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  1. Great Hex--I love all of yours-- movie/ new/ classical/black-white- Immortal Beloved-life of Beethoven, Ana Karenina, Nicholas and Alexandra, Dr. Zhivago, Age of Innocence--El Cid; Fountainhead,The Citadel, African Queen, Streetcar named Desire, Old Man and the sea, Zorba the Greek, Dr NO, Citizen Kane, War of the Worlds--ofcourse all It`s a wonderful life comedy, drama/other European vacation, Shirley Valentine,My fat Greek wedding, House sitter, First Wives club,The odd couple, These should go with the movies above--oh, well-- -- Whose afraid of Virginia Wolfe, Cat an a hot tin roof, Giant, A man for all Seasons, Cromwell, Lion in Winter, Cleopatra, Pride and prejudice, Jane Eyre tv show--old sit coms/all especially the British ones. Coronation Street, Revenge,--Battle Star Galactica, Star Trek-- LOL science, nature, documentary/other National Geographic, all nature, history/all ancient--Maya, Greek, Egyptian book-new/classical All of Dickens, all of the Brontes--The Thorn Birds,The portrait of Dorian Gray, All of Ian Flemming, War and Peace, Old man and the sea. poems/writings /other How do I love thee--Barrett-Browning, Shakes. Sonnet 116, Ode to a field Mouse -Burns, Don Juan/Byron, Morte D`Arthur/Tennyson, Rhyme of the ancient Mariner/Coleridge, --most of Byron, Browning and Keats. Plays/operas Phantom of the opera, The Birdcage, Madame Butterfly, Aida, Tosca, Carmen, La Traviata, Csardas princess--all the ballets especially Swan Lake, Fire Bird and Coppelia Shakespeare/other The Tempest, Midsummer night`s dream, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Taming of the Shrew. music-new, old, classical/other Oh so many, God I am dated --- Blue Rodeo, Moody Blues, ELO, Procul Harum, Leonard Cohen, Bob Seger, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra--many new ones, but they are not as meaningful! Songs- Now--Halleluijah, Show me the place--- all ever : What now my love, My way ,Cycles, Unchained Melody, I, I who have nothing Classical: Cavalleria Rusticanan/intermezzo, Cannon, Schubert.Standchen, all Mozart, Verdi, Beethoven,Rossini, Bizet. Liszt. philosophers/gurus/etc Lao Tse, Rumi, Kung, Plato, Avicenna, Confucius--and Wayne Dyer--LOL mythology/legends/gods/goddess/other Story of Pygmalion and Galatea, Eros and Psyche, the abduction of Persephone ---------and whatever you like that is important in your life! My family, fur kids, music and love. well as for all--this is an incomplete list--as we all are..... S
  2. On the lighter side of things--What is your favourite / I know the list is endless; I hope you respond-- kinda fun to know what people like. But name it-- movie/ new/ classical/black-white comedy, drama/other tv show science, nature, documentary/other book-new/classical poems/writings /other plays/operas/other Shakespeare/other music-new, old, classical/other artists etc philosophers/gurus/etc mythology/legends/gods/godess/other ---------and whatever you like that is important in your life! If someone starts --I`ll go next-- cheers,, S
  3. Ahh--that is why they say ignorance is bliss--however I prefer your way. But --you are so very, very right!! peace, S
  4. Yes, --for me , absolutely-- Some threads no because they were more in fun, but even that is needed to lighten up life.--I seem to feel that perhaps you think that it was wrong of me. I am new here, as are many and I find those old discussion new and refreshing which perhaps may not be for ones who have been here for a while. It actually added much to my ways of thinking--and if one mind is changed about things then it was all worth it. However some questions should not be put away, are eternal and should be re-visited, because out of sight , out of mind. I don`t belong at all to many forums, I join to see different points of views, maybe what I have not seen. But simply just to be in a place, present to talk and then not to think about it I find a futile exercise. True--most questions were more in fun that I raised last night, but there were some rather serious ones that made me think--and even the fun ones had some serious undertones--because it shows how we think and feel--and reminds me of certain areas in my life that should be addressed. Also--as time goes by we have different perspectives--had you asked me a certain question a few years ago, maybe even a month ago -- I may answer it differently than today. So--infact valid questions should re-appear at times and discussed, it is the same in science--some theories stand many fall away--had we sat on them and buried them , there would be no progress. Actually--I did think much about it afterwards--and I was going to post a question about it today--because going through the threads, and answers I see many thought, ideas of some have changed for the same people. And I wonder what makes us do that--. We all do it, but it is interesting psychologically why we do it. Is it age, circumstance, life that makes us inconsistent, fickle, bitter-- that some of us become worse,--yes, some become better, but often--I see it in my life we become worse. Like when we get married--all idealistic in love, filled with passion and great plans for the future--and for most of us it becomes ashes after a few years--not all of course--I am talking about my own experiences strictly. Yes--it was a good thing for me to read those posts--because it made me think of some very important issues--as I hope it has for some others. It certainly wasn`t for the exercise to hear myself talk or be enchanted by my own voice--I don`t think I suffer from the Narcissus complex. Thank you for your question--which is rather an important one. blessings,, S
  5. I did that today-- Many, I wondered where all those people are as I read some old topics-- Something to contemplate. peace, S
  6. Size--No--how would you measure it? Length--No, depends how focused one is -only.. You can pray , meditate, contemplate for hours and never be present. That is how many say the rosary--us Catholics--simply repetition of words for many, the mind is elsewhere. Hard to focus at times. Frequency--yes.. It has to be a lifestyle, practiced daily, Intensity-No. One does not need long, fancy prayers to commune with God or whatever that higher power is. Matthew 6:6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. I think the above it goes with all spirituality, prayers, contemplation and communion. blessings, S
  7. Definition of old--when one cannot keep up with the times--especially in thinking and being bogged down in the past. Set within old ways, old paradigms--age has nothing to do with it at all. Definition of wise--learning from the experiences of others and looking at all angles. Never saying never, for all is possible what the mind can conceive. Age as wise--yes 20-25, can be, I have known a few definitely very wise--and some 60+ stupid and unwise-- namaste,, S
  8. Hope never-- in looks, --thinking is different--I was one when I was a baby-- blessings, S
  9. Yes-- Love is a golden white light that radiates from the heart and the eyes. As an actual colour--it is iridescent for me--as you say or white, reflecting purity. Funny though--as my favourite colour has always been black, but then that has all the colours of the spectrum within it peace, S
  10. Naw--not the mark of the beast-- I do believe it was the address of Nero--while he fiddled as Rome was burning--! I know I am crazy today--but it is the 4th of July! Talking of numbers--Master numbers anyone?--I have 22 + 33. http://www.metaphysi.../numerology.htm peace, S
  11. Ah--all in the eyes of the beholder. I am sure you are very handsome Br. Kaman--I can tell. I have never in my life been influenced by looks--only intelligence and state of the heart--and I don`t mean atherosclerosis either . I have always been lucky--have loved and been loved very much. namaste and peace, S.
  12. I am crazy about fractals--It is like an obsession with me--Why? Because I am crazy I suppose. To me it explains much of existence and God--Now someone will ask--Explain--I can`t--it is inexplicable just IS--- Like I am crazy about the ocean and shells-- .peace, S
  13. If God had a face, what would it look like? I have no idea--I never imagine God as a person, or a being. As A child I did as an old man with a big white beard--now it is more this-- with these exact colors of swirling energy. I hope so-- for it gives me much peace--I hope I shall not be disappointed, though I am not in a hurry yet. blessings and light, S
  14. Depends on the day--Some days I wonder who is that in the mirror, and I have to look twice. --I looked like different people at different times in my life---it is always one or the other-- below! Depends which side of the bed I get out in the morning-- blessings or not, S
  15. I am grateful just to be I am grateful that I am able to light a candle for the people I care for I am grateful for having faith I am grateful for the beautiful words of Rumi Please light a candle! http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candles.cfm?l=eng blessings, peace and light, S
  16. On the lighter side of things--and animals-- blessings-- S
  17. Cute-- meeeeeeeeeeeowwwwwwwww! and woof woof-- S
  18. Yep--I messed up big time--The songs don`t have cities in their lyrics or names--but come from different countries--OH well--you can delete them if you wish. They are from the different countries--but now I see I misunderstood the questions--before you care to delete--listen to them, they are kinda cool! You can whack me. though, you are allowed. peace and espavo-- S
  19. Kenya-Nairobi Sad place now--used to be good. Well, not like Johannesburg which was always a very modern advanced city ----but then Roger Whittaker was young once, but a great song. He still sounds good--I was crazy about this song when was very young. S
  20. Cuban--Havana. Great cigars and rum---pity I don`t smoke. But the music is cool--the government sucks big time. I did like Che Guevara, well probably just the romance of being a rebel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9APPCQpquds S
  21. Greece--Athens--. This is one place I would happily live for the rest of my life, I would even learn Greek dance, listen to bouzouki, drink ouzo all day. Just dream of those beautiful Greek gods, --And maybe the Oracle of Delphi would have pity on me and predict something good for my life--I need it. [media=] Well and this--just the music though. I am no fallen woman. :no!: well not yet. There is a first time for everything though-- S
  22. South Africa--Xhosa Ah yes--more memories! The click song. s
  23. Ecuador--Quito I love the pan flute--when I was in Ecuador I fell in love with it--They play it simply amazingly. S
  24. Ancient Egypt and the Suez Canal-- And was a major flop at the time. --one of my previous incarnations--no wife of Pharaoh, but a mere slave--like Aida--- WE can`t all be Nefertiti-- .Sorry--I have gone crazy this eveing with this thread--but I love music--and then no stopping me. [media=] S
  25. Germany--an other cool lady. Well--let sleeping dogs lie--the voice is great, and the song. Now is now--then was then. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO0lUXnAs-U s