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  1. I can see that you are serious, so I will give a serious response. Over the years, I have held different views on God. I have done a lot of shifting. Some of it on this board. For now at least, I regard myself as an Agnostic. Uses differ, so I will give mine. Agnostic Someone who does not claim to "know". The existence of God might not be the case. The non-existence of God might not be the case. We have no objective, verifiable facts or information about God. In the absence of such verifiable facts -- it doesn't matter whether God exi
  2. You really do think just like your God. Or is it that your God thinks just like you? Who made that rule?
  3. You are conflating the Adam and Eve story with rape. Even for you, that is some fuzzy thinking.
  4. Assuming that God has actual existence. There is nothing verifiable.
  5. Such a God needs a lot of drama. Who is making these rules, that God must proceed in this manner? So much for God being all powerful. A God that is incapable of letting go of it's issues.
  6. Just so. Nobody tells an Agnostic what to believe -- or disbelieve.
  7. I don't know what happened to the old rams. They lost their horns and their minds. I think it's a warning and a lesson for Atheists. The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. What did happen to those horns? They should maybe "grow a pair". Double meaning intended.
  8. An Addendum: The "fact" that God can't forgive -- without all this blood sacrifice and drama -- means that God is not all powerful. By definition, is not God.
  9. Because God said so? None of it makes any sense. At least, not to me. If you want to start opening cans of theological worms, there are worse things on that shelf. God impregnated Marry so that she could give birth -- to him. very creepy. Marry had to be a virgin, because -- sex is bad?
  10. Yes. Paul, the big shot apostle, who never actually met Jesus. He had a "vision". Such claims carry no weight now. They didn't then. At least, not with the Jews of that time.
  11. Just so. I have spent some time with one such group. There are different such groups. For me, the problem is reality. I care about such trivialities as truth and reality. I know what Hasidic Jews believe. I know what Christian Jews believe. In the end, they all go off the deep end. The Hasidim have a cultural authenticity behind them. Are they more in touch with reality? Or what's true? No. To my understanding, the opposing sides are engaged in competing fantasies. This makes it difficult for me to take sides. On a purely emotional level, I do find the Christian Jews m
  12. It's not such a mind bender. All crows are birds. Not all birds are crows.
  13. Well, you're different. This is the church for you. I think you'll fit right in. Enjoy.