Okay...so...quitting Smokin.


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Nope he ain't as far as I know....butt....on the topic of quitting smoking.....

22Feb14 for my wife and 03Mar14 for myself in having slayed this dragon...or at least critically injured it. I'm so proud of Kay who quit cold turkey the day she had oral surgery and hasn't lit one up since Feb 22. It took me a couple weeks to finish a pack having 3 then 2 then 1 a day until a puff here and there to totally quit by Mar. 17.

10+ weeks for Kay 6+ weeks for me...think it may well be a done deal this time!

Congrats Murph on quitting, even if ya did start back up hopefully that's a "quit again" by now and all is going smooth. Loss of someone as close as you and Holly were is a rough thing to go through, smoker, non-smoker or wanna be one or the other. I can't think of anything more stressful than loss of a loved one. Hope things are going better for ya in that dept regardless of the tobacco issue.

Blessings of Peace, most of all....Blessings of Healing,

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Sorry to hear the news in your post Murph. Cancer is a cruel condition. I am glad things went quickly as it reduced her suffering but I know a painful loss of someone you love is still a painful loss what ever happens. My thoughts are with you Murph and your family.

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No, I ain't dead.

I haven't stopped smoking again yet, either.

I've been super busy runnin here, there, and everywhere.

I'm still trying to empty my house of some uninvited guests. I also just underwent oral surgery on Friday.

I swear I'm a heck of a lot more busy since I got divorced, and gained an extra wife and 3 extra kids.

Life's good, tho. I have no real reason to complain.

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