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  1. I live close to you.......Rev.Rob.

  2. Hi my friend just to let you know I'm back, how have you been?

  3. Hi my friend just want you to know I'm back, how have you been?

  4. Fawzo! how have you been my friend, I've been gone a long time but I'm back, it's good to see your still here....take care...

  5. Yesterday Obama's grandmothers journey ended, today her grandson is running for president she can be very proud, I bet she is, say hi to our Lord for me and keep watching your son, he is about to do many great things, I pray you've found peace and are with God, Amen!............................Rev. Rob.
  6. Thank you All for your Prayers, she's doing a little better but she's still not good, still on the critical list, thought I give everybody an update................Rev. Rob.
  7. Just found out my mother went to the hospital Sat. and was on life support until yesterday, they didn't think she was going to make it, or pull out, she is 78 but she did, she is a strong little thing but she could use your prayers, her name is Hazel and she's in the Cleveland Clinic and I Thank You!..... .....Rev. Rob.
  8. old Mother Hubbard went to the cubard to get her old dog some bread, When she
  9. I don't no what to say but Thank You..........Rev. Rob.
  10. My heart is with the family in there lose, have peace knowing she,s on her way to a better place, we will miss her she,s going to a place of Love. Rev. Rob.