must realize that it comes with pros and cons. As a veteran I can tell you that a lot of good people have died to protect our freedoms including speech, I realize that you know this but just allow me to remind you of this. And also, my view on this is that this isn't really about free speech. It's about one gr
  11. I can address your questions one at a time here, be advised that I am not a spokesperson for this site. I am just a regular member who has been a member for a while now. These are just my opinions. 1. Are you (this website) affiliated with the original ULC or a splinter group? This is the only site authorized by the very original site, this has been addressed above. But it's true. 2. Is the ULC mentioned in the article the same as this one or any form of recognized branch, or are they just some other church with the same name? When the ULC (original) started gaining popularity, wininng lawsuit
  12. Von, we will keep you and all persons involved in our continued prayers. There has been a lot of information put forth here and all of it very good. Let's hope this young man comes to his senses before it's too late. God Bless.
  13. To all my Brothers and Sisters on this site. I am a veteran of the USAF and wish all of you a Happy Memorial Day. Enjoy the day and be safe.
  14. First - Von, know that many members are praying for you. Each in our own way. I'm a retired paramedic with many years of experience in the field, hosp. settings and such. There has been a lot of very good advice given here on this forum. What I consider to be a very important factor in cases like this is one of mentorship. But one need's to understand mentorship. The common definition of a mentor has always been in a positive, educational way. But even a bad influence is a mentor. Good or bad, a mentor is someone who is always there, influencing him. If an addict isn't getting positive support
  15. Atwater Vitki, I'll see what I can find locally. Around my locale the alternative religions are pretty much underground. I've been told by some sources in my local network that there are two people in my immediate area that have crystal shops. Hopefully they can find or know of an Earth-bearing Shaman. Thank you so very much in your efforts. It is greatly appreciated.
  16. Lordie, I think you are right, it's all about the money. The school I went to had some of the highest salaries in the state. And some of the richest families. If you were a jock or from the right name, you got the best treatment and graduated with honors. Even if you couldn't spell honors. I didn't go to Kindergarten but I think I turned out okay. Passed all my college tests with high grades. I think that all this came about because too many parents have to work several jobs just to break even or some parents just don't care to educate their children and are happy to send them off. About your
  17. Thank You everybody. Some really good ideas. My wife really appreciates all the responses. This week we'll start our hypnotic sessions, I look forward incorporating several of your ideas to help her relax and maybe make a good effect on the session. I'll let you know. Sincere thanks.
  18. I can understand your feelings, trust me I can. The medical system in this country has really sunk to new lows. Our local medical system, including doctors, clinics and hospitals, almost cost my wife her life. Only by hanging in there and many phone calls did we locate a facility that helped us. Call all the doctors you can find, network with other people. Maybe other persons on this forum are more familiar with your area. When I had a torn retina iwas able to get to the Retina Vitreous Associates in Pittsburgh. May God bless you and your family. May He send healing for your brother. We'll kee
  19. Has anyone tried the essential oils from GNC. My local GNC has small selection but at least it is handy.
  20. Ah! what wonderful suggestions. Brother Kaman I will certainly incorporate your suggestion, if it helps her to relax it will speed up the induction process. Grateful, you have never heard me sing, when I sing in the car the DJ stops the song and tells me to shut up or he won't play anymore songs. But it's a good suggestion and I may try it in one of our sessions. You have really come through for me. Sincere thanks.
  21. I am absolutely wowed by this. My venture into art is acrylic painting in the style of Bob Ross or Jerry Yarnell. But your work is of high professional quality. You are going to have a great career in art.
  22. First I want to say thank you to all you fine people who have responded. This shows how much a visonary Kirby was. Where else could such a group of people from such diverse backgrounds and beliefs get together for the good of one or the many. Second, from all the replies I believe that we are dealing with earth energies, EM fields to be sure, but there seems to be other energies involved too. My wife is trying to learn some control, we do have some ideas that I found on the 'net she is trying. I am a certified hypnotist and I am working on script to instill some of these suggestions to help he