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  1. What about getting a petition going, that usually has some impact in legislature?
  2. ULC ordinations are accepted by most states. Check out the legal forum to see what your state requires from you before doing something like performing a marriage. And of course you can post here where you live and someone will come along and help you out too.
  3. I would have the couples involved in this write to our attorney general. It sounds like the clerk is trying to make the couples take on more responsibility than they hold. While the clerk can request a copy of the letter, that should be delt with through the minister.
  4. In Wisconsin, the funeral home holds all the related ceremonies you want if you don't want them held in a church. You may want to call a few and find out what their policies are on this.
  5. I was ordained in 2007, and thought it was joke. As I looked into it more and more, I found out it was legal. I started a wedding ministry, which grew into an Interfaith church for the churchless (we will do any rite for anyone, bringing comfort is more important than doctrine) and now into a full fledged ministry with meetings and all. It has been quite a trip.
  6. The cover is interesting, except that the text is a bit small, just too much blank space. I love the idea, and can't wait until you are done with it. I would love to read it.
  7. Lacey, you have my prayers too. I am glad to hear that she is making progress, and I would count no news being good news. In situations like this, bad news tends to spread like wild fire while good news sometimes doesn't.
  8. Wow that is right around the corner. Best wishes to your and your beloved.
  9. Of course. Gary has been added to our prayers.
  10. Of course. Prayers for healing for both of them.
  11. This is definately a step in the right direction. Kudos to that Judge.
  12. Of course, prayers and healing energy on the way.
  13. Keeping you and yours in my prayers. May your mother's recovery be swift and complete.