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Greetings fellow spiritual guiders

I have recently become ordained to officiate my sister's wedding and began looking in to how to start my own non-domination place of worship. The current once in my area are too christian and I am not. I believe that each person has the ability to be a good person regardless of where they have come from or what their beliefs are. There is no "wrong" religion. I have a tendency to combined different religious views when talking about beliefs. They are all very similar fundamentally; praise the father/creator (God), respect the mother/nurturer (earth), love their children/your family (or neighbor) basically don't be a rotten person. Which is why I was drown to get more involved with ULC, as I have no solid religion, it is nice that there are so many different views from such different walks of life all convening together.


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Welcome Rev Sparks. You'll find many here of like mind. Stop by whenever you like to learn and contribute. We are a unique kind of multicultural family.

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Greetings to you my brother,


I too wish you a warm welcome and look forward to your contributions to the forum.


In solidarity,

Rev. Calli

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Welcome, and I hope you will read through the forums to find topics that you will contribute to, and that will pique your interest and help you in your growth. 

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