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  1. Good morning, Gruffydd. Been a while, so welcome back. I agree with this. I agree that the Romans were already far too aware that an idea, be it religious, social or what-have-you, was far more difficult to conquer than any army.
  2. I would like to believe that religion in all of its many forms are respected. It's a shame that so many try so completely to make it next to impossible.
  3. It would appear to me that this thread's focus has been pulled away from the women who were beheaded.
  4. I'm appreciate your response. i feel sometimes that I am in a silent minority, and it isn't because of what I might be missing.
  5. Man cannot. I found it interesting that Keystriker mentioned that only those who did the original writing or dictation would know for certain, because even those individuals wouldn't be able to confirm anything. It was never supposed to be about what was true or what wasn't. It was only supposed to be about faith and comfort. We were supposed to take things on faith, maybe learn something, become better people, and gain comfort from it. It's unfortunate that many wish to take things too literally. It's even more unortunate that some have taken lives because of it. Those who need something die-hard and absolute have either grown too cinical, or are simply too afraid of death to take things in any other fasion. In my opinion, those are the people I most pity, because they've never had to face death without the promise of immortality. Not really. Living with the mystery and uncertainty takes some adjustment, but it can be done. It also has the added benefit of freedom to believe what one wishes without cosmic reprisal.
  6. It’s our selfishness that causes most of our problems, but it’s our apathy that sustains them.

  7. That right there is probably the most positive and helpful thing I've seen for more than a little while in a thread this depressing. Props, Hermano.
  8. It’s our selfishness, our hopelessness that causes most of our problems, but it’s our apathy that sustains them.

  9. Haven't we already reached a point where happy medium's are 'too little too late'?
  10. What you see above me is proof that the ULC truly is a warm place filled with the best of intentions. It is to all of you that I fondly tip my hat.
  11. After over a year of research into this subject, I recently decided to attend a meeting of the Omaha Society of Friends. My interest in Quakers began over a decade ago, after I sat down and watched John Wayne's 'Angel & The Bad Man'. It blossumed from there, because their philosophies and my own had much in common. The differences in belief that we might have are always going to be there, but won't ever become an issue. This is partly because of the tolerance I've gained and the lessons I've learned after being a member of the ULC. It wasn't just that I needed a faith to call my own (which I've had, focused mainly on offering Hope). I've also needed a real place to go, where I can pray or worship amongst real people. As of Sunday: Sept. 7th, 2014, I think I've found it. Wish me luck.
  12. I don't think anybody on the globe can honestly carry the distinction of being a 'True' anything, when religion becomes a part of the conversation. It isn't right, it isn't fair, but it's very very human, which makes doing so sound even less appropriate.
  13. No problem, brother. Thanks for making a note of it. I appreciate that, too.
  14. A moment of quiet reflection should be owed to Mister Robin Williams. He went out of his way to give each of us joy, and I have only one thing to say. "Thank you, Robin."
  15. Okay. You've made your point, and have made it very well. I'll just be sitting over here and minding my own business.
  16. IMO I don't believe anybody resorted to name calling. The bigotry was implied, but that was it. When somebody was making a scene on another thread, it was explained that the person in question 'sounded' obnoxious. Yes. My debating skills might be lacking, though I somehow doubt it. I think what needs to be understood is that this forum isn't meant to hold debates. It's meant to celebrate religious freedom. Unfortunately, the problems we've had recently were caused by members who apparently believe that their religious freedom should include the 'freedom' to argue, or tell others that they're wrong. I felt perfectly justified in the points needing to be made as a response to the members in question, so critisize as much as you want.
  17. I find it distressing that when I felt moved to look up 'bigoted' online, it's defined as 'utterly intolerant of any opinion that differs from one's own'. Perhaps Youch should find this distressing as well. Not because I'm calling Youch names or anything, but because it was Youch himself who made me feel moved to look it up in the first place. Please calm yourself, Youch.
  18. Not particularly. Are you programmed to take an unpleasant truth and force it down our throats?
  19. There are a few things I might say about Islam, Muslims, or an apparent desire possed by some to be heard regarding their experiences or negative observations in life. In truth, it occurs to me that this topic was only put together so that we had an opportunity to achnowledge some of the positives we might have heard or witnessed about Islam. After all, how can any established practice or devotion for God be bad? It is these positives that I believe can improve not only the way we see our world, but also the Hope that comes as a result of that. Youch... Whatever need you possess to be absolutely correct about the negatiives of Islam or the world are not helping anybody. Just because we don't wish to think about it doesn't mean we don't believe it exists.
  20. Oh, Great Source whole of the universe, Face of the spark that ignites us all Lend me what will you can strengthen my Hope Offer to my heart that which can improve how I see those I might avoid, rather than help.