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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses, I agree with you all, and that is why I joined ULC, we can believe what we want and have the ability to discuss with others our beliefs and get wonderful feedback from the members. peace be with you all.
  2. i haven't been on for a while but i have a question that needs an aswer and i know this is the place to bring it. a friend ask me what my religion was. i was baptised a catholic when a child but i no longer follow this religion, all though i still carry some of the quilt i was taught to have. I believe in God, i do not believe in organised religion or that the bible is the only word. i believe the bible was written by men with their spin on things. i believe there was a Jesus but i believe he was a man and not divine, he was a teacher, apious person and a leader, he married , had children
  3. I think you all may be right, i read it again and the part i was talking about said (anyone ordained or licensed in ky may perform the ceremony) I thought it meant i had to be licensed in the state of ky, but i now believe i just have to be ordained, which i am, not necessarily in ky. thanks everyone i just wanted to be sure, i don't want to marry her and find out it wasn't legal.
  4. thanks everyone for your help, i believe under the reading of the law even though i am ordained and able to perform the wedding in ky, i still have to get some kind of license, i just don't know what to ask for, it says must be licensed in the state to perform the ceremony.
  5. I haven't been on the forum for quite some time, too much going on (medical). my niece who lives in ky wants me to marry her in october, i live in indiana, i have checked the law questions and went to the ky site for laws and according to my reading i would have to have a licsence, am i reading this correct and if so, where and what kind of license do i need, does anyone know?