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  1. I wonder who you think would call him a heretic, and in what context. Am I supposed to read the book to find out?
  2. I think (or believe) our communication problems begin in the United States with capitalism. Too many parents work too long and too hard to care for families they allow X-Box to babysit for them. I think a national educational system is preferable to state run, since states often go broke, and yet our nation is the richest country in the world.
  3. Enemies begin through difference of opinion, does it not?
  4. His greatest weapon was fear, which he knew most criminals were victims of.
  5. I think it is the wish of others to feel special, unique, or of the elite that causes about 96% of the world's problems (as relating to religious intolerance or disagreements) If nobody cared what others believed, we'd have less cause to fight over it.
  6. Okay... 'You don't believe in nothing' is a double-negative. There's more, but nobody likes a smarty-pants.
  7. However, is it a healthy practice to deliberately voice rejection or disbelief when none of it can be proved, regardless? There's a difference between constructive feedback (even from a non-believer) and blatant negativity. Regardless of what was really meant, telling an atheist they believe in 'nothing' usually doesn't end with flowers, children, rainbows, and happy puppies belching sunshine.
  8. I don't think it small, and Dan can rub a few people the wrong way. He has that gift. I might have been one of them, but I can't honestly recall. Here's the thing. A person 100% secure with their convictions shouldn't need to debate whether or not the belief of others is true. If they're belief is absolute in their minds and heart, they'd feel secure enough to have room for additional ideas. They'd be comfortable discussing other beliefs without verbally expressing their skepticism.
  9. I know that others believe what they claim. Shouldn't that be enough?
  10. i agree with you. It very much seems to me that the church of Scientology has become a money-making machine, and I've very little patience for any practice that utilizes belief to make a profit.
  11. I'm not entirely sure if the differences of scope or type should matter, if any of us are able to question motives.
  12. In life, remaining positive and both avoiding and limiting exposure to willful deceit is a good thing, regardless of what our practices might be. I'd avoid it all together if it bothers you so deeply.
  13. I apologize for taking so long with a response, but did you find that a positive experience, or no.
  14. It's amazing and a little odd how I've managed to meditate both yesterday and today for EXACTLY thirty minutes.
  15. Nope, but I appreciate the necessary clarification. The depth with which you've looked into various religions should be admired.
  16. Wow. That is quite a mouthful! I agree about meditation. It is a simple practice, but it is quite rewarding.
  17. Hm You weren't a legal adult in high school, so how did the school push you into seeing a Scientology supervisor, or attend their introductory class without peeving off your parents? I apologize, but you're not making any sense. I don't think you could have gone so deeply into the church or their organization without being taken in at least partly? Regardless, it wasn't the Church of Scientology I was wishing to acknowledge. It was its followers that have since been discarded.
  18. That's understandable. While I feel the same way, i don't think it's about the religion. I've never practiced, so I won't pretend I understand it. I think the primary source of disdain that we feel should be more for the church and the way it's treated its followers.