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  1. How about some EBs or whichever communicate with Earthonians to say Earth is off limits to outsiders while space is cut off to humanity because we killed Jesus? As likely a scene as any perhaps.
  2. yes androids can have souls. basic reasoning here being why wouldn't an android have a soul.
  3. If it is not right, do not do it: if it is not true, do not say it.Marcus Aurelius
  4. A dangerous path you tread there brother. Beware the beasts of the fields and such. Know your texts throughout. The Gospel of Thomas should provide some good one liners to your detractors, and you'll have a fair share for sure. The Nag Hammadi Library holds some pretty harsh teachings. Just some encouraging words to a fellow traveler.
  5. Seems the everything as of late has been pointing out that evil is necessary for good, dark for light. Just a realization and manifestation of the eon aged yin yang thing. Simple and terrifying while complex and joyful. How often these realizations come to self aware entities throughout the existence may be incalculable by humanity's standards. Ah poo.

  6. When you come down to it, this is all an on going discussion on the nature of existence itself, in all it's forms we as a group can recognize and define. Though opinions differ, each is as valid as the next in the grand scheme of things. And it is nice to be able to join in this discussion (being the whole of the forums)at any time, provided a computer with internet capabilities can be accessed and used, and the time is to be had, and the site is up and running (never had a problem not resolved there, nice work). Each discussion topic and response is a window into someone else's reality; a p
  7. When Francis Bacon wrote/edited the King James Bible, the state of science was bleak; to the point where gravity was just being 'discovered' around the same time period. With learning and general historical knowledge actively being suppressed at the time, one may just wonder if he did in fact toss some smidgens of truth when choosing which creation myths to include in the mix; this assuming he actually had access to any held in high enough regard within masonic protocol. This of course opens up the can of worms that his Shakespeare plays may have also held some truths, which would be more
  8. "if he is aware of them, the time line is changed, the future is changed, and they vanish, like a dwarf, in a puff of greasy black smoke." Well, no. He may be aware of these protectors from the future, but as stated, he thinks that he sent them into the past in his future. He can believe this all he wants, but the fact is that the natianal socialist uprising under the guies of the third reich failed, and it was the victor's ancestors who sent these body gaurds to protect him. Though he is the enemy, his existance must be protected until the designated temporal date of 5/5/1945 for the sovie
  9. that last post brings something pondered a while back one afternoon. When the phisical human body can be transported back into "time" with readily available technology, nexis individuals will have to be protected in order to protect the time line. So hitler would basicly be surrounded by time travelers from his future to ensure that he lives until the set point of his "death". If he was aware of this, he would assume that the tech was developed by his own research teams, and that he himself ordered the body gaurds into his past to protect him. That would be acceptable reasoning to him, esp
  10. Robert Jorden's Wheel of Time books. This is the third time but a new one came out months ago so I want to remember who's who and what's what before I start the new one. It is more enjoyable this time around because I know what happens to some of the characters as they are introduced, and still have personal theories who may yet be revealed to be a darkfriend. So I'm on 2 of 11 so far, or maybe it's 12. Still looking forward to the next George RR Martin fire and ice book...and if it comes out soon I'll drop the wheel of time to read it. Not that the wheel is bad, it's that the fire and
  11. Tuff Voyaging by George RR Martin (for about the fifth time)