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  1. Happy birthday! Hope your day goes well!

    Blessings of Peace,

    PS: BTW, not any relation to the Modesto, CA "Hedberg's are ya? Modesto Covenant Church? Been a looooong time ifn's ya are!

  2. The Cat Empire - Down at the 303
  3. Any subject... where the answer might cause harm to people I care about or for. The “why?” is that its necessary for me to be able to create a beneficial interaction on a foundation of mutual respect and trust for the individual. Both when it comes to being a professional at work (health care) as well as in personal relationships. Apart from the code of ethic and moral issues... also because I really don't want them to me Personally though... I'm not that sensitive about being questioned about any subject... but like Bluecat wrote “It depends a bit on who is asking and who is listening”
  4. Sending my love and prayers from cross the ocean to your son Aaron and his family!
  5. No, I don't want to live forever. I guess I wouldn't appreciate the wonders of life as much if the contrast of death didn't exist... in my case... waking up, looking down and wiggle my toes.
  6. Phillipe & BrDevon: I've got an education health care and also an education in the handcraft of bookbinding (later also industrial) and worked as a professional bookbinder. I've even combined the two in a Rehabilitation project for people with disabilities, who managed to repair books from libraries and in doing so pro-longed the life of the books on behalf the readers. Also made books for others as well. I was quite proud over my students, the project and the rewards it gave to all involved. So I guess I'm somewhat bias when it comes to books. You get a special feeling for books especially when you restore older books from lets say the 16th or 17th century and there's only a few original copies left in the whole world. Feeling a part of a long line of bookbinders, honor the old master by restoring his work. Holding a well made book of high quality in ones hands is... I also find the text on the computer screen to be a bit dead... and also difficult to read it properly, but maybe thats a question of age and the younger generation has another view upon it? Often when I've written a longer piece I need to print it out and read it first. However, the computer is still a great tool. Then when I compare old paper and old with recently manufactured theres also a huge difference. Neither I believe that any e-books or other new formats will ever replace the traditional books. There is nothing that can compare to holding a well made book. Green literature? Samuron: Industrial bookbinding also requires a certain amount of power to run its production... compared to the cost of power required to read an e-book? Well, I don't know... I didn't think about those things while I worked there. But the machines ran almost constantly around the clock. However it's an important issue. Hopefully, we'll find an alternative to trees as building material or in making paper. At least so we can stop the destruction of the rainforests and save its species. It's terribly shortsighted when so much is still to be discovered and may help mankind in finding new medicine etc in future. Better contribute myself now... by shutting down my computer... besides I'm so tired I cant see straight at the moment and much less think. In a state of total confusion... I bid you farewell for now!
  7. That was truly “une riposte élégante” (pardon my bad French) in defence of authors... I really liked that one. At first though... I thought it was a picture of me at my former office... but his bone structure is much better looking than mine...
  8. Hi BrDevon. Never heard about Dailylit... thanks! Have you ever tried this website: The Internet Archive got a bunch of free stuff from the public domain. Another link that I enjoy is the free audiobooks from public domain at the Librivox page. Here you may download audiorecordings that volunteers has contributed. A good way to be able to “read” while you do other things or for people not able to read for some reason. Just hope the links works... Take care and happy reading