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  1. No problem at all. Thanks for convincing me. Keep doing your good work, Vitki.
  2. I wish to know God, but in a way that I can believe in, and get behind with enthusiasm. A God whose first name isn't Profit. A God that wishes to be worshipped or loved outside, where He/She/It thinks we're going to be happiest and healthiest; surrounded by the sun, and His/Her/Its best works. A God that wants us to both worship and respect the world that He/She/It created for us and the animals. A God wishing that we would care more for His/Her/It's other creatures. A God that can recognize a soul when he creates it for the animals, even if we can't sometimes. A God that does not wish for u
  3. Love certainly has it's position in the universe, because yes, it's often a beautiful feeling. My only problem with it is that a lot of horrible things have been done in it's name, such as the Trojan War for example. if it was ever possible to freely give so much power or responsibility to an emotion, I'm tempted to suggest Hope. I know that this is an old argument, and that I've suggested it isn't going to surprise anybody, but absolutely everything has its place. I feel that sometimes Hope isn't given the credit that it's earned. I'm not trying to step into anybody's spotlight here, so
  4. Epiphanies are awesome, aren't they? It sounds to me like you and I have a few things (if not more) in common.
  5. I think each of us are the sum of our experiences; it is for this reason that I also think that some mistakes are supposed be made so that we might learn from them. Unfortunately, the world we live in is a fairly careless one, filled with countless wrong-turns, broken tail-lights, and a complete and total lack of large enough 'wet-floor' signs. In other words, we have far too many mistakes that can kill us, rather than mistakes that can teach us or make us better people. Fact of the matter is, I'm no longer even sure that 18, 21, or even 32 is old enough for some of our offspring (like my
  6. I've found that the best advice for me to offer is that you give up. It's not how it sounds; the idea is for you to stop wishing for what you don't have, so that you might focus instead on what's currently within reach. Build something, find a goal, or become a part of something you can be proud of. The idea is for you to strengthen yourself intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. Once you've accomplished this (a continual practice that never has to end), you will have become strong enough that you won't need anybody other than the company of friends to be satisfied. After you've acc
  7. I believe in Brahman. Brahman is what we call the Hindu 'aspect of supreme reality'. Brahman is responsible for creating the universe, and comes to all of us in many forms and as many gods. Each of his many avatars have their own identity and history, and each of them are adored by those who worship them; I offer my devotion for each of them, depending on what I'm needing. Some might say that I'm a monotheistic-polytheist.
  8. I'm impressed with you, and yes; for the most part it's accurate. Hinduism is annoyingly difficult to define, so I think you've done as well as most.
  9. That's a tough question, because I think I made too many stupid freaking decisions in the interim.
  10. It's great to see everybody.

  11. Yes, and I appreciate your interest. Thank you.
  12. o great shree hanuman! son of the wind, and the greatest of rama. here me; you give me the strength to accept my loss, yet still I treasure every day. you keep me on my feet; straight and steady, and keep my ache at bay. o hanuman, i Hope for rama's peace, and I dream of sita's joy! by your grace, one can enjoy all happiness and one need not have any fear under your protection.
  13. Quetzal, I came back, after all of this time, because of an idea I couldn't let go of. There are times when I feel surrounded by those that won't accept my thoughts or notions, and how they react sometimes puts me on the defensive. It's a challenge to keep my chin high, and the challenge is greater still to keep from cutting down the voices of open dismissal. There isn't a day, or a discussion that goes by, where I don't find myself shutting my eyes after; I meditate and chant from the Chalisa, but only because I question myself. I question whether or not I'm strong enough to keep doing what
  14. "A great man shouldn't ever have to worry about staying that way." --Mister Rant
  15. Variety is the spice of life, and what is the point of positive, without the negative around to compare it to?