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  1. I had two concerns when I wrote the section on Communism. 1. The cultural impact on America. To distinguish America from the "Godless Commies" during the Eisenhower Administration in the 1950's. The Insertion of Under God into the Pledge of Allegiance. Changing the National Motto into One Nation Under God. Now it's all over the money and various police vehicles. These are outlandish power grabs by the forces of Theocracy. Rubbing salt into the wounds, we have the various court rulings that this has nothing to do with religion. That these are expressions of
  2. Do you even know what an oxymorn is? The classic example is "military intelligence". I have come to view Christianity as a virus of the mind. Yes, much like Herpes, Christianity will be with us for a long, long time. I promised myself that I was done arguing with you. Yet, here I am.
  3. "Nothing to do with bigotry" -- said the Christian bigot.
  4. So true. When Faith and Belief are all that matter, Critical thinking isn't even a speed bump.
  5. Over the years, I have gotten into many arguments with the deeply religious. In hindsight I can see that they were useless and futile. I have put out nothing. To the contrary. I think I have enflamed passions. I did so by providing opposition. Christians love opposition. It feeds their persecution fantasies. Standing up for Christ and all that good crap. There is another way to put out a fire. Wait. Just wait. In time, it will run out of fuel and burn itself out. In the Gospels, Christians have the Great Commission. Orders from the risen Christ to "spread th
  6. Oops. I put the closing line in the wrong place. Too late to fix it.
  7. I have to respond to both of you in a two parter. "Religion" is such a broad brush. Too broad. I think we all know what we mean by Monotheism: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Without Christianity, Islam would have taken over the world. Without Islam, Christianity would have taken over the world. Christian vs. Christian holy wars are the stuff of legend. Muslim vs. Muslim holy wars are the stuff of legend. Jewish infighting is also the stuff of legend. Too much to drag out now. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the hottest of hot
  8. It's amazing how the tax codes and other laws seem to favor the wealthy. Almost as though there were a causal relationship. The UBI could actually happen. Capitalism needs customers who can pay for stuff. The UBI could replace much of the social safety net. It would cost less and be easier to administer. Something has to give. I never thought I would see cashier jobs vanishing.
  9. There are many who seem to be the wise and calming voice of reason. Who insist that the new tech will create more jobs than it destroys. The thing is -- how many of these people are themselves looking for a job? We are rushing head on into an unemployment disaster. If you wanted a career oriented major in school -- what course of study would you even pick? Remember. Jobs that require people to do them -- but not a physical presence -- are going to get outsourced. Repetitive jobs of all types will be automated. No matter how we dice it, the future is in a lot of tr
  10. It is the follies of youth. Young people like to burn the candle at both ends. You know. Young and stupid. When I was that age, I knew everything. Now, not so much.
  11. As you say, fear and rage. This is the click bait generation -- served up in the great echo chamber of social media.