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  1. This is rather disheartening to read. I admit I haven't been around the forum a lot, and when I have been it seems like there's been so little traffic, I've wondered if people are still around. But I'd hate to think the church itself is going anywhere. Then all that would be left is the Monastery.
  2. Very sorry to hear about Atwater Vitki's passing. I enjoyed his perspective and his helpful manner. I "second" everything that has been said here. Peace and comfort to his family and friends.
  3. That's funny, I ran across several versions, mid-20th century, at a used book sale this past fall, added to my "ministerial library."
  4. I performed my first "official" wedding yesterday for a high school classmate and his fiancee. She is Wiccan, so the ceremony included some pagan elements, including a handfasting (I need some practice with those). Oh, and the men were all wearing kilts (except me). Anyway, it went pretty smoothly, and now that I've got one under my belt in front of 70 some people, I'm ready to do more!

  5. HarperBee, part of the reason I play Appalachian dulcimer is because the fewer the strings an instrument has, the easier it is for me to play. ;-) That's why I don't play the hammered dulcimer. That said, I love the sound of the harp and all its descendents. Also, if I ever use music as part of a hospital ministry, carrying a dulcimer, Autoharp, or strumstick will be a lot easier than dragging a harp in. :-)
  6. Well, as you can see by my updated profile picture, I finally ordered a tab-collared clergy shirt. I got it through, and the experience was pretty favorable. The shirt looks and feels good, even though my collar's a bit too tight (I was told to order the next size up from my "normal" neck size for the sake of comfort, but I only went up a 1/2 size. I will probably buy a collar button extender rather than return the shirt). Unfortunately, when I opened the box containing the crucifix necklace I ordered, um, Jesus fell off the cross and I had to search my carpet and find Him before one of my kids did. I called Autom the next day, and not only did they offer to send a replacement, they credited my account. An added bonus was I was sent one of their catalogs, which my wife, a lifelong (but mostly non-practicing) Catholic, enjoyed browsing through. As a result, we will probably order other things through them. As for a stole, I wanted something simple and neutral that wouldn't tie me to any specific faith or denomination, and every option I found through various sources had decidedly Christian decoration. I finally ordered a plain white stole off eBay. The ULC bookstore only offers three colors of plain stoles, so I figured eBay was an acceptable avenue. I will probably come up with my own decoration to have embroidered on it, and still order a purple one from ULC. I briefly considered just buying a priest costume at the local party store around Halloween, but not only would that have been cheap, I felt like it would be wrong, wrong, wrong.
  7. Yes, I work full-time. I haven't been called for any ministry work yet, and when promoting myself as a wedding officiant, I will do so with my work schedule clearly in mind. It may limit me, having most of my time off on week days, but I'm sure with the required amount of notice, I can work it in with my boss. At my job, we really don't get sick days or personal time or flex time, and we're short handed as it is. I can't just say "Hey, I have to leave early Saturday to officiate a wedding." Don't think our area supervisor would look too kindly on that...
  8. I remember when they said President Reagan was the Anti-Christ because his names each had six letters. RONALD WILSON REAGAN = 6 6 6
  9. Has anyone ever encountered any sort of negativity when buying clerical clothing or accessories in brick and mortar supply stores? Strange looks? Questions about the validity of your ministry status?
  10. I don't know about the UPS Store, but I Googled their address and found a strip of rather nondescript commercial buildings. I Googled the address of this one and I found a church... I'm also puzzled by the use of the word "monastery," which implies it's a place where monks go to isolate themselves from society and take a vow of poverty or silence or whatever.
  11. I play a few chords on guitar, but my real instrument is the Appalachian dulcimer. And one day I plan to buy an Autoharp, which would be appropriate, considering my namesake, the David of the Bible, played harp. I'd like to incorporate music into my ministry. What would be more healing than a gentle tune?
  12. Thank you, Al. I've been busy today blacking out the URL on the logo I chose for my new business cards. I don't want anyone who may see them to get confused or misled. ;-) Lesson learned. Aside from all that, I am confident that becoming a minister will reinforce changes in my life that I haven't yet imagined. Another subconscious reason behind my ordination, I believe, is that since my mother passed away in January, I've been making positive changes. I joined the YMCA in attempt to improve my physical fitness in ways I haven't done in years, maybe ever, and I suppose this new path is part of a renewed spiritual fitness regimen. Which reminds me...I haven't been to the gym in weeks...
  13. I suppose I should have said "different" rather than "another." I literally just got my license a week ago, how's it going to look to the Secretary Of State's office if I'm suddenly changing affiliations to an organization with a similar name? I suppose, though, that I should make such a change before I officiate any ceremonies, right?