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  1. It's April 18th this year, very excited. Thank you for everyones thoughts and help.
  2. Martinsville or what i like to call Martintucky. HAHA!! J/k Yeah we both want this, he is the reason we got together in the first place. Trust me, we all know it's the womans day. Thank you so much for everything. You have been a great help. Anything else I should know???? Any other legal stuff or hoops I have to get through?
  3. I have a question and i am hoping someone can give me a answer. I have a buddy that wants to get ordained though the ulc and i was wondering if he could legaly marry us after he is ordained though here? If so, how do we go about getting papers and any legal stuff to make the marrage legal? Do we just get the papers at the courthouse? How will they know if he is ordained or not? Do we have to purchase a certificate for him? I am sorry for all the questions but i love this girl to an unexplanable length, and i would love for my best friend to marry us. It means a lot to me. Any help would be gre