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  1. Any kind of discrimination is based on comfortable ignorance. People have a natural curiosity, but some people are so scared of that which is different, they cover them selves with willful ignorance and refuse to learn about it, choosing to simply label the different thing "bad". This also has the double effect of making their group automatically "good" by default. These people are dangerous. Their entire sense of self worth is based on someone else being a bad person so they can be the good person. They will automatically hate anything that is different. If they see a different r
  2. I think virtue is a means to an end - a tool used to get where you want to be. Vice is anything that takes you away from where you want to be. A virtue can a tool for spiritual growth, or social growth or personal growth. Any action that benefits you can be considered a virtue. Like I said before, an action can be virtuous, and take you where you want to be but can become a vice if continuing to do that action starts to take you away from your goal.
  3. thanks. just being cautous. i'd hate to be excommunicated on my first day.
  4. hi, I'm not an expert but i picked up a few things. 1. it is true that only a catholic priest can consecrate a host ( turning a host into the body of christ in catholic belief) 2. it is NOT true that only a priest can administer a host. The catholic church allows lay ministers and chaplains to take a consecrated host from a church to a sick person if that person cannot get to the church. These people are called Eucharistic ministers. They can be men or women, usually catholic, but non denominational chaplains can have dispensation to administer communion. check with your local catho
  5. Hi again, So this is my own personal take on virtue , and i hope i don't offend anyone. I think of virtue as that which is good for the person. Usually we know theses personal goods from natural law. I have to kind of proviso that, because the nature of human is different from the nature of the others we share this universe with. and what is a personal good for humans isn't necessarily a personal good for other beings. i think virtues are like the health food of the soul. like any food - a certain amount of moderation needs to be practiced. in ancient Greek philosophy 4 virtues
  6. I'm not a theologian. But I think any virtue can be a vice depending on the context. I think it may be possible for vices To be virtues. Any time a person is drawn toward something, that something should be examined for the potential of benefit or detriment. We call being drawn to benefit , inspired and being drawn to detriment temptation, but what is beneficial and what is detrimental can change depending on the context or circumstance. Thats what hat I think anyway.