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  1. France--Piaf. Great song, was a great lady with a unique voice S
  2. Okay--last one--we have to get in an Austrian--Franz Schubert.--now this holds many memories. I hope some will enjoy S
  3. This is my favourite opera--I saw this at the Vienna State Opera when I was 16--on a trek through Europe-. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful than this--part the aria - ---and the humming chorus. [media=] S
  4. From Magyarorszag--Hungary With a little back ground id you don`t mind, Isten aldjon--God bless S Bánk Bán -Hazám,hazám Lyrics & Chords Bánk bán is an opera composed by Ferenc Erkel in 1861, based on a stage play of the same title by József Katona. (Bán is in English, similar to a viceroy, a duke or palatine.) The main storyline is based on the assassination of Queen Gertrúd in 1213, wife of Andrew II. This is the most known aria of the opera-a tenor aria-the most patriotic aria of Hungary. Dalszöveg --Lyrics Mint száműzött, ki vándorol Like an exile who wanders A sűrű éjen át, Through the thick darkness of night S vad förgetegben nem lelé Whom in the wild storm cannot find Vezérlő csillagát, His guiding star, Az emberszív is úgy bolyong, Man`s heart wanders in a similar ways Oly egyes-egyedül, So lonely and alone Úgy tépi künn az orkán, Whose torn apart outside by wild winds of the storm Mint az önvád itt belül. Just like by his conscience within. Csak egy nagy érzés éltetett Only one heart felt sentiment kept me live Sok gond és gyász alatt, During this pain and mourning. Hogy szent hazám és hős nevem That my holy homeland and heroic name Szeplőtlen megmarad. Shall forever remain immaculate. Most mind a kettő orvosra vár, But now both are waiting for the physician, S míg itt töprenkedem, And while I am here pondering about fate Hazám borítja szemfödél My homeland closes its eyes in death S elvész becsületem! And my honor shall be lost! Hazám, hazám, te mindenem! My lhomeland, my my everything Tudom, hogy mindenem neked köszönhetem. I know that I owe all and my life to you.in gratitude. Arany mezők, ezüst folyók, Golden plains, silver rivers Hős vértől ázottak, könnytől áradók. Drenched in heroic blood , and flooded from all the tears . Sajgó sebét felejti Bánk, Bank is forgetting his throbbing pain and wounds, Zokog, de szolgálja népe szent javát. Wails in tears and pain but still serves his people`s in holy duty. Magyar hazám, te mindenem! My Magyar homeland, you`re my everything! Te érted bátran meghalok, For you I will fearlessly die, Te Szent Magyar hazám! You my holy Magyar homeland! Magyar hazám, megáldalak! My Magyar homeland I bless you! Szép érted élni, érted halni, It is beautiful to live for you, to die for you, Te hős magyar hazám! You my heroic Magyar homeland.! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GlV5TqsCfs&feature=related story of Ba`nk Ba`n found -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%A1nk_b%C3%A1n A little about the 1956 Revolution--
  5. I love your story Atwater VItki about your family--thank you for sharing it!--there is an old Magyar saying---the one who loves animals and flowers cannot have a bad heart, neither can he be a bad person. I always have what God sends me--used to be dogs,--now I am a catwoman--with 2 fur kids- Used to have fish and bird at one point--When they leave--I say never again, and then there is someone on my doorstep the next morning. blessings, S
  6. I am grateful that I woke up this morning happy I am grateful that I heard my favourite song today on the radio I am grateful that my sick plants have taken a turn for the better I am grateful that I heard a wonderful sermon from my favourite minister I am grateful that my mom celebrated a great birthday and she is simply in great health I am grateful that I have one or two new friends here I am grateful that I received a letter from my new friend I am grateful that God has blessed me with so much, and such happy memories Please remember to light a candle-- http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candles.cfm?l=eng blessings, peace and light to all of you --may God--or whomever you conceive that to be--, be with you every step of your lives. S
  7. Very happy and contented-- I always tell people if they are not simply change what you are doing. I have always been this way--sure we all have a bad day, some temporary sadness, but that dosn`t change anything for me. I have never wanted to be anyone else, do anything else that I am doing as a profession, would have the same family--and don`t regret anything, no relationships, look any different, change the people in my life--partings from loved ones, lovers--none has never ever been on a bad note, not a single one.--infact, I am a better person through all that has transpired in my life. I carry no red in my aura--no baggage whatsoever. I never ask God for anything, only thank Him, and ask to show me His will-- Even if I pray for an other for some event, my prayer is always --for God to do what is right. A favourite minister of mine--Charles Price here in Toronto-- just the other Sunday said--Jesus never ever said `please` to God. It was always a prayer of thanksgiving and for His will to be done. AS for money--I believe God always provides--in my case anyway. I have never had problems and never worried about it--I know this is not the same for everyone, but maybe this is because I truly believe that God will provide always--he always has. Since I was a child I remember a statement from my aunt, she is still around--she said `always be contented, happy never look up but down--and see how bad it is for some people. And life can always get worse especially if you do not appreciate what you have--and thank God for His blessings.` This is also why I spend as much time with my family as possible--especially my mother--so later I shall have no regrets. Yes--I am very happy! blessings, S
  8. Theory of life: My**, your **, --boils down to one big pile of **, for we know ** all!--we are simply wading in **. But don`t could be worse, we could be buried in it.
  9. I am dying to post this--forgive my language--I shall wash my mouth out with soap--but still post it!! Taoism ** happens. Buddhism If ** happens, it's not really **. Islam If ** happens, it's the will of Allah. Protestantism ** happens because you don't work hard enough. Judaism Why does this ** always happen to us? Hinduism This ** happened before. Catholicism ** happens because you're bad. Hare Krishna ** happens rama rama. T.V. Evangelism Send more **. Atheism No **. Jehova's Witness Knock knock, ** happens. Hedonism There's nothing like a good ** happening. Christian Science ** happens in your mind. Agnosticism Maybe ** happens, maybe it doesn't. Rastafarianism Let's smoke this **. Existentialism What is ** anyway? Stoicism This ** doesn't bother me. cheers! S
  10. I am so sorry about your area--I have seen some awful pictures on TV--they said the fire is spreading 3 football fields every minute. How awful is that--hope things improve today--Prayers for all, especially for you and your family that all will be OK soon. blessings and love,, S
  11. This was my favourite prayer since I went on a retreat at age 14 to a Franciscan monastery--Never a day goes by that I don`t say it. The movie is just as moving. [media=] blessings and peace-- S
  12. A whole rosary tomorrow morning shall be for Colorado--thank you for your concern. --and a special prayer to St Jude. blessings and love, S
  13. It is enough to make my day!--hope for you too. blessings, S
  14. Thank you for sharing the story of MIlo--he was a very special soul. You were blessed and he was blessed. We remember them so well-don`t we? Every single one of them were special-- This just a reminder to you and all of us that as we, animals carry on and we shall meet again--this is for you Grateful, Atwater Vitki and for whomever a sweet furry spirit`s soul has ever touched. http://www.indigo.or...ridge_ver2.html Thank you -- Blessings and love, S
  15. All the animals that we have had are very/were very special, with their very own special story--I shall just share one. But I have had quiet a few-- My daughter`s father-in-law, Papa as they call him, had a little Westie named Blanche--he certainly was not a man in need of a little dog. When I met him, he had her for about 6 years already. She certainly did not have a good life, a very hard and tough one indeed--during the day she was locked in the furnace room, lying on bare concrete--and even nights. She didn`t receive many kind words--at times she was often around when he, or company were having dinner--it was always the case that she would be fed after dinner--poor little thing watching as everybody was eating.--and she was often shouted at and threatened loudly. Yes--she was walked a little, but was fed very little, only dry dog food. Papa said--she can`t tolerate anything else, and nothing is good for her anyway except dry dog food. Often she would get into the garbage in the kitchen at night--and there would be major trouble in the morning. Well--Papa decided to move to Calgary--and it was too troublesome to take little Blanche--he decided to put her to sleep. I already had two cats in an apartment--but I could not let it happen , so I took her in--she was so very grateful--tail wagging like a fan.. She started getting all kinds of nice food, treats--slept on my bed--his teeth were real bad and had gotten a serious medical condition after a couple of months. I took him to the vet--diagnosis was not good--cancer. They asked me what should they do--I said operate and whatever happens, happens--Almost $2,000 later little Blanche was home--a huge operation and minus a few teeth. We went for long walks in the park--she got warm clothes that winter--and she was very happy--9 months later she started getting bad arthritis and a huge lump in her side. We got some pain killers and slowly she started to deteriorate--about 3 weeks later--I got home from work--she crawled onto my lap looking at me in the eyes --and 30 minutes later she died in my arms. She actually waited for me to get home--She had a wonderful 15 months with me--As my daughter commented one day when she was over--saying Blanche thinks she has died and gone to heaven--she is there now. She lived more in 15 months than in her entire little life. Thank you for reading! Blessings and love, S
  16. I am really sorry about all the tragedies in your life--sometimes things happen and we have no idea why, especially as it is said; to good people`. But--nothing is permanent but change, is what I hold to be true--I hope and pray that from hence forth your life will be filled with light and you start a new chapter. --and hope it is the end of all the sadness This is for you with love; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcCXK6bjOEE blessings, S
  17. Thanks for sharing--what a beautiful message it portrays. We have never bought an animal ever --they always turned up due to some condition. They always seemed to have found us. I have never been without an animal ever in my life--used to be dogs, now it is cats --Felix and Alice are my fur kids. blessings, S
  18. I am grateful that the little fig tree in a pot that I have had for almost 25 years has finally returned to the world--it has one leaf. I thought I had lost it I am grateful for hearing from a friend --that all is well I am grateful for the great day we had on Thursday night I am grateful to have seen the crescent moon last night I am simply grateful for today Please light a candle! http://www.gratefulness.org/candles/candles.cfm?l=eng blessings, S
  19. I think I shall return to this subject more fully -very, very -soon. As there are many point to address in the area of Trimorphic Protennoia.. I am just not up to it now-- One of my favourite subjests Br. Hex-- blessings .. S
  20. The eternal question--Is it better to have loved and lost or never have loved at all? This simply mot just a question about romantic love, but circumscribes a number of issues where love is concerned in any way or form--Is having more pain better or worse ? Does it make us better people? Would you choose the same path? Do you regret that relationship, marriage? Had the child that died early? Said things to loved ones that shouldn`t have/should have? Joined a monastery/left one? Chose a different life? Had that cat/dog/goldfish that died and broke your heart? --and any other that comes to your mind blessings and peace, S
  21. I am a person that absolutely hates change, uncertainty--yet as Hermano put it--the universe is forever changing. The only thing permanent in life is change, yet the way we live our lives it dosn`t seem to reflect that. At this point in my life I have come to a point where looking back the only permanence in my life is my faith, my God--sadly, not even my family for I have lost some, children grow up, we move from here to there --friends become mortal enemies and the face reflected back in the mirror is a stranger. We swear eternal love--and within a short span of life we wonder if the experience was real or not--Was it a dream? Did it happen? We don`t even know where the people we swore to love forever are.The sad thing is we even question why did we feel that way and feel rather doubtful about it--even uncomfortable. It was certainly a well defined colour at that moment--now it is a faded grey , all washed out and seems quite unreal. And everything is like that. And the sad thing is that the more passionate a person is the worse at the end. Some people are hard, tough, nothing seems to phase them--but the sensitive, romantic, feeling crowd seem to be forever suffering. Is that weakness--well probably yes, --but I still think it is better than just having a rock where one`s heart should be. Now on that happy note I shall say adieu--and keep on suffering. peace and blessings, S
  22. To discuss your question Br.Hex would defeat our purpose of this group--for again as when we discuss the Bible or any other spiritual belief there is always a `pro or contra`view--none of us can prove anything , simply argue about it. Theology is a subject that falls into the realms of legend, myth and the mystical--thus holy, mysterious and unknowable. But then I am no theologian. To me the gnostic view --the cosmology and wisdom is just as valid as any other sacred writing. But who has real `gnosis`--who can say. Again I have to state my favourite phrase` we are in the same boat, only sitting in a different section --rowing to the same destination`. Thus what one sincerely believes is the truth--is the way. As with all things of spirit, it is really just a matter of faith. You believe or you don`t--we only have myths, legends from sacred, inspired writings from ones who perhaps were more enlightened or those who had a connection to the higher realms, some of us would say --Universal Mind /Consciousness/Source or --God. Thus it all depends what you believe, what faith you hold as your compass or what religion shows you the way of understanding that which is beyond understanding,beyond comprehension and beyond man--but we still have the need to search, for we feel the need to know, or feel that we are more than `nothing` that perhaps in some way we are part of some `divine power`. Most religions have a creation cosmology--however all of them are simply myths and legends. We either believe it all, or parts of it--we have the need to believe or then nothing makes sense--to most of us anyway, not all.Perhaps it gives a sense of belonging , of feeling that there has to be something more and that we, as humans are the most special part of creation separate from other forms of life. the chosen ones. ~Blessed are those who believe who not yet have seen~ --I doubt than in human form we have the capability of vision. Gnostic wisdom has much to awaken within us that which sleeps--and to me it proves that Sophia is well within the human spirit be it distilled found in the writings from the Gita, the Bible, the Koran, the Apocryphon of John , the Trimorphic Protennoia or any other important sacred text, legends and mythology. We can all learn from them for they light a path towards the spirituality of man. Thank you for posting an excerpt from this ancient faith wisdom-religion. Blessings and light, S
  23. The term messenger has always been the translation--I think for some reason it got twisted into something different. But the 72 names I was referring to are not really angels--but names of God. Often it does get confused--even the way I posted it. Thanks for the explanation -- namaste and blessings, S
  24. ------oops sorry RabbiO ---which denomination you belong to. blessings and peace,,S