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  1. Why did God have to send himself down to earth to be his son to sacrifice himself to himself to convince himself to forgive us?
  2. Not defending one religion or another but Christian's use the book of Hebrews in order to convince Jews of their standpoint. The trouble is the only thing the book of Hebrews convinces them of is how little Paul actually knew about Judaism and how unlikely it is that he was schooled in Judaism as he claims.
  3. A few years ago I made contact with Jews for Jesus. I just found them more like a Christian evangelical church with a few Jewish trimmings but with no pretence at being part of Judaism. Just New Testament bible believing Christian's.
  4. WHO advised a three layer mask. I think that is good advice However, many people do not know how to wear them. They are supposed to cover the mouth and nose and plastic visors are only really useful if you are wearing a mask under it. The numbers I see wearing a mask and not covering their nose is incredible. The nose is just as capable of catching it and spreading it as the mouth.
  5. Stay at home when ill? The virus has up to a 10 days incubation period in which a person maybe symptom less but still able to spread it to others. if people would only follow the rules then maybe less people would die and many of my professional colleagues would still be alive and not so much under strain. I do not care whether you think the mask is good or bad but our research says it helps. I will follow that. Personally I am sick of armchair and facebook experts sounding off about something they know little about. Why do people wear masks in operating theatres? So they do not spread bu
  6. 70,000 deaths in December worldwide. My error but the rest is so.
  7. Further to my answer earlier. 1% of the world population is about 78.5 + million. Highest death rate from covid was nearly 70 million in December. The figures are off set because the flu death rate was also lowered by the Covid restrictions. Hence, not much movement on the mortality figures. However, if there had been no restrictions then the mortality rate would be very much higher..
  8. Much of the thanks has to be laid at science's door and the early warning from China. If this virus was allowed to spread freely many more would have died. you get seriously ill. You feel like sh1t and you are in pain. Your tubes going to your lungs are inflamed and eroding and your drownIng in pus and inflammation. No not a nice way to go. Many who recover have sustained injuries to their internal organs. The age range of mortality was from three years upwards. Mostly in the elderly but not exclusive. The last time we had something so dangerous was the spanish flu in the early 1900s. On
  9. Masks, social distancing and the vaccine is the only credible choice at present. I have worn masks every time I leave my flat. I socially distance and I will have the vaccine. I have done that for nearly a year now. If I could make a comment. More Americans would be alive now if Trump had followed his own advice and drank a bottle of bleach. At first masks where they said masks only helped a little but later research showed it helped protect a person and helped stop the virus spreading. Social distancing of at least two metres is also important. However if you have ever breathed out on a cold
  10. It is hard because people are being given stupid advice. I have a friend who is a scientist working in virolgy for Sheffield Hallam University and people are arguing with him because they read something on Facebook. It is amazing. Then there is those who care more about profit than people and just want people working and do not care if they die. It is no accident that Countries like New Zealand, Korea, and Singapore have done better than other countries. Why? Because they took positive action from the start. Well, maybe not North Korea. That is because few want to go there.
  11. There is viruses that help and viruses that hinder good health. Wearing a mask helps prevent the spread by helping people resist infection. Given the numbers that have died both in the states and the UK by the poor responses. I have been dealing with infection for years. The sooner we get the vaccines out the better. This virus has been mishandled from the start.
  12. That was one of the reasons for a lockdown. The more people the virus spreads too the more likely there would be more mutations. The more mutations the more the vaccine will need tweeking and the longer we have the virus. That is why I think anti maskers are criminal. They are risking themselves and others in the process.
  13. Yes. During this epidemic Johnson and others have been throwing billions of money and contracts to private individuals who have sponsored the tory party. He has also held secret meetings with US companies whilst denying he is privatizing it. Johnson just lies and carries on. They also replaced the head of NHS England with the wife of the chancellor. She has no previous experience or knowledge of health care. She even went on TV saying no one could have known viruses mutate. Yet, everyone in health knows that.