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  1. Without going into my beliefs.... I am an inactive ordained Old Catholic priest. I am also a Unitarian Universalist. I am proud of my priesthood nonetheless. I do not agree with what Catholicism espouses, yet do not shun others who do. I integrate the mysticism of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches into my belief system. I was ordained with the ULC in 2010. I have done more with this ordination than my other one. My spiritual path has been long, and sometimes hard, yet most of the time very satisfying. Wouldn't change a thing.
  2. There is also a group out of Florida, a christian church with an objectionable "pastor." If you read about them, run away. I've nothing against Christianity at all, but this group takes the cake.
  3. The Monastery is or was run out of a UPS Store if that tells you anything.
  4. I was ordained in 2010 to do weddings. I sought something more, and studied for a year and was ordained on Old Catholic priest. After a few years I realized that it wasn't my calling due to the fact that I doubted the basic fundamental tenants of Christianity, being the Resurrection. I am a follower of Christ and many other great prophets. I am a believer in one God, many faces to put it simply. I believe my ULC ordination along with my membership in the Unitarian Universalist church helps me to grow deeper spiritually. The fact that I am a Reverend in the ULC is empowering and also let's others know that I can help in their stations of life for a better outlook for them.
  5. We have lost from this earthly plane a great teacher. May his journey to the next be joyful and blessed . Godspeed.
  6. Forgot to tell you I was ordained a priest in the Celtic Rite Old Catholic Church.
  7. I believe in souls. Full and plump and ripe with energy and consciousness.
  8. Looks like someone made a movement video; unofficial as it may be it still seems sincere.
  9. My best guess is that legally, you can't perform your own wedding. I don't know for sure, though -- I never would have thought to look it up! I suggest that you contact the Circuit Court for the city or county in which you plan to be married. They will know the answer. What I would do is get legally married in at the courthouse, then perform your wedding however you want to, for there is no law against that.
  10. Cradle RC here. Former Old Catholic priest. I have shed my ties to Catholicism in general as I see the underlying patterns as being the same. I do value some things that Catholicism has to offer such as sacramental worship of deity. I value my ULC ordination as my only ordination now. Silly of me?
  11. There are many Catholic prayers for just this purpose. and It seems that from my experience Catholics are one of the very few Christian groups that actually see this need. Are you seeking non-Christian prayers as well? I don't want to seem presumptuous.
  12. There are just as many sinners in and out of the church. I'm one of them. And I agree -at-revtimothybland we don't know for sure, but I know what I saw. wait for it? An exorcism.
  13. Awesome. It's too sweet when someone finds their way home (no matter the path)!!!
  14. Rev. Patty, You can check out an official online UU congregation called the Church of the Larger Fellowship. It's an official congregation. and here I am a member. It requires an initial donation but it's up to you as to the amount. I also have an online church based in Judeo-Christian tradition, yet Universalist and somewhat Unitarian (we welcome Trinitarians). All are welcome!!! No one here has joined it *AHEM!!!!*
  15. This is plausible but demon possession isn't? Rotfl My perspective on quite a few other cases may be simple multiple personality disorders. If there are multiple parallel universes with multiple copies of ourselves out there, some human minds may be wired to pick up energies and frequencies from these other selves and change focus from time to time. Like a radio that is able to pick up a multitude of signals but usually only focuses on one our minds may sometimes pick up interference and play multiple channels at once. People with multiple personality disorder may simply have a different wired receiver (their brain) then the rest of. Some of these personalities who may be aware of the condition may be deviant and malicious and come through as demons just for the fun of it.
  16. You wouldn't happen to have a PDF of it would you? I got a flyer type thing when I got my ordination things.