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  1. Atwater Vitki, revtimothybland; thank you for your replies. The EM field makes sense, that's why some animals can sense earthquakes. During my research on the web there seem to be a minor number of people who have this condition. Almost all of them stated that they have learned to live with this and to some degree learn to control it so it is not so intrusive in their lives. If I could afford it I'd build a Faraday Cage and see if that gave her any relief. I am thinking that somewhere in the alternative medicine or metaphysical areas of practice there might be an answer. So far all the input I have recieved here has been great. We live in a small city east of Pittsburgh, PA and in this area you'd think that medicine being practiced is out of the '40s and '50s. I'll make this story short: several years ago my wife was very sick. The local hospital and our (then), family doctors treated her for a while and then told us that they couldn't do anything else and that "you people need to go home and prepare for the worst" and they washed their hands of us. With my background as a paramedic I knew she was septic and could be helped. I ended up taking her to a city 40 miles north of us. I had a relative who worked in the hospital there and she told me that they would work with the Mayo Clinic. That hospital identified 3 major infections ( 2 ere's and one vre) and after an IV run of Zosyn for 4 days she was herself again. Because of all the time we lost with our local medical network she was left extremely weak and vulnerable. This is when the reactions got worse, she had always felt things, but I believe in her weakened state the "senses" got stronger because any subconcious control she had before was now gone or low. So thank you everbody and we look forward to hearing from you. Bless you all.
  2. Please don't think that we are putting this plea out lightly. I've done a lot of research and we've found out that she's not alone in this. But there's a lot of information about having this and darn little on how to handle or treat this.
  3. Thanks kokigami! we've used a different program but I like the one you linked to the best.
  4. Fawzo I would appreciate that. This is ,to coin a phrase, driving her nuts. I don't know if we can rid her of this or if she has to learn how to handle it. Thanks.
  5. Greetings to all my brothers and sisters on this forum! This is a plea for help. My wife is very sensitive to earthquakes and now it seems many other things that are happening in the earth. Such as fracking. Now her history is that of a stroke (age 42), endometriosis. Now the docs (family and neurologist) are claiming Parkinson's LIKE symptoms but it's not Parkinson's. Now here's what is happening; she will experience mental agitation but is always alert. Mild to moderate tremors. Mostly it's the agitation that bothers her the most. It's like a feeling of doom, heavy oppression, or a general feeling of depression or dread. It took us years to figure this out but everytime she feels this way it coincides with a earthquake some where in the planet. We are not sure if it's predictatory or reactive. The reporting on earthquakes isn't fast enough to let us make a decision on that. And now it's clear that fracking in the area is bothering her too. The medical docs just laugh at us and tell us we are making it up, just take more pills. And they want to do brain surgery on her. We are 100% sure that her reactions are what we stated. So far the best relief has been from what I could research on crystals. I purchased a Black Tourmaline necklace for her and it has helped a bit. But she still has some reactions, just not as bad. I'm asking that if anyone has more knowledge or training (like aromatherapy, crystals or anything), that can help her with these reactions to please reply. Or I can give you my email address to contact me. And I'll thank everyone for at least taking their time to read this. Thank You.
  6. I admire him in his conviction to be his own person. Something not a lot of people can do. Besides being such a great singer.
  7. First let me start off by saying that I am a USAF Viet Nam era veteran, Member of the Patriot Guard Riders and the Bugles Across America. As a Christian minister my only thing I have to say is that now Jim Phelps has to answer to God. During the Viet Nam war I've had bottles and rocks thrown at me. (and bottles were glass in those days!). I've seen people who I consider my friends call me horrendus names. But I've also met some awesome human beings that have become better friends than I could of expected. Mr. Phelps was the inspiration to form the Patriot Guard Riders, not to protest his people but to honor our vets. We must look to the future and turn any evil in any form into an opportunity to honor our God and support with love those who need it. Thanks, Peace Be To All!
  8. I agree with ManangCam, God created all things, so all living things have their place. In Heaven or on Earth. This is God's will and man cannot alter that. Man was given the CHOICE but animals do not. God does not ignore any of his creatures.God looks after us all. Thank you. and I am a big cat person!
  9. Of course we'll add her to our prayers. May the Good Lord Bless her and promote her healing in a timely manner.
  10. I have listened to Rev. Camping on Family Radio. Will miss that deep voice.
  11. Right in the middle of the holidays. Really sad. Of course we'll pray.
  12. Lordie, just checking in. How are you doing? I hope things have improved for you.
  13. Lordie, As you have read a lot of us sympathize with you. I have been in a spot in my life were (literally) everybody was against me. Even my own parents. I had a very serious and tearful conversation with God. And only God knew of my plans, when, where and how I was going to kill myself. It was a very bad time for me. I never even hinted to anyone my intentions, only God and I knew. With in a month everything changed around for me. This was God's work and only God could have done this. When things are bad and going against you trust in the Lord. Keep your faith and you will be rewarded. One last thing, the best boss I ever had was a women. She empowered me to be the best I could be and was responsible for my success in my job. God bless you and you are in my prayers. You are a strong person and this is a good place to come to. You will get support here. People only make fun and tease you because they feel you are a threat of some sort and fear you. These people are only showing how small they are. We need to pray for their salvation. These are the people who need someone like you. With out you they are damned. Think of this as a challenge.
  14. In most cases of a moral delimma like this, you have to let your conscience be your guide. Generally you should follow the wishes of the patient. They have their reasons. You stated that your patient has friends that want this family to reunite. You could let the friends know the contact details of the adult child and let it go from there. But you should explore why this family split in the first place. There may be good reasons that the patient doesn't want to see the adult child. I may be wrong here but it's what I think. There may be others on this site with first hand knowledge of this kind of affair. I don't envy you, best of luck and may God guide you.
  15. Thanks +BP Corey, I have ordered lessons from Robert Laughlin. Plus there is a lot of stuff on the 'net. I tried taking lessons but the teacher was more interested in showing off than teaching. I really didn't learn much. I have to warm up first, my organ doesn't like cold hands.
  16. I have a Casio wk-3800 electronic keyboard, a trumpet and a practice chanter (for the bagpipes). I'm not very good but I practice when I can. The trumpet is for playing TAPS for the Bugles Across America group.
  17. Just something else to add. The world headquarter's site states that it's located at 1825 NW Corporate Blvd.,Suite 110, Boca Raton FL 33431. On their faq page they state that they are a real brick and mortar church. I checked and found that 1825 NW Corporate Blvd.,Suite 110, Boca Raton FL 33431 is Opus Virtual Offices (source : This is just a virtual office for $99.00 a month. No physical space. The entire building complex is owned by Lynn Financial Center (source: Does anyone know if they have a real brick and mortar site? This seems very deceptive to me. Or am I wrong here?
  18. Murph, our prayers are with you as are our sympathies and condolences. I've lost both of my parents and my father-in-law, MIL has alzheimers and is in a care facility. So I can say with true feelings you have my sympathies. Death is bad for us but is only one of God's healing tools. Now you have another guardian looking our for you up there!
  19. I'm from Pennsylvania. On our legal marriage licenses, as it is considered a legal document, there can not be any mistakes or corrections. No white out or erasing or crossing out. I only say this to point out how serious they take licenses here. But I did have a similar situation in 2006. I had a young couple that were in the military and wanted to get married while on leave. But their leave did not coincide with the choosen date (their leave had to be change at almost the last minute) This meant that an early wedding would not include most of the family and the choosen guests. So what we did was to have them get married legally at the magistrate (justice of the peace) and when they could arrange everything for their choosen special date we did the religious ceremony. So they are married legally but are still able to celebrate the date they wanted. As Seeker asks, why? why when the dates are close. Our situation was defined by their military life, and was over a period of three months.
  20. This shooting hits close to home for me. My full time job is as an armed officer at a local airport. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't worry about this happening to our airport. My heart goes out to the TSA Officers and the passengers affected by this. Please put them in your prayers. By the way I worked for several years as a screener for the TSA. It's a tough job they do as you are hated by almost everyone who you come into contact with. Thank you all.