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    Owner of Woodland Wands and Magick esoteric stall.
    Drawing, reading, herbology, wood craft (I make wooden wands and staffs using naturally fallen wood), anything nature, computer graphics (My Rowan Earth digitised emblem design is the profile photo). currently learning about artificial intelligence.
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  1. Blessings and thank you for the responses everyone, I had my own views and these obviously shared with some initially by the sounds of it Oh, Jonathan, in answer to your question, I wasn't saying an actual 'spiritual' path would be excluded, it would only be those with no spiritual leanings at all (or getting ordained for mockery purposes, if you will} However it was answered, so onward down the corridor. Rowan
  2. Cheap Trick? Now there's a name from the past. Still touring I hear. Wonder if the chap still played that 5 neck guitar? :-)
  3. The meaning of Warlock is often referred to as 'Oath Breaker' hence the sharp intake of breath you occasionaly get from others. I personally like the word and does give credibility to the confusion over witch -male witch, much akin to the nurse - male nurse confusion. Whilst I just class myself as witch, I have been referred to as witch, warlock, wizard, Rowan, hey you!, heathen, wierdo and freak in the past. So people will always call you different things. You call yourself whatever you feel comfortable with, its only really the hard line purists whom take offense these days. Blessed be. Rowan.Wolf
  4. Would it be beneficial for the credibility of our ordainships and the ULC itself, to have a slightly stricter acceptance procedure? My reasoning; Being a new member to this forum, I have noticed a couple of comments of people being ordained 'for a laugh' and no spiritual basis whatsoever. There has also been a comment about 'cerial box' ordainings - in other words, handing them out like sweets to anyone at all. Whilst it is great that any non tradional religion is accepted, maybe it SHOULD just be for those that have a spiritual intent, for example, send a brief synopsis of their chosen path when applying as I did? Blessings Rowan
  5. Welcome to our forum. We hope you find direction, meaning and purpose while going through the many topics and posts. We are glad you joined us! Blessings of Peace,

  6. My journey to be ordained was the continuation of the my chosen path since founding Rowan Earth in 2003. I began as a Gardnerian wiccan at in 1987 at 19, with the magickal name Rowan Wolf and continued through the years, finally reaching 3rd degree. during the latter years i was losing faith and connection with the whole deity based side. It was at a familiar ritual at a large festival, where aphroditie was being summoned as a blessing along with three women on the platform, representing maiden, mother and crone. I went absolutely dead and at that point decided to break away from the Wicca I became familiar with, thus founding my own non-deity path called Rowan Earth. Always being a lover of nature and the elements, universal energy that makes all things, I was always more in tune with what makes us and everything around us with the influences from different elements and energies. Since 2003, there has been more interest in this from people i have met, with many asking if i could handfast them. Usually this is carried out by the High Priest/ Priestess of a particular coven, etc. I never classed myself as a 'HP', as I feel being ordained to this title by another High Priest/Priestess should be the way forward Thus I class myself as Elder. Even though many said and it was in my own wicca teachings, as a 3rd degree I can call my self one, once setting up a new 'daughter' coven, to ME it didn't feel right, especially as I no longer follow a God and Goddess path in Rowan Earth - all traditional rituals, ceremonies, etc involved them. I decided to leave it at that until I found a way I felt could be agreeable. Already this year, I have been asked about handfastings and other ceremonies with more interest in my path. Last month, (Feb) I was then told about the ULC ordaining those from non traditional paths. my first response, " A Church? Surely they would focus on the teachings of the bible, which i have never followed?" So, I communicated with the headquarters and was told, they accept all non traditional paths whether biblical or not. So, here I am. Rev Brian Cobbold (my birth name) I did ask that during Rowan Earth ceremonies i would be using the magickal name of Rowan Wolf so the title at that point would Rev. Rowan Wolf, Again ok. Blessing to you all, Rowan Wolf.