Discerning Darkness From Light

Bro. Hex

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It is a touch more complicated than that. There is an organic quality to law that causes growth.

The government has a responsibilty to make driving on public roads as safe as possible. That means drunk driving has to be outlawed. Then impaired driving has to be defined. And blood alcohol levels. And standards of observable infraction. And of course, there is the whole structure of enforcement. Police, lawyers, judges, prison, rehab. etc.

And people still drive drunk and prisons are full.

Another valid area of government concern is food safety and purity. Do we really want ground up rat and rat feces in our hamburger meat? What about human fingers and blood, from workers empolyed in unsafe conditions?d

And people are still dying from contaminated hamburgers and other disease ridden foods.

What about drug safety? Should there be a penalty for selling false substances in place of medications? What about sanitary packaging?

Businesses that wish to stay in business will provide a quality, sanitary product. There will always be those who work around it as there are with all the government regulations and fear mongering.

What about our banks? Should there be no controles at all on what a bank can do?

What about the banks? The banks have the government in their back pocket. To big to fail? I guess we will never know, will we?

None of this happens in the abstract; for the sake of growing the law. There are valid reasons for all of it.

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What are you saying? That Law and Law Enforcement can be replaced by the market place?

Not the law, but certainly some law enforcement. The market place can provide better services to the public for almost everything, except those things inherently governmental.

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Everyone makes some excellent points (and entertaining, moving poetry), and I'd like to add my two cents:

Scapegoating can be useful. Now, this is the budding Psychologist in me, but I believe that when a person scapegoats something into an outside force, a Demon, if you will, then it is made real not only to themselves but others as well. I've seen this happen, where the power of belief allowed a man I knew (who was really playing with fire, you know, one of those "They can throw fireballs on Charmed, so I can too" types) to create one right in front of my very eyes. By exorcising him, I was able to help him cement in his mind that what he was doing was wrong.

I believe that there are Inner Demons, that darker half of the soul. Also, Demons, those thoughtform constructs we've created as a whole society in order to scapegoat bad things. And True Demons, those beings that exist that are dark spirits. Likewise, we have Inner Angels, Angels, and True Angels. And they live in harmony rather warring with each other, though we often war because we allow ourselves to do so.

There: My Two Cents, for what it's worth.

Darkness can comfort, yet chill you to the bone

Light can warm you, yet burn you away

The best thing to do, to avoid being all alone

Is to accept that you need both to stay

And you will finally find peace

Thank you for this, Rev Timothy! :thumbu: Edited by Bro. Hex
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Does the government have an interest in drunk driving?

The government only has an interest in itself. The PUBLIC, however, has an interest in the question you pose. And thier apathy and laziness often defer that sort of thing. Local politicians take advantage of ths.

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" Because the shadow is identified with that which is maladaptive and worthless,

seeing through the projection of the shadow constitutes 'a moral problem,'

for...to become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of (our) personality

as 'present and real.' We must make some very unsettling discoveries about ourselves.

However do we do that?

How do we become aware of our shadow?"

Carl Gustav Jung

Edited by Bro. Hex
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