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  1. Why Did God Create Athiests?

    Greetings to you all my brothers and sisters, First, thanks Dave for sharing that story. I think that the main point we should take from this whole discussion is that people have all sorts of motivations for doing good as well as evil. Some have ulterior motives (such as getting in brownie points with our Creator or making ourselves feel good). Others do these things out of pure instinct. As our brother mererdog would say, people are complicated and weird. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  2. Greetings

    Greetings to you my brother, I saw your post on the Facebook group too, but I wanted to answer you here because the answers you are looking for somewhat involved. Now first of all, please understand that the legal situation in America is probably different than in your home country of Poland. I see you say that you have already been talking to a lawyer in your country, which is a very good thing because he's the only one who can tell you with any certainty if your ordination in the Universal Life Church would give you the authority to conduct a legal wedding. As to celebrating the Eucharist, many Protestant denominations don't use wine or the wafers a Catholic church would use. In fact, in my denomination (I'm ordained in the United Methodist Church) we use regular Grape Juice and plain old bread. Theologically, many faith traditions take the view that the valid elements to use for communion depend on what the staple food is in the country they are in. For example, when I was in seminary, we had many students from the Philippines. In their country, they often used rice wine and rice cakes. For instructions on how to do communions, baptism, funerals, your best bet would be to get the books of Worship from denominations that are prevalent in your nation, and you can see how they perform these acts. I would caution you tho, that while in America, there are no laws about who can perform sacramental acts, I cannot swear that the situation is the same in your nation. As to preaching, there are literally hundreds of very good books that can give you ideas about how to construct a sermon. There are also many many websites that can help you, such as Anyway, good luck in your ministry. Let us know how things go. Your brother in Christ, Rev. Calli
  3. Greetings to you my brother, Welcome. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  4. Happy birthday my brother and my friend.  I hope you had a great one!


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  5. Using psychology in ministry

    Greetings to you all my sisters and brothers, One of the most important lessons I learned in seminary was how to tell the difference between someone struggling with a legitimate spiritual problem vs mental illness, and then to apply the 3R rule. If someone comes to me because they have questions about faith (at least in a Christian context) am I more then happy to spend many sessions together sharing my understanding of faith issues. If they are exhibiting signs of mental illness though, I will only meet with them for three sessions, and then refer them to a Pastoral Counseling Center or another mental health professional who has the training and the license to work with people suffering from mental illness. It's vitally important to any minister to know when they are out of their depth when working with people who have mental health issues. When you get right down to it, most of us who have gone through mainline seminary program has really only been trained in crisis therapy. We have enough classroom and practical experience thru internships to help people in situations (like the death of a loved one) get through the first few weeks of dealing with grief, loss, questions of faith, etc, Most of the time that is really all we need. But for people with mental health issues (including addictions) they need much more then we have been equipped within the normal training process. To pretend otherwise is to delude ourselves, and commit spiritual malpractice on those who come to us. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  6. Insurance for Church

    Greetings to you my friend, You can try Church Mutual out of Wausau. In Solidarity, Rev. Calli
  7. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    Greetings to you my brother, I most assuredly agree. Life is way to short to argue about things that in the final analysis are matters that can not be proved by objective reasoning. For myself, I know what I believe and why, and I am happy to share my faith. But I do not want to make my faith something to be argued about. As to the earlier comment about what it must be like when the Gods get together, while I do not want to post the image here (as some might consider it to be inappropriate) the old National Lampoon Magazine (from back in the 1970's) once published a few stories that broached that very subject. Here is a link to that illustration, drawn by the great Neal Adams. Be warned, if you offend easily, don't click on it. Don't say I didn't warn you. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  8. What are they thinking (the deities) .....

    Greetings to you all my sisters and brothers, To quote Bruce Wayne, when he is asked by the Flash in "Justice League" what his super power is, he summed them up in two words, "I'm rich," In Solidarity, Rev. Calli
  9. Greetings to you all my sisters and brothers, Personally, I think the Santa Hat on Buddha is pretty funny. But hey, I can be a bit odd somedays. I do think this points to the fact that we all have different ideas of what is funny and appropriate. Some years ago, I worked at the corporate headquarters at a VERY large brewery here in Milwaukee. One Christmas season, it was decided to decorate the tree in the main lobby of the corporate offices with tap handles emblazoned with the logos of our various beers rather than traditional ornaments. I thought it looked pretty cool, but a few of the VP's of the company took offense (they had not been on on the meeting of the Facilities staff when we discussed the decorations of the year)., and that tree came down and was redecorated with traditional ornaments two days later. Their rationale was that the non -traditional ornaments would offend Christians who worked there. I still think it was silly, but what can one do. We live in a world were people offend easy. In Solidarity, Reverend Calli
  10. My sister Joanne...

    Greetings to you my sister, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  11. Greetings to you all my sisters in brothers, Not quite two months ago now, my brother Bill noticed a painful lump starting on his left cheek right below the ear. This was pretty painful and continued to grow in size. Not quite a month ago, his tongue began to swell, and he also developed sharp back pains that made it very difficult to stand up or walk for more than the length of his small apartment. He saw the doctors, and at first had been given some very inconclusive results. The day after Labor Day he went in for more tests and was told he had cancer that had spread thru out his body. The doctors had wanted to admit him right then and there to begin an aggressive series of treatments, but being the VA they had made him wait so long in the outpatient department that by the time they had come down to give him the news, he had gotten disgusted and left. Last week Tuesday, I had driven down to Chicago to take him to his doctor's appointment. I couldn't believe how much his condition had deteriorated in the space of a few days (I've been going down a few times a week since he told me about his problems to check up on him and do his shopping). I took him to the VA for his appointment, where the doctor told me of how truly serious his condition was, and had him admitted right away. Friday night, the tumor (which has extended into his throat) began to close off his airway. The doctors had tried to call me, but my wife and I were busy getting new cell phone, and my phone was being backed up and the contents transferred to the new one while they were attempted to call. By the time I had received the message, they had already put him on a Ventilator and transferred him to the ICU. On Tuesday, since he was breathing pretty well without the vent help, we decided to remove the Vent. He actually improved a little and can now communicate. But his cancer is not going to get better, and he has at most only a few weeks left. I tell you all this in part to explain why I have not been around much these past few weeks, but also to ask for your prayers for us at this difficult time. I especially reach out to my pagan brothers and sisters for their prayers. My brother has been a pagan for most of his life, and I wish to honor his path. If any of you are a part of the pagan community in Chicago, or the SyFy or Animee community there, you will probably know of or have met my brother Bill. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  12. Revskky

    Greetings to you my friend, Welcome to the forum! In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  13. ndn-ron has passed

    Greetings to you my sister, As will I. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  14. My sister Joanne...

    Greetings to you my sister, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I just went thru this with my brother and know how hard this can be. In Solidarity, Rev. Calli
  15. Apple 8, watch

    Greetings to you my brother, I’m can’t begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to being away for a week. I’ll post pictures. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  16. Apple 8, watch

    Greetings to you my brother, When the wife says no, it is indeed no. Unless of course you really enjoy suffering. In solidarity, Rev Calli
  17. Apple 8, watch

    Greetings to you my brother, I'll be posting pictures on my facebook page. We leave tomorrow! In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  18. Apple 8, watch

    Greetings to you all my brothers, My wife and I just upgraded our phones from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8 a few weeks ago, mostly because we are going on a trip to England and wanted to have phones with better cameras. I do find I like this one somewhat better than my 6. The camera does take much clearer pictures in low light situations. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  19. Greeting to you all my sisters and brothers, While my heart is breaking, I can at least report that my brother made the transition from this life to the next Tuesday at 5:08 am. The day before, I was able to fulfill what was his final request to me and bring him a boom box as well as a selection of his Jazz CD's. When I played the first one for him late Sunday afternoon, he fell into a deep restful sleep like I had not seen him do for weeks. I had received a call at my home about midnight from the doctor saying he was having some trouble breathing. We decided not to put him on a respirator again, instead, we tried a rebreather mask. About an hour later his stats had improved and the doctor thought he would be ok for awhile. I asked her to make sure his music was playing and tried to go back to sleep. About 3 I got another call saying things were deteriorating again and that I had better drive down from Milwaukee. I arrived at the hospital about 10 minutes after he had passed away. I am sad that I was not there to hold his hand, but at least I was able to provide him the music that meant so much to him. I thank each of you for your prayers and/or good wishes during this difficult time in my life. In solidarity, Rev. Calli

    Greetings to you all my sisters and brothers, Speaking for myself, I find the pledge of Allegiance wrong on many many levels. While the full list of particulars is something I do not want to get into right now, my major objection is that it causes us to give worship to a piece of fabric (and a badly designed one at that). I do not give my allegiance to any object. I do pledge myself to freedom, to equality, to the concept of justice, and to the ability of all people to choose their own faith path or to reject the very concept of faith. That very idea that people are forced (or highly encouraged) to pledge themselves to an inanimate object kind of goes against the very ideals that object is supposed to represent. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  21. Greetings to you my brother, Thank you for your prayers. We need them. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  22. Greetings to you my brother, For myself, tithing is the 10% of what I make that I give every year to the community in General. While I give a significant amount to my church, I also give freely to the United Way here in the Southeast Wisconsin area, and to other charities. I also freely give of my time to my church and other groups. I believe that what I have been blessed with in life I hold in trust for God and that as a good Steward at least a portion of these things needs to be given back to help those with less. Jesus taught us to care for the poor, the outcast, the sick and the needy. I try deliberately to give to those organizations that help those who Christ loved so dearly. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  23. Greetings to you all my sisters and brothers, I thank each of you for the prayers you have been sending for my brother and my family during this difficult time. I have spent the past two days in Chicago getting my brothers legal affairs in order and making memorial plans. I ask that you continue in our prayers for us, as I for one need them. THe hardest part of all this is next week on Friday, my wife and I leave for England for 10 days. My eldest son Charlie is taking care of my brother while we're away, but it does not make leaving him any easier. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  24. Prayers for our family

    Greetings to you my brother, You are in my prayers my friend, as I hope you will keep me in yours. Your brother in Christ, Rev. Calli